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I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out there is.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NOT....A Conservative Outrage

Well Christmas has come and gone. The children and the grandchildren have returned to their homes and mother and I are here alone again, empty nesters. It seems so quite. Too much food, too many presents, never too many family, but it has got me thinking. More often than not, this is not a good sign. I am the patriarch of my family and my wife is the matriarch of hers. Although we emulated the giving of gifts as did the wisemen did we do enough. Probably not. I ask you, Did you do enough?

On Christmas eve I found myself holding Jude Christian, my two week old grandson. Everything around me became secondary as I held him in what was outwardly chaos but, between Jude and I a surreal, quiet, and indescribable span of time. I wonder what was ahead for this tiny helpless child. You watch the news and if you give it your complete attention you would think there is nothing good in this world. But, Jude is here and he is precious. His mom, my daughter, is here and she and her husband have three other children and they are precious. Our son and his family are here and they to are precious. With a son who has served in a war zone for 15 months and most likely will serve again you realize life is precious. Why is it that it appears only the bad things make the news. Jude and I just sat there and looked at each other. He needing my care and the care of our family and somehow strangely, me needing his innocence and peacefulness. Life is so precious for all. Later at Sunday service Pastor Flesher of Greencastle Bible Church asked us, what do you think Mary felt as she gave birth to the Savior of the world. How did she react to this challenge of raising Jesus? What an awesome responsibility.

Mother and I have talked it over and have vowed next Christmas we are going to bring this question to our grandchildren before we have Christmas. Do they really understand why we celebrate Christmas. I hope so. We certainly are going to try. There is much good in this world and it is our duty as parents and grandparents to see the Word and Good News is spread.

Happy New Year and God Bless you all.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday

This is a short but powerful post.

ABNPOPPA and ABNMOMMA are pleased to announce the birth of:

Jude Christian,

born today, December 8,2009 at 1137 hours. Weight 8lbs. 10oz. 20.5 inches tall.

Mother and son doing fine. We thank the Lord for this beautiful 11th grandchild!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is This What It's Coming To?

Once before I said I should have named this blog "Christian Conservative Outrage" but alas, I didn't. I try very hard to maintain a middle of the road but, conservative line. Is that an oxymoron? (No comments from the peanut gallery.) I just can't do it today. I feel a Conservative Outrage coming on. Every year about this time this issue crops up. Christian vs Muslim, Jew vs Atheist, Atheist vs every religion, etc, etc, etc.

From the Headlines:

School cancels Christmas nativity in favour of Muslim Eid celebration.

It seems the school first canceled the annual Christmas play because they couldn't schedule two plays in the course of about 3 weeks. Apparently the Muslim Eid celebration is more important then Christmas play. What's wrong with this picture? After great outcry from the Christian parents, the canceled annual Christmas play was postponed. UNTIL AFTER NEW YEARS!!! What kind of idiots run this British School! Read the complete article here.

From Spokesman Review.Com Headlines:
Atheists will post own display,

Everybody wants a piece of the state capitol building action. Seems even the atheists can get a piece of the religious (?) pie in the state of Washington and the Governor, Chris Gregoire, contact the Governor here. goes along with it. Menorah, Nativity, and now Atheist Statement. Where oh where is Kwanzaa and don't forget Tom, I am no longer a star, Cruise and Scientology. Don't they get a spot in the state capitol building too! Read the complete story here.

Columbus Headline:
Away in a manger? Reynoldsburg shelves Nativity scene

And finally, right here in my own back yard the the burg, Reynoldsburg, Ohio lacks the (expletive deleted) to display a Nativity Scene, "because we don't own one, according to a city hall spokesperson. Well, ol, gee, spend a couple of tax payers $'s and BUY ONE!!! What a shame. Of course the burg is just following suit as the Nativity scene has not been on the Ohio Capitol State House lawn for many a year. For the complete story clik here.

God. It's on our money, It's over our Supreme Court, It's in the halls of Congress, It's in our Constitution. It's in our Pledge of Allegiance. Now I am just a good ol' boy from the mid-west with a touch of "hillbilly" thrown in but even I learned in my public school that God was a big part in the Founding Fathers lives. Therefore It is was placed first and foremost in all our valuable and respected documents. It is the very backbone of why we came here. We came to have the liberty and freedom to worship God. God to the Founding Fathers was of the utmost importance when writing The Bill of Rights and the Constitution. To them and the colonials they represented worshipping God was of utmost importance. A Right and a Privilege.

NOWHERE, was I taught anything superseded God. Especially around Christmas time. No Allah, No, Baal, No Great Spirit, No Buddha, and certainly no cardboard sign written by some nickel/dime atheist if, who's brains were black powder wouldn't have enough power to blow his nose. I would go as far as to ask, is atheism a religion? Let me see,


a set of beliefs,

Now I ask you what beliefs does an atheist have? None. Singular my friend, think singular. In order to be a religion you believe in many things. (
For the complete definition from Dictionary.Com clik here.) I know this will most likely offend some people but, as Rhett Butler once said, "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn", and I don't. If you want to worship Baal, Allah, Buddha, or some other type of religion please feel free to do so, IN THE COUNTY YOU CAME FROM or, the sanctity of your own home! This is the United States of America and we take in all kinds of people, but we believe in God! When in Rome....... get the picture.

For the weak kneed politicians who buckle at the slightest thought of loosing a vote because they don't want to offend somebody go over to the blog Worth My Salt and pick up some background material. Then ask yourself, am I Worth My Salt? If you answer "no" get a grip and put up a Nativity Scene. See how many more votes you will get.

The display of the Nativity Scene anywhere including government property is the symbol God sent us his only son to die for us and take away our sins forever. Not displaying a Nativity Scene at this time of the year is a sacrilege. This belief is the very essence of our county and being.

God Bless The United States of America

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

President Elect Obama/Ex Senator Al Gore

Clik here to read how these two leading "lefties" are respected by our overseas counterparts. If this doesn't support my feelings that we are in for big trouble nothing will. I know this is a lazy post but it's getting late and ABNMOMMA is calling me to take out the cat and bring in the dog or something like that. Read this article and leave me a comment about how you "feel" (for the lefties), and what you "think" (for the Conservatives) about it. This is a sanity check for me.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going Just A Little Bit Too Far!

I love perusing foreign news outlets on the blog. You find so many interesting and absolutely outrageous news items only a Conservative nut like myself can appreciate. There is a new one @ The that you must read. It seems a gentlemen, Stephen Hockman, is proposing a World Environmental Court to insure all the countries on our GREEN PLANET, Earth, obey rules on green houses gases, pollution, and such. Hopefully this so called World Court will force counties to obey the rules by imposing fines, embarrassing the countries that pollute, and mobilizing the population to force the government to OBEY THE ENVIRONMENTAL WORLD RULES, or else!

