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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This and That From the World

 And in Not So Great Britian...
 Prime Minister Gordon Brown is soon to tender his resignation.     Which is fine with me 'cause I never thought he had much of a backbone to start with.  Where is Margy Thatcher when you need her!!!

In a time of war and escalating radical Islamic threats, Supreme Court Justice Nominee Elena Kagan shamelessly disregarded the safety of our country to promote her personal politics. Kagan was the Dean at Harvard Law School when she kicked military recruiters off campus because of the "don't ask don't tell policy," which bars individuals who are openly gay or bisexual from joining the military. 

Now I don't want to miss add here but................She's 50 years old, never been married, had no children but.........................we know how barrack hussein obama caters to the homosexual crowd.   Amazing Grace is not just a song.  Sometimes just amazing things happen.  On a local radio show the MC just announced eLENA kAGAN** has been known for a long time as a little up-side-down.  Apparently she has a long standing roomy who is not a guy.  I am light years ahead of CNN and MessNBC.  They will be reporting this, won't they?

And from the world of what in the He__ is going on in this world..........

I am so happy Bill, too many bucks,* Gates and his wifey have the money to give to UNC, that's the University of North Carolina, for those of you in Loma Linda,  for this project.  Any guy article that starts off with, a blast to the testes,  is not a good article for a guy to read. Clik here.  Now perhaps Miss, upside down, eLANA kAGAN, would like this article.  You get only the best here!

** I spelt it that way on porpus ya' al, it's a lil joke, uSIDE dOWN. 
* I am sure barrack hussein obama feels he has too many buck$.  oh that's plural buck$$$$.

Speaking of $$$$$$$$$.  Where is all that money coming from to bailout Greece?  Trust me on this folks, ya don't wanna know!  Clik here  Kathleen Pender of the San Fran Chronicle lays it on the line.

Having said that there is some good news out there today, alas, I haven't been able to find it.



MightyMom said...

Gosh pops, you're not unhappy with the news today are ya?

ABNPOPPA said...

Nah, what ever gave you that idea!


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