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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's been a year

It's been a year since I lost my lovely wife to the disease called Cancer.  Since then my Pastor's wife has been stricken, undergone Chemo and a mastectomy. My co-worker's father has been diagnosed with Leukemia, and an investigator I worked with at Jobs and Family has a sister that has been diagnosed.  My daughter's sister-in-law as recently as last month was told she has Cancer of the thyroid.

I have learned in this past year Cancer is the most vile word in the English language. I wonder why the greatest country on earth, a country that built the Panama Canal, whipped Polio, and put men on the moon cannot find a cure for this disease.  I have been told by Gretchen's Doctor that part of the reason a cure has not been found is because there are so many different strains of the disease.  I suppose that is true but for ones, such as myself who have lost loved ones, and for ones facing the process of perhaps months and years of fighting the disease, well, frankly it doesn't help much.

It was about this time last year we returned from our trip to Florida, visiting Key West and  St. Augustine.  She got to see her beloved ocean and the sunset on the Gulf of Mexico one last time. We made that trip several times and always had to watch the beauty of the sunset.  It was a tradition.  It was at Key West, one year, she made me walk up about eight million steps in the Key West Lighthouse.  I got about half way up and was ready to quit but, she had passed me and kept telling me to come on.  She had all ready made it to the top. She was telling me what a wonderful view it was.  By the time I made it up she had all ready walked around the  top and was ready to go down. She said the view was wonderful and it was when I got there. Now for those of you who read Mark 1:11, my other blog you know Jacob, our son, jumps out of perfectly good airplanes.  I,on the other hand, like my feet firmly planted on Terra firma.  If you get what I mean.

It's been a year of adjustments, tears, ups and downs.  I started a diary.  I found myself getting angry as I typed, a normal reaction I am told. Oh, I wasn't mad at her or God just mad at the situation that I had no control over.  They say getting made at your loved is a natural reaction but, personally I never have and don't suspect I ever will.  It wasn't her fault. I didn't need anger in my life so I gave it up. Our daughter is with child.  She would normally tell mom and then mom would tell me.  What our daughter didn't know but mom had guessed when she was pregnant and just waited on her to make it official so to speak.  I felt bad for Sarah she didn't have her mom to give the good news to.  I think that's kind of a woman thing.

I have learned much this first year as a bachelor.  I just can't seem to bring myself to say widower.  I don't think I ever will because I've grown to miss her body but not miss her spirit.  I know it doesn't make much sense but like Mel Gibson said in one of his movies, "it works for me"  I've found that is important do what works for me.  My cousin passed away on Valentine Day.  I called his wife a couple of weeks after the funeral and she talked and I tried to listen.  You can't take away the pain and so I just left her with the thought, do what works for you.  I hope I helped.  I'm going to call again to keep a check on her.  Maybe I can answer  a question or give her a shoulder to cry on.

I had many things to learn as some of you know because I asked you for some help. Bless you because you did. Mostly things that the average husband may not know if his wife was a traditional cooking, cleaning, raising the kids woman.  Gretchen was that and more.  I do have some issues with her. She never taught me how to make her meatloaf.  I've searched her cookbook for the recipe but have been unable to find it.  I am sure I would also be unable to duplicate it but, I'd like to try.  She got the recipe from my mom and I think that's one that is gone forever.  Darn, it made good sandwiches the next day.  Well, if I am good and God grants me the ticket up instead of the slide down maybe she'll fix it for me when I get there. Hmmm, I wonder.  Do Angels eat meatloaf?  I'm sure they eat Angel Food Cake, don't they?

On the lighter side and yes there has to be a lighter side or you would go insane.  I have done entirely stupid things and just looked up and said "I know that was dumb wasn't it"  I remember the look I would get.  Not a frown or smirk, just a little smile.  Kind of a curl around her lips and a twinkle in her eyes that would say "yes, it was dumb but, I'm not going to say that!"  I have discovered the toilet seat does actually go down if a man's hand touches it.  The bed doesn't make itself.  There are many, many more kitchen cooking tools than a knife, fork and spoon.  And, when they get dirty they don't automatically jump into the dishwasher and become clean.  The kitchen has caused me to have several conversations with her.  Mostly about what do I put in with this or that or, where is the whatchamacallit  you do this with.

I have learned George Foreman is not just a boxer but one heck of a good bachelor tool.  It smashes grilled cheese to the thickness of a dollar bill.  It works great on fish fillets though.  This is good as I like fish.  I found a great little gizmo at  a cooking utensil store that I can make 4 hamburger patties out of a pound of hamburger and freeze them in their own little quarter pound Tupperware container.  I've learned how to make banana pops for the grandchildren and how not to make a dish with egg whites granola and bacon.  Oh it tasted like cardboard but that's ok.  I'm learning.  Someday I plan on having people over for dinner and cook everything myself.  Of course it will be all very close friends that way if it turns out bad they won't hurt my feelings if the food cardboard.

Bottom line is I miss her a lot or as she would say "whole bunches and gobs".  I  know God had somebody with a boober that needed a nurse.  He called on the best to take care of it.  He called Gretchen.  I just hope she puts in a good word for me and when the time comes and God needs a good...investigator......cop.....or Jack of all Trades He might give me a looksee.  'Course we all know it's up to Him but,......well I sure do miss that meat loaf.

God bless you all who have been with me this past year.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

I love you Tiger, whole bunches and gobs 
Husband of Gretchen

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laying it on the Line

It is needless to say there is extreme discussion and debate over the passage of the "health care bill".  Whether you are for or against it the discussion goes on in the lunch rooms, in the cab, at church, and in the board rooms. Most of us just bit__, gripe and complain.  Very few of us call or write letters to those in charge giving our point of view. A very, very few post their name, face and a video on You Tube.  Here is a man, who if he was Spanish, it would be said he has cojones!  My friend and fellow blogger Most Reverend Gregori at Let the Truth be Known has done that.  I urge you to go watch this short but powerful video here.  This man is laying it all on the line for a cause he believes in. 