Or else what! Besides, I thought that's what the UN did. Make countries obey the rules. Remember Iraq and how Saddam Hussein cowered under the pressure of 14 sanctions by the impotent United Nations. See how Iran is opening the doors to their nuclear centrifuges for the international inspectors. Embarrassments works. Paying fines is perfect punishment. If you don't believe me just look at the millions of dollars NOT collected from the countries that illegally park around the United Nations in New York. Yes, my friends just what the ol' planet Earth needs is another world body, supported by the United States with no power and and a bunch of deadbeat, has been politicians sucking your and my tax dollars right out of our pockets.

My final thought on this Conservative Outrage is, I know it's not a good idea when British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown supports it! Clik here for the complete article.

Moving on. I want to thank JM, MM, Elizabeth and FJ for their thought provoking and substantive discussion this past week. As I have said before the flu bug jumped up and bit me hard. I have read all the comments and I personally have learned much. I don't agree or disagree with all that is posted. As I said I have learned much and hope readers have also. A free exchange of different ideas with civility.

I have posted a new topic (?) on the Environment. I know that Elizabeth lives in New York, New York and JM lives in Paraguay. I am a country boy from the Midwest, MM is a Texan, and I am not sure about FJ. Which reminds me, FJ. Cliked on your initials and no blog for you was listed if you come back leave us your blog address.

Brother Al, where are you when we need you? That's right. You're driving your SUV to the airport to pick up your Gulfstream to fly to your house that uses 30 times more energy than the average American home. Since Bill O'Reilly was mentioned in the comments on my last post I will leave you with this thought.

Globla Warming? What say you?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Right or Wrong the Right to Expression

I am not quite sure what history book Elizabeth has been educated with however, the books and news articles posted on the web definitely indicates collaboration between North Vietnam and China. I agree North Vietnam may not have wanted to be under the thumb of China. It is undeniable that Communist China supported North Vietnam with material and men.

Again we are trying to judge decisions made in 1960's by today's standards. This not only unfair to the decision makers but energy that could be better spent trying to learn from the history of decisions. Now whether our government has improved in it's decision making process is definitely open for discussion. As to the time leading up to the Vietnam War and during it decisions were made on the best available intelligence and what was determined to be best for our county. This process holds true today.

I agree it is always best to gather information from those that are actually there. Living, seeing and hearing what is happening is much better than deciphering news article and broadcasts. But, how does one obtain such sources? It's not like you can pack up and live in Cairo, Baghdad, Tehran for a couple years. You must develop trusted sources that have been proven true beyond a shadow of a doubt. They must have a history of credibility. These types of sources are very hard to come by.

Everybody overseas cares about the United States. We are the police of the world and when in times of war, pestilence, dictatorship, and piracy on the high seas foreign countries request and accept our help. I firmly believe the United States has given freedom to more people on earth than any other country in the world. Foreigners come for free medical help, (Canada's birth boom at the US/Canada border), thousands of foreign college students a year are educated here and then go back to their counties and the United States is the most generous country on earth when it comes to disaster.

Most certainly other counties care about what the United States says and does. My son who is preparing for his second tour of duty, most likely in Iraq cites numerous occasions where citizen after citizen thanked him and his unit for coming to Iraq. Of course they would much rather be totally in charge. That will come some day in the future however, the vast majority of the populace is quite happy to accept American help.

I fear Elizabeth has been listening and believing too many people that have not done the, been there, done that, own the T-shirt. I am aware there are always a few out of the many that are not able to comprehend the long term investment needed to preserve freedom for all. Utopia is not a reality.

I somewhat agree that in order to know a country and understand their people it is best if one knows the language. For it only in sitting down and conversing over many hours that one develops a real relationship and can begin to garner real feeling and emotions. I have had that opportunity when stationed overseas many years ago. I went to the University of Erlangen and learned to speak German. By doing this I was able to live among the German people, shop in German stores, travel most of Europe and hang out in Guesthouses. Being a ripe 44 years of age I would ask Elizabeth if she has had this opportunity. If not, I would challenge Elizabeth to learn a language and spend some time in the Peace Corp or other organization that would allow the opportunity to see other cultures for herself.

The old adage of "birds of a feather" is good for feeling comfortable but, every now and then it's fun if a hawk drops by just to get the adrenalin pumping. You have to get out sometimes and enter the danger zone to learn and expand your intellect.

I was reading over a couple of the old comments and came upon a comment from MM that said the invitation still stands, then Elizabeth ask what invitation. I am not sure what they are talking about. Can someone help me figure this out? Did I miss something? The only invitation I know is for Elizabeth to do a guest post. How about it Elizabeth?

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Discussion Goes On, Join In

We continue. No apologize needed from Elizabeth as I knew it was not intended as a diagnosis.

I am not sure how you would define "vague communist threat". When I was in school I remember doing Nuclear Bombs drills. At that time the Soviet Union and the United States had enough nuclear warheads to blow up the world about 100 time over. Communist China was working on nuclear warheads also. President John F. Kennedy nearly went to war over missiles that were based in Cuba. That is 90 miles away from Key West Florida. I believe that would constitute a pretty good threat.

Sometimes simplistic thinking is not all bad. In this case although not in a shooting war, The United States was in a war of weapons and nerves. It could have been a replay of World War II. With the United States being Germany fighting against two fronts. The Soviet Union and Communist China. They could very well divide a fallen America. I believe there was a threat.

I would relate it to the 14 Sanctions given Saddam Hussein. Where do you stop and draw a line in the sand. This last time it was the 14 sanctions. In the 60's it was Vietnam.

I totally agree the average American does not know the difference between Sunni and Shitte Muslims. I also agree very few in Congress know the difference either. I would ask the question, do we need to know the difference if they both want us dead? We both agree that Al Queada is a threat. Regarding Hezbollah I am deferring to Jungle Mom. This lady and her family have more time overseas than most Americans have in a chow line. Sort of a been there done that if you will. For support in this arena I would ask you to clik here for and MSNBC News story about Hezbollah.

I run a second blog under the name Mark 1:11. It is dedicated to my son Specialist Jacob. It was started as more of a diary of his military career. I am quite sure you have seen war veterans and they have problems. As you suggest I have feelings about losing two close friends during the Vietnam War. I may have been traumatized at the time but have accepted the "war is hell" and moved on. I don't hate the Vietnamese for doing what their government lead them into. No more than my father hated the Japanese for doing what their government led them into. Those who fight and die seldom start the conflict.

I invite you to read my post of March 3,2008, What soldiers Are Made Of, then scroll down and read my post of February 12, 2008, Kody, My G-d Bless. Clik to take you directly there. Soldiers have mental problems after fighting in a war. So do Doctors that lose patients and police officers that have to take a life. The people you deal with are seeking help, understanding and probably an answer as to why. That is where you come in. There are people in place within the military to help with those problems. Why your patients choose to come to you I really don't know. I do applaud you for reducing your fees. I am sure it is very much appreciated by your military patients.

I can only speak for myself and my son Specialist Jacob. We both agree we were not lied to when we enlisted and we both knew what we were getting into. He was aware he would be going overseas to Iraq or Afghanistan. I was very much aware I most likely would be going overseas for most of my four year enlistment and I didn't miss it by much.

