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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Have We Lost Our Minds!

It's been a slow Sunday, a good one but none the less a slow one.  It reached 82 degrees (SUMMER TIME!!!)  here in the Midwest.  I planted some flowers and trimmed some shrubs.  I might be a little late on the shrubs but better late than never.  Since it was so warm I  decided to come into the house and sip on a soda pop.  That led to flipping on the boob tube.  That led to surfing and that led to The Huckabee Show.

Governor Huckabee took his act on the road this week and was being produced in the glitz city of Las Vegas, Nevada.  It took me about 10 minutes to pick up on the theme of the show.  Las Vegas had been chastised by barrack hussein obama during the early days of his anointment.  The governor of  Nevada was on and stated the remarks made by barrack hussein obama cost the state nearly 6 Billion dollars, that's Billion with a "B" in revenue.  Over 400 meetings were canceled and hundreds of people were laid off.

Now comes barrack hussein obama again and he has chastised the great State of Arizona on their enactment of an immigration law because the Federal Government won't enforce federal laws on the book.  Again barrack hussein obama's remarks have caused economic problems for the state of Arizona.  It is my firm belief if he had kept his mouth shut, something he seems to find impossible to do, there would not have been the fall-out by several other political hacks.  Even the mayor of Columbus, Ohio has said he will boycott Arizona.  Of course the mayor of Columbus is a MORON, to start with and had no intentions of going to Arizona anyway.

Isn't this the same person that made the comments that a Cambridge Police officer acted "stupidly"?  Isn't this the same person who's Attorney General hasn't read the Arizona law?  Isn't this the same person who's head of Homeland Security hasn't read the Arizona law?  Am I  getting to see a patten of "stupid say, stupid do"?

For the past year or so I have been having a running discussion with a lady at work.  She is black, in her 60's and openly campaigned for barrack hussein obama. She admits she voted for barrack hussein obama only because he was black and if elected would be the first black President.  She has told me in her estimation at least 50% of the black people voted for him because he was black, not because he was the best selection for the country.  When she told me last week I immediately became elated!  Yahoo, I finally won, I got her to admit I was right!  PTL!!!.  Then.........reality set in.  You mean to tell me 50% of the black population voted for a person because the color of this skin! My good G-d, where have we gone wrong?  Where have we dropped the ball?  Don't these people know it's not the color of a man's skin that makes him qualified for the most powerful man on planet Earth!

Has no one told them about how it took Black and White men to win the Revolutionary War,  and the War of 1812?  Do they not know about The Tuskegee Airmen?

The Tuskegee Airmen were dedicated, determined young men who enlisted to become America's first black military airmen, at a time when there were many people who thought that black men lacked intelligence, skill, courage and patriotism.*

They were all about this country and what was best for everyone who lived here.  How did General Colin Powell reach the height of Joint Chief of Staff for President Bush and President Clinton?  How did Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas secure a seat on the Supreme Court.  What of Condoleeaza Rice? Does the black population of America think she received the position of Secretary of State only because she was attractive and black? It wasn't because the color of their skin.  They put in years of education and hard work for the positions they were elevated to. How has this happened in the greatest country on Earth?

It is my personal opinion this goes all the way back to one person. One woman so intent on her beliefs and so tenacious that nothing would stop her.  Her one battle and her one win started this country down the road to anti religion, anti Christianity, anti common sense and anti thinking and using your own God given brain.  This woman was Madalyn Murray O'Hair.  You can say what you want but when this woman got prayer taken out of schools the moral fiber and work ethics started to go down hill.  Children no longer prayed, then they no longer said the Pledge, then the National Anthem went and graduation baccalaureate.  The schools have taken the easy way out and now refuse to fight any type of far out, left wing, nutcase that threatens them with a lawsuit.

What a sad, sad state of affairs we have gotten ourselves into.  I will close with one thought.  barrack hussein obama can criticized whom and who ever he wants. He can cause economic problems with the wag of his tongue.  So be it.





MightyMom said...

meet me in Vegas!!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

After visiting Arizona, I'll be at one of the craps tables in Vegas. See Ya there.

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