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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's do the Math Darrell

Let's do the math.

John McCain has suddenly been calling for tighter border control.  Hmmm.  'Bout time!  Where was he in 2008!
barrack hussein obama has said he is sending 1200 National Guard to the US-Mexico border.  Hmm.  That border is 1969 miles long*  Let's assume and we all know what that means half of the border is protected by other various sources, ie: Border Patrol, Local Sheriff's, State Police and the occasional vigilante.  That leaves us with a balance of 984.5 miles of unprotected border.  Hang with me young people this is not modern math here where if you are close you are all right.  Let's take the number of National Guard working 40 per week 1200 times 40 equals 48,000 hours.  Not bad, a pretty impressive number.  Now let's see, 984.5 miles unprotected border divided into 48,000 man hours, hmmm.  That equals 48.75... of hours of coverage per mile.  This is looking good until,  you stop to think.   That is a tad bit over covering the mile two days out of 7.  Nuff said!

Can you say "Smoke and Mirrors"?




Most Rev. Gregori said...

First, those 1200 National Guard Troops will be assigned to desk duty. The government says that due to the Posse Comitatus Act, they cannot use the military for law enforcement. I'm sorry, but the Posse Comitatus Act says that the government cannot use the military as a law enforcement against American CITIZENS. It does not say that they cannot be used as law enforcement against those entering the country illegally.

Second, the government loves to tell us how they cannot use the military for border protection because they are not trained for that. WELLL, EXCUSE ME! I thought the military's constitutional duty was to protect our borders? And if they aren't trained for that, then how come they can protect the borders of foreign countries? This is worse then "smoke and mirrors", it is pure B.S.

MightyMom said...

I could fertilize my flowerbed with that shit

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