We have so much in common. Why in the world we are bailing out any business that is so mismanaged as the auto industry is beyond my comprehension. Likewise for the banks and other financial institutions. I heard someone say the other day this is like rewarding bad behavior. Just out of curiosity what's the unleaded gas price in New York, New York? I'm looking at $1.60 to $1.70 here.

Guest blog always available. Would love to have it.


Thursday, November 20, 2008


Good morning fellow bloggers! While it is chilly here in the Midwest I detect a thaw in the political climent reporting at this blog. The right wing, Conservative, veteran and grandpa has struck common ground with Elizabeth, a somewhat left leaning, Liberal (?) from New York, New York. We agree the news media is mostly spin. Wonderful. Anyone wishing to comment needs to be nice. This is not a time for bashing one side or the other.

Exactly how we determine what is fact and how much is spin is an excellent question. I like my way of doing it the best. By virtue of my experience in the ARMY, I search for underlying meanings and patterns to the news reports. Secondly I just plain get on the web and start searching for other opinions. Apply the "fudge factor" FOX is right, MSNBC is left and go from there. Not very scientific but it does provide some sense of balance.

Sometimes little things mean a lot. For instance Elizabeth's use of the word regime, as in the "Bush regime". I have always associated the word "regime" with Socialism, Communism, Dictatorship and the like. After looking it up on Dictionary . Com I have learned it merely means an administration, a form of government. It has nothing to do with the type of government although I usually associate it with the aforementioned types of government.

To be quite frank Elizabeth, I do not believe you have quite enough information to diagnose whether I was traumatized by my friends death during the Vietnam War. We can discuss that at a later time if you wish. I put myself somewhere between Neandrathal and Cro Magnon. My wife of 31 years says I am "her" Alpha Male, whatever that means.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and knowing how the world is now does not reflect how the world was at the time of the war. It was called the "domino theory" in which one county would fall to the, at then world threat, Communism, and then the next and so on. That was the threat at that time.

Quite similar to the current war in Iraq now. (Oh boy here opens a can of worms!) The military had opportunities to take control of the situation, however the politicians would not allow it. Something I fear we continue to have today and will have in the future. Although we trade with Vietnam today it is not an anomaly as we trade with Japan, Germany and even Cuba, but no good Cuban cigars I am afraid.

I would ask you to re-think, is it the "same Communist Party" of today. I don't believe so. No more than the Republican and Democratic Party are the same parties they were 40 years ago. We also must take into consideration the 500,000 South-East Asians who were murdered after the fall of Saigon. You cannot judge yesterday's decisions by today's standards. Would you agree with that statement?

Thank you for coming back to Conservative Outrage. My invitation to do a guest blog still stands. I invite you to go to this blog and read some of the posts.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reply to Elizabeth

For this post to make any sense to my readers you must review the post of November 4th and the comments. I am going out on a limb here and label my new blog buddy, Elizabeth, (comment section) a moderate liberal democrat. I do this because of her response to the November 4 post and her reply to my comments. If you choose to comment regarding our comments no sniping, spiting in the eyes, or gouging where it ain't proper, be civil. Thanks

On to Elizabeth, I have to call you that because you never said I could call you "Liz" which this tired, old, conservative, veteran finds easier to type. However, Elizabeth it is!

I will address your lead and then on to new stuff. Regarding the "Times" It just sounded to me like you had a bone to pick with them for publishing what they determined in their free speech right to print. I take it you would feel the same way about the New York Post, the Atlanta Beacon Journal and the Los Angles Times.. None of these papers are really reporting the news. Is that correct? My personal opinion, which you just may agree with is most of the print and television media attempt to make and "spin" the news.

To use a retired "CIA" officer as a source I find a little humorous. That is something I know a little about. I was in Military Intelligence my four years in the ARMY. My reported job to my friends and family was to fix vending machines in secured areas. That is what I was told to say and I say it to this day. Intelligence people become excellent liars, it's part of the job.

Regarding a college professor with no agenda is difficult to believe, I believe you, just maybe the fact that I believe 90% of college professors vote Democrat makes the odds a little long. I call this one a draw.

On to the Vietnam war. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, I was in the ARMY during the Vietnam war. I was not in combat or the county. If my math serves me correctly you were born about 1964 and were at best a teenager when the Vietnam War was over. Correct? What part of it do you remember? You see I remember my high school buddy leaving and coming home in a pine box. I remember my "barracks buddy" going and coming home in a pine box. I can find 8 names on "The Black Granite Wall", all guys I personally knew. How many can you find that you personally knew?

Have you ever been to an American Legion Post or a Veterans of Foreign Wars Post? Before making making blanket statements regarding how veterans feel perhaps you should try to meet more than the circle you are currently in. My basic circle of friends is Conservative however, I also have Liberal friends and we have great discussions. In your field I do believe it would be beneficial to understanding those veteran patients you have. General William Tecumseh Sherman said, "war is hell". I think we both agree he was right. Unfortunately there has been and will always be wars. Unfortunately soldiers will always be emotionally damaged by it. That, Elizabeth, is where you can help. How about some pro bono work at a military installation. Ever consider that?

Finally, thank you for reading my posts. I am sure it gives you some insight to my Conservative leanings. I would like to respond to "believe whatever some right wing pundits say". No, I do not believe everything I see on Fox News, no more than I believe everything I see on CNN. I believe in facts as I have found them, often on the Internet.

Am I a Conservative? I am likely the most liberal Conservative and conservative Liberal you will ever meet. I do believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution and the Bible, but let's save that for another day. I am not fearful of what I see on any news channel. I believe both the Left and the Right feel the other is full of hate. I hate no one nor am I angry with anyone. I believe what is best for the United States of America is best for us all in general.

As a
psychotherapist I am certain you understand better than I the inter workings of the human psych(is that the right word?). Everyone is different and isn't that wonderful. What a boring world it would be if we were all alike.

Elizabeth, I invite you to go to this web site and just read the Soldiers Creed. Those are the qualities I believe all Americans young and old should hold true to their heart. It won't hurt, I promise. Clik here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have said before this Blog probably should have been named "Conservative Christian Outrage". Myself, my family and this country derive our basic principles from the Constitution of The United States. The learned gentlemen who wrote that document believed in God and the Holy Bible. That is quite apparent if one reads the Constitution as it was written, not as some left wing liberals choose to twist it to fit their morals and ideals.

I am very lucky as I have friends much more knowledgeable in scripture than I. I was lucky enough to have one of these friends give me some spiritual uplifting this past Monday morning. The uplifting came in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 4 and goes like this:

Daniel 4:32
And they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field: they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and seven times shall pass over thee, until thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.*(my emphasis)

This reminded me of a conversation I had on line with a lady, name unknown but who lived in New York at the time of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade center. This lady was very upset and quite worried there were more to come. As I said I am not a Biblical scholar by any means. After quite a while of chatting with her and others on line it came to me. In the course of the conversations on line she had said she was a Christian. She said she just didn't know what to pray or what to do. I told her quite simply pray what Jesus prayed when in the Garden of Gethsemane before he was arrested and taken away.

