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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Silent Majority

I have quietly stood by watching all the Congressmen, Senators, talking heads and government CPA's describe what "may, happen if a $700 billion BAILOUT bill is not passed. I admittedly do not have much of an accounting brain. I really don't know or care how many zeros there is in $700 billion. What I do know is every poll that has been taken in the last two weeks these little people called "the American public" don't want the dam_ BAILOUT. These little people just happen to be you and I and the ones who are paying the bill! We also are paying the salary of these elected officials.

For two weeks it has been one catastrophe after another if this BAILOUT isn't passed. Why? Are we not the Americans who built the Panama Canal, conquered Polio, put a man on the moon, defeated Hitler, and with the help of Al Gore, invented the Internet? Armageddon hasn't come yet and, "I'm still waiting". I thought it was coming last week.

Finally yesterday some of these elected officials in the House of Representatives "stood up to the plate" and listened to what the American public was saying. They told their leaders to stuff it! We are voting how the people of my district want me to vote and that is, NO! My hat is off to everyone of these men and women be they Republican or Democrat. Kudos to every one of them.

Now for some reason the stock market bounced back today after a 700 point loss yesterday. People are still getting paid and buying cars. I got my bagel at Tim Horton's and so did a lot of other people. I am aware there are some consequences to a tightening of big bank credit. My family may very well be affected. My son-in -law is a farmer and uses credit to buy fertilizer and seed in the spring. God willing he has a good crop and pays it off at harvest time. My old pickup truck has 147,000 miles on it and I may be in the market for a new one in the near future. I may have to pay a point more in interest to purchase it. I am willing to do that.

I am not willing to give some guy who can't run a bank more money to run the bank! Why in the world do people who can't run the Medicare system, the Social Security System, or the Veterans Administration think they can run the banking system? I am not willing to give the Congress the chance to get into my life any more than they are now, which is too much!

You all know I think this is the greatest county in the world regardless what some people in the media, in Hollywood, and yes, even in my church say. I have been there and seen poverty where people live in mud huts, have absolutely no medical attention, let alone health insurance. Jacob has told me of times where there would be 4 or 5 children sharing an MRE in Iraq because they had no other food. This IS the greatest county on the face of this earth. We can and will weather this storm with a little grit in our bellies and the common sense the good Lord has given us.

Listen to your bosses, the American Public, elected officials, not to do so would be a
Conservative Outrage!

Contact your elected official and tell them how you feel.

Clik here,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Senator Obama apparently forgot where his heart is or how to show RESPECT for our country

Please go to this link and watch it through to the end, it will take only a few minutes and sends a message that is undeniable!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Resurrection of Conservatism

Tuesday Night: Senator Fred Thompson....Home Run!

Wednesday Night: Governor Sarah Palin....Home Run!

Thursday Night: Mayor Rudi Guliani....Home Run!

Thursday Night: Senator John S. McCain....Home Run with bases loaded!!!

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Cruifixtion of Sarah Palin

What an outrage, more than that an American outrage! If there were a stronger symbol than the "exclamation point" in the English language I would used it. What has happened to the Democratic Party and the "left". Have they NO conscience, have they NO respect for family, IS nothing off limits! I'm not talking about my lefty friends or your lefty friends I truly believe Middle America is bigger than both far left or the far right. However, to crucify a political opponent and a 17 year old child is just a Conservative Outrage! This child will have to live the rest of her life with her mistake. She certainly doesn't need any major newspaper, TV station, or blogger to tell her she made a mistake. She will be aware of it as her baby grows and as her body makes adjustments for the birth of a new child into this world. She will realize it as the labor pains increase, as the baby needs fed every four hours and as she faces the prospect of telling this child pregnancy at 17 is no piece of cake.

Where is the National Organization of Woman, Gloria Steinem? Why aren't they crying foul. The indecent way they have failed to not only come to the aid of Briton Palin and to Governor Palin only proves what I have been saying for years. These so called icons and organizations are not supportive of women as they profess to be. They are supportive of only themselves, their egos and how they can prey on women less fortunate and with a low sense of self esteem. To my knowledge not one of these so called women's rights oganizations have come out to support Governor Palin and/or her daughter. If they have it has not been reported in any major media that I have seen since last Friday. You would think with an alleged 18 million women supporting Hillary Clinton someone would speak up but no, not one little peep.

Who is Sally Quinn and who does She think she is, mother of all! To suggest that Governor Palin "rethink her priorities" is one of the most egotistical and outrageous comments I have ever heard. This is just the feelings of the far left ilberals. We know better than you, do as I SAY, not as I do. To suggest in 2008 that men and women have different roles in life strikes me as asinine. Isn't that what the women's movement is all about! Hey Sally, check it out the next time you take a shower, your plumbing is different than your husbands. You ARE different. It works better that way. By the way, what is your major accomplishment? Betcha, can't field dress a moose can you!

To suggest that Governor Palin might be in the White House in several months is no more than a far left scare tactic, hey guess what, we may have a depression, oh my! we may not have health care, oh my! what other stupid remarks can you come up with. Same song and dance for the last 40 years! Now you want to infer that Senator McCain may die before he finishes his term in office.

To suggest a Downs syndrome child is not that of Sarah Palin and then to demand a DNA test to prove it is beyond my comprehension. Is nothing sacred anymore. When Bill O'Reilly of Fox News says the far lefties like the Daily Kos and other far left blogs have gone off the deep end he is right. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness end where the privacy of a 17 year old young girl begin. To go after Governor Palin goes with the political territory
but dragging the daughter into the fray to get to the parent is by any reasonable person's views is shameful.

I won't even address the ridiculous suggestion that a woman in this day and age can't be both mother, wife and employed it is simply ludicrous.

I believe Govenor Palin, who is called a "hockey mom" recently said to a reporter something to the effect that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick! Keep that in mind you far left liberal loons. Or as they say where I come from, if you can't run with the big dog stay hidden under the porch!

Don't sacrifice Conservative Pro Life morals for a politcal cause!

Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Destruction of the embryo in the mother's womb is a violation of the right to live which God has bestowed upon this nascent life. To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but murder.

Read more about this famous Lutheran Pastor at:

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