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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Early Sunday Morning

It's a good thing I usually go to church on Sunday morning.  It does two things; A.  It strengthens my resolve in their is/must be a Creator, B. Gives me an immediate chance to ask the Creator for forgiveness, FROM WATCHING THE NEWS, before church!

News items on the boob tube this morning were:

A. The Phoenix Management Company demanding a Police Officer remove the magnets from his garage door.  The company has a rule for their communities to not allow signs in their communities.  Sounds fair enough except, according to the Police Officer, the magnets do not fall within the parameters of a sign.  Oh ya, the magnets.......say,  God Bless America.

B. Denver must be a great city right?  Didn't John Denver write a song about it.  Isn't Denver where all the great ski lodges are?  The air is clear and bright.  Apparently the air is not so clear and the bright sun absolutely fried the brains of the Denver City School Board and 90%  of the parents.   According to the news, the school board along with the parents have OK'd a plan to pass out birth control devices (condoms) to 6TH GRADERS!  Since most schools tend to lean to the left as the school boards do I don't find this unusaul. Now about the 90% of the parents agreeing with it.  The birth rate among Denver  teenagers is double the rate of the US and the State of Denver, according to the report.  These parents are now passing to the schools the responsibility of making moral decisions.  Gretchen and I raised 3 kids, two boys and a girl.  None of them, were responsible to/for a child born out of wedlock or with the first 9 months of marriage.  Why?  BECAUSE WE TOOK THEM TO CHURCH and PROVIDED THEM A MORAL AND RESPONSIBLE UPBRINGING!!! 

The parents that voted to allow the school to pass out condoms to 6th graders are morally bankrupt and mentally deficient as parents and in child rearing.  They, the parents, should be the ones recieving condoms. This would  insure no more children are born to these lazy, mentally incompetent adults (?).  IMHO, of course.  Isn't this what Glen Beck was talking about yesterday, Honor, Morals, Responsibility?

Well off to church where  I will ask my Maker to forgive me for the above rant.  I hope He has a lot of patience with me.  I am a work in progress.

Have a great Sunday and to the Phoenix Management Company,



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ahead of the Curve

I’m sitting in my car and I hear Glenn Beck come on the radio.  He starts to talk about how we, the people, are going to lose our gun rights.  Not, our guns, but the ammo we use in them.  He goes on to basically re-state what was posted yesterday.  Do away with the lead and make ammo so expensive the average family can’t afford it.  This does not stop us from eating as very few American families are true hunter/gathers as they were 200 years ago.  What is does do is take away the fundamental right of protecting ones family and self.  With “the right to bear arms” so expensive who, will have the “arms”.  The government of course, Why? To quell the Constitutional Conservatives that are finally fed up and and storm the government.  Unlike the Pilgrims, there is NO place to run to.  There is no “new found land”.  Conservatives will rise up and rebel if their culture is to survive.  For those at the FBI or Secret Service, no this is not a call to an armed insurgency.  It's just an observation from and old US ARMY Veteran!

I just wanted to let you all know how on top of the news my good friend and fellow blogger Subvet is  Nearly 24 hours ahead of Glen Beck he posted this article, Clik here.

WOW! He's good.

History has proven that time and time again.  Be it the feudal land barons of England and Europe or the French against Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI.  Home Superior will be pushed only so far then as my wife Gretchen, would say, you got the hair up on my back!  A new revolution is coming.  Hopefully it will be in November on Election Day.  Perhaps people who are truly Americans are elected, not the likes of Charlie Crist, John McCann, or Harry Reid.  Those that only consider the next government check.  These men and those like them are no different than the welfare fraud clients I investigated.  They are just doing what ever to secure their next government handout.  The only difference is the size of the checks and the size of the lies.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Food For Thought

I am respectfully stealing this post from Right Truth. Clik here.  Another politically correct piece of garbage!


Scuse me,  Just had a thought,  With California so deep in debt when did the RINO govenor, Arnold, the Schwartznegger have time to do a movie with Sly Stone?  Was/is he double dipping?  Is he going to donate his share or salary to the state of California?  Anybody know?

Monday, August 23, 2010


I have thought about post for a while.  It probably will cause me a few followers but someone needs to say something about this politically correct garbage.  It is taking over this country.  You can’t say this,  you can’t say that.  You can’t do this, you can’t do that.  We don’t keep scores in games because we want kids to “feel good about themselves” We don’t want their delicate psychic (is that the right word?) disturbed.  What in the world is going to happen when they get into the real world. I am talking about the real world, not just the United States of America.  This is a world of complete interaction of all peoples today and now forever more.

You can’t call me fat ‘cause that will hurt my feelings.  Well folks if you don’t call 50 pounds overweight fat I don’t know what is!  Please call me heavy, portly, or even grandfatherly but don’t you DARE call me FAT.  Guess what, The  damn truth hurts.  I am FAT and if I don’t want to be called fat then I, Me, Myself, should lose some damn weight!  And….  oh my golly! What about when I was a kid, a mere 9 years old in the 3rd grade and had a bone disease called Leg Perthes Disease. At 9 years old I had to wear a full leg brace on one leg brace with a 4 inch lift on the other leg to keep the weight of my hip so the bone could heal.  It did take long, only 3 years. Bet you can’t guess who was the last one called for RED ROVER?  Oh, that’s right we don’t play that anymore.  How does “peg leg or crip”  sound? Some little munchkin may get hurt or be the last one called.  That would be worse because he might be traumatized, For Life!!!  Well, I don’t think I was traumatized,  I think I was strengthened!  Adversity makes you stronger!

A week ago Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s  got into a load of politically correct trouble for saying the word, yes, close your eyes and ears ‘cause I am going to say/type it “nigger” She only said what people think when they here the phrase “N word”.  Ask yourself. What really is your mind processing when you hear someone use the phrase “N word”.
Personally I find the word “cracker” insulting since I am white or Caucasian what ever word you choose.  I had a Jewish grandmother, the word “kike”  offends me. Come to think of it I am probably shorter than I used to be (age does that to a body) and shorter than the average American male.  The word short offends me.   My mom always told me “sticks and stones will break your bones but, words will never hurt you”  Mom, you were absolutely right.  Now the liberals in this country may cry a river if they get called a name but then again they are liberals.

Please refer to me as male, heterosexual, horizontally and vertically imperfect with multi-religious imperfections and a lack of pigmentation in my dermis or epidermis.  I think that should cover most of the bases.  Do you see how ridiculous this has gotten?

In the past months on the news, I seen stories about:
You can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance at the Lincoln Memorial
You can’t wear a Pro Life t-shirt to school
Sex education in the 1st grade
Removing Memorial Crosses from the highways;
And the list goes on and on and on.

If we don’t get off this politically correct garbage and start taking a stand it is not the left wing liberals ,Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Barrack Hussein Obama we should blame it is US!  WE sit on our butts, keep our mouths shut, and with our turn the other checks mentality continue to let it go on.

Have we seen the enemy, and are they us?  I think so!

As always your comments are welcome,

Pops, The Neanderthal

Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Destruction of the embryo in the mother's womb is a violation of the right to live which God has bestowed upon this nascent life. To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but murder.

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