Mark 14:35
And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.*(emphasis mine)

These two verses give me hope and solid grounding as we begin a new season in my beloved country. As I said in my November 4th post, it's over. My guy lost. I will support the new President until such time as he proves, like William Jefferson Clinton, he is unworthy of the trust and the position. It is not always what we want but, what He wants.

*Quotes taken from

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's over!

As I sat there watching the election returns come in I felt the anger start to boil up inside me. I asked myself how could a majority of the citizens of the Greatest country in the world elect a man who has nothing, absolutely nothing, good to say about America. Who can take all the associations with terrorists, Acorn, Reverend Wright and toss them aside.Who can vote for a man who willing accepts and supports the murder of innocent unborn children. I am reminded of the bumper sticker I recently saw, "Choose life, your mother did". What makes a person vote this way.

The under 25 juveniles I understand. Most of them are still protected by their parents. Safely in the cocoon or nest and guided by parental influence. They have no experience in life. They want to belong and want instant gratification like their video games. Few have studied the issues. They fail to realize they will pay the price of their vote as older persons such as myself, already have our lives, lived, our future secured and our funeral arrangement made. We will not be affected by this decision nearly as much as them.

The 25 to 55 crowd seems to be caught up in "change" but change to what. They complain about the Global War on Terrorism but fail to acknowledge that without it their children will face even more threats and 9/11's. Their grandchildren will be subject to laws that are more restrictive in civil rights than anything this country has ever had. It will make Prohibition look like child's play.
Your children will have nothing and your grandchildren even less. Again I am reminded of this blog's quote,

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." President Thomas Jefferson.

My generation is the generation of the beginning of the end I fear. With politicians like President Lyndon Johnson trying to run a war in Vietnam without following his military advisers advise. With no prosecution of the likes of Jane Fonda and now Senator John Kerry this country began the slippery slope of defeat in war and in the eyes of the world. Some protested because they were to chicken hearted to go and fight and die for the honor and privileges of this county. Some ran to Canada and were not punished for their crimes. Now you see what we have sown is what we have reaped. A country overrun with illegal aliens, a complacent population who is willing to do nothing until is affects them. A population that not only won't stand up for themselves but leave it up to the Onepercenters.

Those who will live and die for others to remain free from oppression, war, and dictatorship like Sadam Hussien, Hitler, and Castro. They carry the flag of the United States of America into battle and are willing to lay down their lives so that a lazy, thankless, complacent population can continue to exercise their right to vote for freedom. Those who have the guts and the love of the freedom so strongly they are willing to fight and die for it. Yes, I say it is a sad, sad state of affairs we have gotten ourselves in. We have only ourselves to blame.

We gave up prayer in school, we gave up spiritual belief for greed, we gave up common sense for laws made by left wing zealots, and we gave up our souls for the right of everybody and nobody. Marxism, Socialism, Communism all have been mentioned in the Presidential race but no matter what you call it, it is not the pride, integrity, hard work, and character that made this country the most powerful nation on earth.

I do not know what lies ahead for us, no one does. I do fear the "change" that many hope to be brought about does not continue to take this great country down the slippery slope that got us here. That is my hope. I hope it does not go unfulfilled not for my sake but for my grandchildren and their children.

No matter what happens in the future an election was held, the man with the most votes, electoral, and popular won. He will be installed as the President, not a king, not a dictator, not an emperor, but a President, one that will govern for approximately 4 years. Then it will be time to judge him on his accomplishments and the cycle will start again. That is the way it is. That is the way it was meant to be.

God Bless America, home of the brave and land of the free.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

General Complaint Session

Today is Saturday, November 1, 2008. It has NOT been a good day. Some of you may know since my retirement I have been working part-time at the world's largest retailer. My Saturday shift is 0800 hrs to 1700hrs. It's usually a good little gig with no stress and the customers are 99% positive. So here goes:

1. Did you catch the November 1 part? As I arrive at 0800 hrs this morning the first thing I hear over the music system is Christmas carols! Christmas carols!! Did I mention it was the FIRST OF NOVEMBER! For the next 2 hours my 99% nice customers told me they were pleased with my bananas but were a little turned off by my music. Of course I can't write the CEO of the world's largest retailer but,.....if you go into THE WORLD'S LARGEST retailer hear Christmas carols BEFORE Thanksgiving and are annoyed please, please complain to management! I'm begging on bended knees. I can't take this for 2 months!

2. You all know I love this county almost more than the air I breathe however,.....I have had it with the political advertisments on the tube. I watched the local news tonight. They ran 6 commercials back to back. The funny part was two of the commercials were for and against Judge John Connor of Franklin County, Ohio. Judge Connor has more than 5 DUI convictions or reductions to reckless operation of a motor vehicle and a cocaine possession charge. You gotta be kidding me. Judge Connor has been on Bill O'Reilly's "The Factor" and labeled America's worst judge. How in the world can this guy show his face in public let alone plaster it over the tube and run again for the position of a judge.

I demand a law that bans all Presidential political ads on TV no more than 30 days before Election Day. Maybe that way the people we are paying 100K+ a year will stay in Washington and earn (?) some of our hard earned tax dollars. What do you think?

3. A kindergarten teacher has her students sign a pledge card to be an "ally" of Homosexuals and Transgenders, IN SCHOOL. I am not certain what the school is going to do with this teacher but I am sure what I would do as a parent. Does demand the teacher's resignation sound to far out of bounds. Not for me. HELLO! This kind of personal education should be taught by parents in the privacy of their own homes. Read the whole story by cliking here.

4. When I get home the first thing I see is my daughter's SUV (oh I love that big metal monster, it burns so much gas and pollutes the air, and causes the ice caps to melt, and the ozone layer to become thinner, sorry I just can't help my self sometimes) and my BIL's van. It doesn't burn nearly the gas and etc, etc, etc. I park in the grass because my driveway has been converted to a skateboard/bicycle race track. The first thing I hear after I get out of my car is HI GRANDPA! from my 5 year old grandson. The next thing I hear and see is my 3 year old, beautiful granddaughter running towards me, arms open and saying HI GRANDPA. Then a great big hug.

Gee, it's not such a bad day after all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am so Sorry

Folks, I am so sorry. Ohio has been affectionately know at the Hear of middle America for so many years. Lately we Conservative citizens have of the great state of Ohio have let the rest of the United States down. I deeply regret this and profusely apologize.

Once again this Presidential election may very well rest on how Ohio swings. I fear for our country. Eight years ago we elected Bob Taft who couldn't lead a seeing eye dog across the street. We elected cry baby George Voinovich who hasn't done anything notable that I remember for the past several years. The boys up north are responsible for Dennis the idiot Kucinich. We elected Jennifer Brunner as Secretary of State. She is responsible for putting Ohio in the national news for fighting FOR, FOR, fraudulent voter registration. Now some idiot judge has ruled you can give a "park bench" as your residence, therefore allowing homeless persons to vote. Read the full article here.

