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I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out there is.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am so Sorry

Folks, I am so sorry. Ohio has been affectionately know at the Hear of middle America for so many years. Lately we Conservative citizens have of the great state of Ohio have let the rest of the United States down. I deeply regret this and profusely apologize.

Once again this Presidential election may very well rest on how Ohio swings. I fear for our country. Eight years ago we elected Bob Taft who couldn't lead a seeing eye dog across the street. We elected cry baby George Voinovich who hasn't done anything notable that I remember for the past several years. The boys up north are responsible for Dennis the idiot Kucinich. We elected Jennifer Brunner as Secretary of State. She is responsible for putting Ohio in the national news for fighting FOR, FOR, fraudulent voter registration. Now some idiot judge has ruled you can give a "park bench" as your residence, therefore allowing homeless persons to vote. Read the full article here.

Now at the risk of sounding cruel and uncaring I do not believe a park bench can be considered a legal residence. If two people share a park bench is it a duplex? If one person sits on the other persons lap is it a two story. Come to think of it, is a judge who rules a park bench is a residence really intelligent enough to be a judge? What has become of COMMON SENSE. This guy (judge) needs impeached if possible. This is pure judicial politics.

Several years ago I quit referring to myself as a Republican and went to the word Conservative as the Republicans became to liberal for me. Some choose the acronym RINO, for Republican In Name Only. That is so true of our politicians here. We are losing the battle here and as I said I fear for our country. If The wizard of words and lack of substance, Senator Barrack Husein Obama, is elected as President of this Great Country, please don't blame me. I feel guilty enough. God Bless America.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Liberal Lie, An Opinion

Today's post is not from me but from a scholar friend, (he might disagree). I have had the honor of bogging with him ever since I started my Mark 1:11 blog. He is currently a Pastor, retired Marine, father and husband. Oh yes, he is a radio guy on Sunday evening. Station WHAS, Louisville. I invite you to go to his blog Restart and read his posting for Octorber 26. Clik here.

Credit to: Pastor John Wesley Slider

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Critical Mass

Critical Mass: The term critical mass is used to refer generally to the minimum amount of something needed to produce a given effect:

No, this is not going to be a post about the law of physics, although I do know that Energy = Mass times Velocity , squared. Pretty impressive isn't it. Actually referring to my blog title page quote:

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." President Thomas Jefferson".

I believe our county may have reached "critical mass". If Senator Obama wins the election and the Democrats win 60 seats in the Senate they will be able to give every one of their supporters what they want and we will have nothing. Therefore if America has reached "critical mass" "they" will have nothing . This county was founded on hard work, high morals and in case those on the "left" can't read the Declaration of Independence, God, the Almighty! The welfare state created by the Democrats going back to President Lyndon Johnson may have finally out populated the non-welfare state of hard working, high moral, God fearing Americans. We have allowed our colleges to be infiltrated by the likes of Bill Ayers, our congress to be controlled by self serving lawyers and lobbyists, and our general life by those who's feelings are hurt by mere words. What a sham and a shame.

Years ago, at the age of 9 I was afflicted by a disease that would require me to wear a full leg brace and a 4 inch lift on my "good" leg. I did this for 3 years. I was teased unmercifully by the other children on the playground because I couldn't run, play baseball, and walking up the stairs at my 3 story old brick school house was a chore. I was called "crip, criple, slowpoke" and other names I don't even remember. My mother had a little piece of advise for me one day which went like this. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

My father, an Army veteran of WWII was good with old sayings. He would follow my mother's comments with something like, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, or, lead or follow, just get the hell out of my way. Well guess what, after I discovered this little fact and lost the leg brace I managed to play 4 years of Varsity football, ran track for 4 years, enlisted in the ARMY, and did forced marches with the rest of the Joes. At the ripe old age of 53 I was running in 5K and 5 mile races. Oh, did I forget to mention the Doctors said I would probably never walk properly again. At the age of 60 I don't even have a slight limp.

Why do I mention all this, because it is about time we Conservatives stand up for ourselves and say enough is enough. If I offend you by saying something you disagree with, if I do something you disagree with, if I write something you disagree with, guess what. GET OVER IT!!! I am Popeye, the Sailor Man, I am what I am. You are what you are. Quite whining and get back to supporting America first, not your ethnic persuasion, not your sexual persuasion, not your, heritage. God, Duty to your county and your family come to mind. You live in the greatest county in the world, NOW ACT LIKE IT!!