Now at the risk of sounding cruel and uncaring I do not believe a park bench can be considered a legal residence. If two people share a park bench is it a duplex? If one person sits on the other persons lap is it a two story. Come to think of it, is a judge who rules a park bench is a residence really intelligent enough to be a judge? What has become of COMMON SENSE. This guy (judge) needs impeached if possible. This is pure judicial politics.

Several years ago I quit referring to myself as a Republican and went to the word Conservative as the Republicans became to liberal for me. Some choose the acronym RINO, for Republican In Name Only. That is so true of our politicians here. We are losing the battle here and as I said I fear for our country. If The wizard of words and lack of substance, Senator Barrack Husein Obama, is elected as President of this Great Country, please don't blame me. I feel guilty enough. God Bless America.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Liberal Lie, An Opinion

Today's post is not from me but from a scholar friend, (he might disagree). I have had the honor of bogging with him ever since I started my Mark 1:11 blog. He is currently a Pastor, retired Marine, father and husband. Oh yes, he is a radio guy on Sunday evening. Station WHAS, Louisville. I invite you to go to his blog Restart and read his posting for Octorber 26. Clik here.

Credit to: Pastor John Wesley Slider

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Critical Mass

Critical Mass: The term critical mass is used to refer generally to the minimum amount of something needed to produce a given effect:

No, this is not going to be a post about the law of physics, although I do know that Energy = Mass times Velocity , squared. Pretty impressive isn't it. Actually referring to my blog title page quote:

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." President Thomas Jefferson".

I believe our county may have reached "critical mass". If Senator Obama wins the election and the Democrats win 60 seats in the Senate they will be able to give every one of their supporters what they want and we will have nothing. Therefore if America has reached "critical mass" "they" will have nothing . This county was founded on hard work, high morals and in case those on the "left" can't read the Declaration of Independence, God, the Almighty! The welfare state created by the Democrats going back to President Lyndon Johnson may have finally out populated the non-welfare state of hard working, high moral, God fearing Americans. We have allowed our colleges to be infiltrated by the likes of Bill Ayers, our congress to be controlled by self serving lawyers and lobbyists, and our general life by those who's feelings are hurt by mere words. What a sham and a shame.

Years ago, at the age of 9 I was afflicted by a disease that would require me to wear a full leg brace and a 4 inch lift on my "good" leg. I did this for 3 years. I was teased unmercifully by the other children on the playground because I couldn't run, play baseball, and walking up the stairs at my 3 story old brick school house was a chore. I was called "crip, criple, slowpoke" and other names I don't even remember. My mother had a little piece of advise for me one day which went like this. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

My father, an Army veteran of WWII was good with old sayings. He would follow my mother's comments with something like, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, or, lead or follow, just get the hell out of my way. Well guess what, after I discovered this little fact and lost the leg brace I managed to play 4 years of Varsity football, ran track for 4 years, enlisted in the ARMY, and did forced marches with the rest of the Joes. At the ripe old age of 53 I was running in 5K and 5 mile races. Oh, did I forget to mention the Doctors said I would probably never walk properly again. At the age of 60 I don't even have a slight limp.

Why do I mention all this, because it is about time we Conservatives stand up for ourselves and say enough is enough. If I offend you by saying something you disagree with, if I do something you disagree with, if I write something you disagree with, guess what. GET OVER IT!!! I am Popeye, the Sailor Man, I am what I am. You are what you are. Quite whining and get back to supporting America first, not your ethnic persuasion, not your sexual persuasion, not your, heritage. God, Duty to your county and your family come to mind. You live in the greatest county in the world, NOW ACT LIKE IT!!

I always wonder why liberals always use Senator Teddy Kennedy as a guiding light. What's wrong with his big brother President John F. Kennedy. Are they afraid that someone might remember President Kennedy's inaugural address where he said, "ask not what your county can do for you, ask what you can do for your county". America is the leader of the Free world, emphasis on FREE. Now get off your duff and don't be afraid to tell the next person who is whining about no job, or losing their house, or having their feelings hurt to: "Get over it, Grab yourself by the butt and pull yourself up, don't expect the government to do it or you will have a "government strong enough to take everything you have".
Have we reached Critical Mass? I fear so, I hope not.
God Bless America and the warriors who defend our freedom

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Have you Noticed?

Have you noticed? Great way to start a post. Noticed what? Now that I have your attention. Have you noticed the television commercials currently being run by Senator Obama? Normally I wouldn't pay attention to them as I have seen them about a million times here in Ohio. Oh yes, we are getting hammered, bombarded, snowed, crushed and just downright murdered with television commercials. Thank you for allowing me to vent!

Have you noticed that nearly all of the referrals in Senator Obama's commercials are tagged with or by a newspaper. That I believe is appropriate. However, after the New York times "hit article" on Cindy McCain, clik here I began to pay attention. Not to the commercial but to who the credit was given to. I know you won't believe me so I personally request you check it out for yourself. The New York Times and The Washington Post are responsible for many of the referrals Senator Obama uses in his commercials.

Do you find this interesting? Does it make you wonder if these two newspapers have a "hidden agenda"? I long ago gave up reading newspapers. Once when I was working uniformed patrol as a police officer I had a reporter ask me about a crime I was investigating. Nice guy, you know. Like a dummy I gave him the straight scoop. What happened? By the time it hit the local paper it was so twisted I could hardly recognize it. I paid more attention and in short time lost all respect for news collectors.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Read the article on Cindy McCain and come back and leave me a comment. I think it is a bunch of nothing. Just two newspaper hacks trying to make a headline in the closing days of an election. I'll probably get sued for calling them hacks, but you can't get blood from a stone.

Pray for the unborn.
Speak out for them.
They can't speak for themselves.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Good News Unborns win! The Job's not done yet!

The DOW is down, the bailout isn't working, and to quote a friend from Florida, "the Jaguars lost!" It's been a bad week! Personally I was against the "bailout" from the start. It is just a normal progression of life. The weak, those who got "ninja*" loans will most likely loose the home they couldn't afford to start with. The strong, those with good credit and some money in the bank, will feed on those who will be loosing the real estate. Who wins, the strong, who loses, the weak. It happens everyday in the animal kingdom and is a natural progression of life. The strong will survive. I am not unsympathetic to those who are going to suffer. I am a realist and understand the nature of things I can't change.

*NINJA: No income, no job, no assets

At my blog Mark 1:11, I posted a referral last week to come here for my political comments. If this is your first time reading my blog (some would consider you lucky) it is about Conservatism. Probably should have been named Conservative "Christian" Outrage but that's another story. On this blog I have written several political posts as to who and why I will vote the way I will vote. Clik here for my reasons. These same reasons are why I try to encourage everyone that is going to vote to vote my Conservative way. The important thing here is to vote!

There is plenty of good news out there if one just looks for it. The last time I heard on the news the home foreclosure rate was approximately 6%. Now referring to my first paragraph this is sad but necessary to cull the species, so to speak. HOWEVER, THAT MEANS 94% OF THE MORTGAGES ARE GETTING PAID ON TIME! Does that not count for something? Here is one really great news article I found on the web. Clik here to read how unborn children won the right to have their voices heard. Responsible people do care about the unborn and are speaking out! Clik here to read how the City of Hickory North Carolina will now allow Christians to engage in free speech without the threat of arrest.

Folks try looking for the GOOD in life and not the negative. It's a lot easier to smile than frown. Just try it you might find out I'm right.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Silent Majority

I have quietly stood by watching all the Congressmen, Senators, talking heads and government CPA's describe what "may, happen if a $700 billion BAILOUT bill is not passed. I admittedly do not have much of an accounting brain. I really don't know or care how many zeros there is in $700 billion. What I do know is every poll that has been taken in the last two weeks these little people called "the American public" don't want the dam_ BAILOUT. These little people just happen to be you and I and the ones who are paying the bill! We also are paying the salary of these elected officials.

For two weeks it has been one catastrophe after another if this BAILOUT isn't passed. Why? Are we not the Americans who built the Panama Canal, conquered Polio, put a man on the moon, defeated Hitler, and with the help of Al Gore, invented the Internet? Armageddon hasn't come yet and, "I'm still waiting". I thought it was coming last week.

Finally yesterday some of these elected officials in the House of Representatives "stood up to the plate" and listened to what the American public was saying. They told their leaders to stuff it! We are voting how the people of my district want me to vote and that is, NO! My hat is off to everyone of these men and women be they Republican or Democrat. Kudos to every one of them.

Now for some reason the stock market bounced back today after a 700 point loss yesterday. People are still getting paid and buying cars. I got my bagel at Tim Horton's and so did a lot of other people. I am aware there are some consequences to a tightening of big bank credit. My family may very well be affected. My son-in -law is a farmer and uses credit to buy fertilizer and seed in the spring. God willing he has a good crop and pays it off at harvest time. My old pickup truck has 147,000 miles on it and I may be in the market for a new one in the near future. I may have to pay a point more in interest to purchase it. I am willing to do that.

I am not willing to give some guy who can't run a bank more money to run the bank! Why in the world do people who can't run the Medicare system, the Social Security System, or the Veterans Administration think they can run the banking system? I am not willing to give the Congress the chance to get into my life any more than they are now, which is too much!

You all know I think this is the greatest county in the world regardless what some people in the media, in Hollywood, and yes, even in my church say. I have been there and seen poverty where people live in mud huts, have absolutely no medical attention, let alone health insurance. Jacob has told me of times where there would be 4 or 5 children sharing an MRE in Iraq because they had no other food. This IS the greatest county on the face of this earth. We can and will weather this storm with a little grit in our bellies and the common sense the good Lord has given us.

Listen to your bosses, the American Public, elected officials, not to do so would be a
Conservative Outrage!

Contact your elected official and tell them how you feel.

Clik here,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Senator Obama apparently forgot where his heart is or how to show RESPECT for our country

Please go to this link and watch it through to the end, it will take only a few minutes and sends a message that is undeniable!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Resurrection of Conservatism

Tuesday Night: Senator Fred Thompson....Home Run!

Wednesday Night: Governor Sarah Palin....Home Run!

Thursday Night: Mayor Rudi Guliani....Home Run!

Thursday Night: Senator John S. McCain....Home Run with bases loaded!!!

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Cruifixtion of Sarah Palin

What an outrage, more than that an American outrage! If there were a stronger symbol than the "exclamation point" in the English language I would used it. What has happened to the Democratic Party and the "left". Have they NO conscience, have they NO respect for family, IS nothing off limits! I'm not talking about my lefty friends or your lefty friends I truly believe Middle America is bigger than both far left or the far right. However, to crucify a political opponent and a 17 year old child is just a Conservative Outrage! This child will have to live the rest of her life with her mistake. She certainly doesn't need any major newspaper, TV station, or blogger to tell her she made a mistake. She will be aware of it as her baby grows and as her body makes adjustments for the birth of a new child into this world. She will realize it as the labor pains increase, as the baby needs fed every four hours and as she faces the prospect of telling this child pregnancy at 17 is no piece of cake.

Where is the National Organization of Woman, Gloria Steinem? Why aren't they crying foul. The indecent way they have failed to not only come to the aid of Briton Palin and to Governor Palin only proves what I have been saying for years. These so called icons and organizations are not supportive of women as they profess to be. They are supportive of only themselves, their egos and how they can prey on women less fortunate and with a low sense of self esteem. To my knowledge not one of these so called women's rights oganizations have come out to support Governor Palin and/or her daughter. If they have it has not been reported in any major media that I have seen since last Friday. You would think with an alleged 18 million women supporting Hillary Clinton someone would speak up but no, not one little peep.

Who is Sally Quinn and who does She think she is, mother of all! To suggest that Governor Palin "rethink her priorities" is one of the most egotistical and outrageous comments I have ever heard. This is just the feelings of the far left ilberals. We know better than you, do as I SAY, not as I do. To suggest in 2008 that men and women have different roles in life strikes me as asinine. Isn't that what the women's movement is all about! Hey Sally, check it out the next time you take a shower, your plumbing is different than your husbands. You ARE different. It works better that way. By the way, what is your major accomplishment? Betcha, can't field dress a moose can you!

To suggest that Governor Palin might be in the White House in several months is no more than a far left scare tactic, hey guess what, we may have a depression, oh my! we may not have health care, oh my! what other stupid remarks can you come up with. Same song and dance for the last 40 years! Now you want to infer that Senator McCain may die before he finishes his term in office.

To suggest a Downs syndrome child is not that of Sarah Palin and then to demand a DNA test to prove it is beyond my comprehension. Is nothing sacred anymore. When Bill O'Reilly of Fox News says the far lefties like the Daily Kos and other far left blogs have gone off the deep end he is right. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness end where the privacy of a 17 year old young girl begin. To go after Governor Palin goes with the political territory
but dragging the daughter into the fray to get to the parent is by any reasonable person's views is shameful.

I won't even address the ridiculous suggestion that a woman in this day and age can't be both mother, wife and employed it is simply ludicrous.

I believe Govenor Palin, who is called a "hockey mom" recently said to a reporter something to the effect that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick! Keep that in mind you far left liberal loons. Or as they say where I come from, if you can't run with the big dog stay hidden under the porch!

Don't sacrifice Conservative Pro Life morals for a politcal cause!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Who?

CAUTION, Conservative Victory!

I don't often get personal in my blogs, hmm. well just a little. Anyway, I just got a phone call from my daughter who's name happens to be Sarah. Did I say she is a Conservative Christian? Did I mention she has a BS degree in Special Education? Oh yes, I don't think I told you she has 3 children, home schools and is expecting a 4th in December. She is married to a farmer who is an Elder in the Church. She called today, right after I got home from work, right after Senator John McCain named Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. Gee whiz, I wonder why she called me.