I always wonder why liberals always use Senator Teddy Kennedy as a guiding light. What's wrong with his big brother President John F. Kennedy. Are they afraid that someone might remember President Kennedy's inaugural address where he said, "ask not what your county can do for you, ask what you can do for your county". America is the leader of the Free world, emphasis on FREE. Now get off your duff and don't be afraid to tell the next person who is whining about no job, or losing their house, or having their feelings hurt to: "Get over it, Grab yourself by the butt and pull yourself up, don't expect the government to do it or you will have a "government strong enough to take everything you have".
Have we reached Critical Mass? I fear so, I hope not.
God Bless America and the warriors who defend our freedom

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Have you Noticed?

Have you noticed? Great way to start a post. Noticed what? Now that I have your attention. Have you noticed the television commercials currently being run by Senator Obama? Normally I wouldn't pay attention to them as I have seen them about a million times here in Ohio. Oh yes, we are getting hammered, bombarded, snowed, crushed and just downright murdered with television commercials. Thank you for allowing me to vent!

Have you noticed that nearly all of the referrals in Senator Obama's commercials are tagged with or by a newspaper. That I believe is appropriate. However, after the New York times "hit article" on Cindy McCain, clik here I began to pay attention. Not to the commercial but to who the credit was given to. I know you won't believe me so I personally request you check it out for yourself. The New York Times and The Washington Post are responsible for many of the referrals Senator Obama uses in his commercials.

Do you find this interesting? Does it make you wonder if these two newspapers have a "hidden agenda"? I long ago gave up reading newspapers. Once when I was working uniformed patrol as a police officer I had a reporter ask me about a crime I was investigating. Nice guy, you know. Like a dummy I gave him the straight scoop. What happened? By the time it hit the local paper it was so twisted I could hardly recognize it. I paid more attention and in short time lost all respect for news collectors.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Read the article on Cindy McCain and come back and leave me a comment. I think it is a bunch of nothing. Just two newspaper hacks trying to make a headline in the closing days of an election. I'll probably get sued for calling them hacks, but you can't get blood from a stone.

Pray for the unborn.
Speak out for them.
They can't speak for themselves.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Good News Unborns win! The Job's not done yet!

The DOW is down, the bailout isn't working, and to quote a friend from Florida, "the Jaguars lost!" It's been a bad week! Personally I was against the "bailout" from the start. It is just a normal progression of life. The weak, those who got "ninja*" loans will most likely loose the home they couldn't afford to start with. The strong, those with good credit and some money in the bank, will feed on those who will be loosing the real estate. Who wins, the strong, who loses, the weak. It happens everyday in the animal kingdom and is a natural progression of life. The strong will survive. I am not unsympathetic to those who are going to suffer. I am a realist and understand the nature of things I can't change.

*NINJA: No income, no job, no assets

At my blog Mark 1:11, I posted a referral last week to come here for my political comments. If this is your first time reading my blog (some would consider you lucky) it is about Conservatism. Probably should have been named Conservative "Christian" Outrage but that's another story. On this blog I have written several political posts as to who and why I will vote the way I will vote. Clik here for my reasons. These same reasons are why I try to encourage everyone that is going to vote to vote my Conservative way. The important thing here is to vote!

There is plenty of good news out there if one just looks for it. The last time I heard on the news the home foreclosure rate was approximately 6%. Now referring to my first paragraph this is sad but necessary to cull the species, so to speak. HOWEVER, THAT MEANS 94% OF THE MORTGAGES ARE GETTING PAID ON TIME! Does that not count for something? Here is one really great news article I found on the web. Clik here to read how unborn children won the right to have their voices heard. Responsible people do care about the unborn and are speaking out! Clik here to read how the City of Hickory North Carolina will now allow Christians to engage in free speech without the threat of arrest.

Folks try looking for the GOOD in life and not the negative. It's a lot easier to smile than frown. Just try it you might find out I'm right.

Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Destruction of the embryo in the mother's womb is a violation of the right to live which God has bestowed upon this nascent life. To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but murder.

Read more about this famous Lutheran Pastor at:

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