"Dad, what do you think of Senator McCain's running mate?" I said, "What do you think?" "It's wonderful, don't you agree?" "Yes," I said, "it's pretty cool." "I can't wait to see what you write on your blog, I know you will have something very interesting to write. " Ok Sis (nickname) Here it is.

Conservative Outrage was not started as a political or Christian blog. Oh well, here goes that idea. I made mention in an earlier blog that Senator Obama and Senator Biden both support Roe vs Wade, the currently legitimate murder of unborn babies. I made mention that is was reported on several major networks Senator Obama helped kill legislation in Illinois that would allow an aborted baby born alive medical treatment. When asked by Rick Warren a couple weeks ago when life began Senator Obama stated that was "above my paygrade" OK, so let me get this right, Senator Obama as the President wouldn't send the best trained, best equipped best volunteer Armed Forces soldiers and sailors and Marines to in Harms Way, BUT, big but, he would allow an unborn child, created through no fault of his own, that has no protection, no training and no option to be born to be murdered! Do I get that right?

Senator McCain's answer on the other hand was,"life begins at conception" That's pretty straight forward and no wiggle room there that I can see.

Now comes the VP picks. Senator, 2nd banana, Biden has long be a supporter of Roe vs Wade. I have all ready reported on that.

Now, enter Governor Sarah Palin, mother of 5, one who has Downs Syndrome. A special needs child. An unborn child with a problem, let's get rid of it, sounds like a good idea to Senator Obama and Senator Biden. Doesn't sound like a good idea to Governor Palin. You see she believes life is precious in the womb or outside it. Just ask her about her son currently serving in Iraq, and a volunteer. I am sure we will find out in the near future what type of metal she is made of but, as for now, I don't think Senator McCain could have picked a better person for Americans who call themselves Conservative and Christian.

There you go sis, that's my posting, I hope you enjoy it.

Love you Sis, Kiss the kids for me, (probably gonna have to call her Sarah now)


A small postscript of my day. A fellow employee casually mentioned she was going to vote for Senator Obama. Why? Senator McCain is too old. Does that really affect his ability to lead? Ah, ah, no. Then why are you thinking of voting for Senator Obma? Ah, Well, ah.. I see a cross necklace around her neck. Do you believe in G-d and Jesus Christ? YES! Then your decision is easy. Huh? You can't be a Christian and support two men who believe it is all right to murder an unborn child can you? Well, no, of course not. Well you either wear that necklace or you vote for Senator Obama, can't do both.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Little Too Much Leg?

This is a case of too much leg or too much something. It started out as a Conservative Outrage and ended as victory for common sense. Thank goodness there is a little of that left in this world. Too make a long story short, no pun intended. It seems the cheerleader's skirts at Monroe, Ohio high school failed the longness test for the school's new dress code. Dress Code? High School? Can you say oxymoron? Not in todays world. Read the entire story at, it's short so it shouldn't take you long:

Now what I like about this story is the fact good ol' common sense prevailed and the Principal held her ground. Ok, so we goofed and made a dress code that conflicted with a long tradition. Let's all put our heads together and find a solution without attorneys, the court system, or law suits. This is really asking a lot. Well if you think it can't be done read the follow-up

I only have one question. Why when back in the 60's when Becky A, and Melanie T, and the rest of the cheer leading squad wore skits down to their knees where they able to cheer? It just seems to me the little honeys today feel the need to show a little hiney. Isn't the enthusiasm conveyed to the crowd and your team the idea, or I just an ol' fuddy duddy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joe, 2nd Banana, Biden

Warning this post contains strong content

The announcement finally came. Thank you Senator Obama, You picked Senator Joe Biden as your VP running mate. That's interesting. I was hoping you would do it about a month ago so I would not have to endure all the media hype. Where I come from we call that milking the issue. Must be a farming thing.

Senator Joe Biden, an alleged Catholic and a supporter of Roe vs Wade. That's like being a Jew and believing Jesus is the Son Of G-d. For all you sensitive people don't get all hyper about that because my grandmother was Jewish and so is my best friend. I can say it and get away with it. It ain't happening folks. You can be one but, you can't be the other. Senator Obama has again shown his lack of respect for American Christianity and G-d by picking a man who would fail to give the sanctity of life to an unborn child in the womb.
Daddy always said, "birds of a feather flock together".

According recent reports Senator Barrack Hussein Obama fought against protecting a living baby from a botched abortion. He also made the statement he "wouldn't want his daughters burdened with an unwanted child." I am sorry I have never had a baby in my womb but I can't for the love of me understand, comprehend, explain, or grasp how any woman can have the very life of a child sucked from her body. Apparently Senator Joe Biden and Senator Barrack Hussein Obama can comprehend that as they seem to agree it is all right

Please don't give me the old song and dance about a woman's choice. That garbage went out the window with the IUD, Pill, and condoms. Every woman and every man that decides to have a sexual encounter also must decide to accept the consequences of that union. It could just very well be a human being, not a fetus, not some piece of protoplasm but, a baby, the very symbol of innocence. This child didn't ask to be conceived but it is human and deserves life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Just like the adults that made the choice that created it.
It's called RESPONSIBILITY! Check out Webster if you don't know the meaning.

Apparently Senator Barrack Hussein Obama and now VP running mate, Senator Joe, 2nd Banana, Biden don't feel that way. They have made their choice, now let the American people make their choice. Do they want two men who support the cruel, ruthless and sinful procedure of abortion leading this county or someone who believes, "life begins at conception!"

This is not a commentary on Senator Barrack Hussein Obama's bid for the Presidency of The United States, this is a CONSERVATIVE OUTRAGE!!!.

Postscript, if you feel the same as I do please forward this to as many of your friends as possible. Do It For The Children.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yea For Our Side

Although it happens more frequently than we know Conservatism does win on a regular basis. With the left leaning press it just never makes the news. It seems the Upper Arlington,Ohio Library closed its meeting room to a Christian organization. Three cheers for the courts in this case. Open the doors said the Federal Court. You can't discriminate against God fearing people! Read the complete story at,

We need more of these type of courts and more of these decisions!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From the Left Coast

Ah yes, the California Courts strike again. Read this interesting but sad article from the World Net Daily. California Courts 1 (+) Christian Schools ZERO!

This is a Conservative Outrage!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG)

What can only be a Conservative Outrage is the recent decision of the the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) to "require pro life doctors perform an abortion or refer their patient to a doctor that will perform one"

Read the complete article @,3566,396163,00.html

What is going on in the United States of America when a doctor who has taken an oath to save lives now must take them! Ladies please contact your Doctors and tell them to write the ACOG to tell them the taking of one babies life is morally wrong and to force a doctor to do it is even worse!!

Please forward this so all your friends can get involved.

G-d help America!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Morning All,

I have yet to ask for donations for this blog as I personally wouldn’t pay for most of the information that is printed here but……OH BOY, here is comes. Nah, not for me. If you haven’t figured it out yet I write on two blogs, Mark 1:11 and Conservative Outrage .

Mark 1:11 was started when my son Jacob went to Iraq to follow him and his unit. Conservative Outrage was started a couple of months ago to stand up for Conservative causes. I didn’t want the two blogs to mix as I support my son and the military and I support the Conservative base of America. Sort of “my son”, “my country”. That being said I read a number of blogs on a regular basis. One of them by Pastor John Slider has a post on July 30,2007 that not only affects our military but is an Conservative Outrage!

I invite you to clik on , scroll down to the June 30 post and read it. If you feel strongly about our military and the Conservative base that founded the greatest county on earth clik the “Contribute Now” and make a donation. This good Marine, an Iraq veteran of 3 tours in combat is being persecuted not prosecuted! He deserves our support!



Proud father of an 82nd AIRBORNE Paratrooper

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Conservatism My Views

I suppose it would be a good idea to state why I started Conservative Outrage and believe it would be a good idea to give a brief description of what I consider a “conservative” is.


disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness:

a person who is conservative in principles, actions, habits, etc *

That would describe me. What’s wrong with traditional values? What’s wrong with existing conditions, we are the wealthiest nation on earth. We got here by hard work, high standards and morals that preserved the individual, family and county.

I believe in family values as they were intended in the Bible and the Torah, as in the Church and the Temple. I believe in a strong military to protect this county from harm and intrusion of forces who would harm us. I believe in law and order and majority rules. I believe schools and colleges should teach our young their ABC’s, Arithmetic, Grammar, Reading of the classics and English as the language of the United States of America. I do not believe our schools and colleges should use their positions to push their own political agenda. Schools and colleges should be an open and free exchange of ideas. Health is one thing to teach however sex, morals, and respect should be taught in the home by both parents. Yes, BOTH parents who have stood before family and friends and their G-d and used words like love, honor, cherish and respect.

This county is 200+ years old and has gone from a small boatload of people at Plymouth, Massachusetts to the moon and soon to be beyond. It has conquered Polio, Smallpox, and Whooping Cough and has every other nation on earth coming here for health care. It has invented the reaper (combine to the young and city people), the automobile, computers that put men on the moon and now run the world and the Polaroid Camera .It produces more food, I believe, than any other nation on earth. It gives food to nations and people who would otherwise have nothing to eat and starve. In the time of global tragedy The United States of America gives more money, care, and medical supplies than most the other counties combined.

We have freed more people from tyranny and dictators in our short existence than any other country in the world. Just ask the French from World War I, the Jews from World War II, the Kuwaitis and now the Iraqis. We have done it all without fanfare or bravado. Then we go to the countries we defeated and help rebuild them. We continue to call France, Spain and Germany our allies although they in the past have consistently fought against the United States in the United Nations. Our hearts are open to all who ask for help and our arms are strong to carry the burden often time unwanted to be carried by other nations. Why? Because that’s what Conservatives do.

Do I believe in restoring prayer in schools and returning the Ten Commandments to the court room, yes I do! Is the Constitution of the United States the most important writing in this county’s history and should it be strictly interpreted, yes it is not a living growing instrument. It has served this county well for over 200 years.

"You do not need a constitution to reflect changes that occur in society," All you need is a legislature and a ballot box.". "In our country, when the people decided that women should have the vote, it was not done by decree of the Supreme Court. We adopted a constitutional amendment, which is the democratic way to do it." Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia in an interview with Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor,

Am I a Conservative, well, if you believe in the above and everything else the people in this county have done for the rest of the world in the past 200+ years yes, I am!

* Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This

Monday, July 21, 2008


If you are reading this you may have come from the blog Diary of a Military Dad. If not, you may want to go there and read it first. This posting may make a little more sense; then again, some people would say I never make any sense. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Blog comments are the very root of our American Freedom of Speech and the right to express ourselves with fear of governmental reprisal. We may have different views regarding the current political climate. I respect Infantry Dad’s opinion and like him only want peace in this world. We both have shared “inside stories” about our soldier sons and want what is best for our county. We just have different opinions on how to achieve the same results.

I unlike some Americans have kept my election options open. I have yet to decide who I will vote for. Some of you may remember I ran a poll several months ago requesting input. I received several responses and thank those who responded. I have decided for whom I will not vote.

IMHO: The leader of the greatest nation in the world needs to be steadfast, loyal, honest and a God fearing person. The two main contenders of those running for this position have placed themselves in the media enough and have been visible in various venues for me to rule out one of them. I have ruled out Senator Barrack Hussein Obama for the following reasons:

Senator Barrack Hussein Obama

  1. Doesn’t want his middle name used
  2. Voted present more times as a state senator than he voted for/against a bill
  3. Back tracked on his pastor and his church after saying he attended for 20 years, then saying he didn’t attend that often.
  4. Refused to place his hand over his heart during playing of the National Anthem
  5. Refused to wear an American flag lapel pin, I don’t object to his right of expression, I do object when he begins to wear it after he has “won” his parties nomination. I believe this is hypocritical on his part.
  6. Said he believes in publically funded elections to make elections more equal then decided he could raise more money on the internet and refused the public fund route
  7. Began his run for the Presidency 143 days, less than 4 months, after taking the oath of office for the Senate position he had just won for the first time. I question his commitment to those who voted him.
  8. Says he wouldn’t want his daughters burdened with an unwanted child
  9. Is a member of the committee to oversee the War in Afghanistan and never visited the country.

  1. Has yet to offer a viable solution to our current energy crisis and refuses to allow any type of drilling in or around the United States. Mine is not to comment on these issues as they most certainly speak for themselves but I must regarding this. Exactly when does Senator Barrack Hussein Obama plan on allowing the United States to drill for our own oil!
  2. Stated he would bomb Pakistan one of our allies in the Afghanistan War
  3. Has publically stated our soldiers are “just air-raiding villages and killing civilians”, (in Afghanistan). I can assure Senator Barrack Hussein Obama, our brave sons are not “just air-raiding villages and killing civilians”. They, Senator Obama, are protecting you to make un-informed, ill advised and sometimes totally stupid comments.
  4. Told a Portland crowd: “Iran does not pose a serious
    to us. Tiny countries with small defense budgets can’t do us
    harm." Then the very next day he states: “I’ve made it clear for years that
    the threat from Iran is grave.”
  5. Removed all reference to his opposition to the Global War on Terror from his campaign web site.
  6. Stated at a fund raiser, “So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

  1. Stated on Monday, July 21, 2008 while in Iraq he was going to be working with the Iraqi government for the next 8 to 10 years. Does he not understand if he wins and is re-elected he only serves for 8 years. That is unless; he is planning on following past President Clinton’s example and use the position of President of the United States to further his own financial gains.

This is not an endorsement of Senator John McCain, this is only my position regarding Senator Barrack Hussein Obama and his campaign for my Presidential vote.


Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Destruction of the embryo in the mother's womb is a violation of the right to live which God has bestowed upon this nascent life. To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but murder.

Read more about this famous Lutheran Pastor at:

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