I haven't posted my thoughts on You Tube, have you?  I don't know how to post a video on You Tube. If  I did I wonder if I would. It does make me wonder about myself and how strong of a person I am.  It makes me wonder what I would do if this current administration really got out of hand.  I wonder if I would be strong enough to stand up and be counted.  The last time I believe the Nation got this upset over and issue more Americans died in a civil war than all the other wars together. I hope it doesn't come to that.  I pray it doesn't come to that.  One does have to consider the possibility though.  


I don't follow Ann Coulter very often so when I heard she was speaking in Canada I tuned in.  Apparently she didn't speak in Canada.  Canada has "hate speech" laws. Apparently she was advised of this by a high ranking government official.  The thought of being charge with a crime and the fact that it doesn't appear the Canadian government and college she was going to speak at didn't get over excited about provided adequate security caused her to cancel the speech.  Read more complete article here 
Just an added note.  If our health care is becoming like Canada are our morals and hate crimes going to be more like Canada's?  Will a person  be allowed to voice their own opinion?  Read who was allowed to speak in Canada in the article. It is amazing.

For the most gut-wrenching CONSERVATIVE OUTRAGE of the day, week, and possibly the year is the story of the 15 year old child who was allowed to and received help from her school to have her unborn child aborted.  It seems the mother of the child signed a consent form for the child to receive medical care at the school in the event of an emergency or routine examination for sports etc.  What the school did was make arrangements for the child to be excused from class, provide transportation to an abortion clinic and back again.  This is just unconscionable in my humble opinion. Not being a big fan of litigation I would suggest to the parents they sue everybody from the Board of Education on down to the janitor of the school personally, not professionally.  If you can stomach reading this story and the comments of the ABC new readers clik here.

Another added note to this story.  The school board issued this statement:

A spokeswoman for the Seattle School District, which includes Ballard High School, declined to comment and referred all questions to the King County Health Department, the administrator of school-based health programs.

Folks, you have to take responsibility for your actions sometime. The Seattle School District's attempt to push this to the King County Health Department shows the lack of character on the part of the school board.  If you are disturbed by the action of this school board and the school you may contact members at this web site. Clik here. I would make a personal plea for you to forward this to all your friends and followers.  If this activity is allowed to go unpunished it could and will spread like wildfire though out all of our public schools.

God Bless America and have mercy on us.


Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day America Died

Sunday December 7,1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt  said is "a date that will live in infamy". Today, March 21,2010 under the leadership of the most Progressive Demoncratic President, ruthless pro-abortion urders the House of Representatives and the US Senate have committed a most grievous act. History will bear out,  the beginning of the end for the greatest country that this world has known. With the passage of a 2000 plus page bill that controls one sixth of the US economy this Demoncratically controlled Congress will allow the murder not only of the unborn but the with holding of medicines and services to the  poor and the elderly. This bill will cut Medicare by $500,000,000. It will grant special privileges to states like Nebraska, Florida, Connecticut and other special favors to any and all that supported this legislation.

This legislation will force states to provide health-care  to nearly 16 million more patients. That in itself does not sound like a bad thing. However, many states are all ready strapped with unsustainable health-care budgets now.  Bankrupting the states will only bring the demise of this county on sooner.  The truly sad part of this situation is it is NOT all inclusive and never will be.  Soon down the road if this country survives Barack Hussein Obama will do a magic dance and take over more of this once great nation's economy.  

May we all pray for the unborn as the Bart Stupak gang capitulated and gone over to the side of the most pro-abortion President to draw a breath.  Stupak and his gang have signed the death warrant for the unborn  and now the unborn, no matter how you frame it will be murdered by taxpayer monies.  Waving a promise, not to pay (for abortions) from the President,Stupak has given the go ahead for more murdering of the unborn. An Executive Order by the president does not override laws passed by Congress.  Representative Stupak knows that yet is applauding the President for issuing a bogus Executive Order not allowing Federal funds for abortion. Clik here. Just a few brief comments on this bogus and cowardly act by Stupak:

Representative Chris Smith, a longtime Republican opponent of abortion, called the order a "trick" and said the bill included a "congressional mandated tax to support abortion."
"Unborn children and mothers will be killed by abortion in larger numbers as a direct result of this legislation, should it be enacted into law," Smith said at a briefing with other Republicans.

"An executive order issued by the president is not worth the paper it is printed on," said Republican Representative Jean Schmidt. "It can be rescinded in the blink of an eye."
May G-d have mercy on their souls.

Like John Paul Jones the fight is not, repeat, not over.  The Heritage Foundation clik here along with up to 38 states have vowed to fight this bill through the courts. Senator Orin Hatch has  pointed out discrepancies in the bill that will be challenged with the Parliamentarian.  Never in the history of this country has the Congress, controlled by one party been so blatantly self centered when it comes to the will of the people. The socialist demoncrats and the socialist President may have won this round however, the fight is not over.

I call on my fellow bloggers, readers and followers to post and track all the demoncrats that voted for this bill.  Follow this demoncrats right up to the fall elections and campaign against them.  If your Representative voted against this find a Representative close to you and target them for ouster.  This bill can be resended if enough Conservatives are elected in the November elections.  Fight and fight we must!

God save America


Monday, March 15, 2010

The Health Care Cramdown is On

You don't need me to tell you the push to get Obamacare passed is on.  You can't pick up a newspaper, turn on a radio, or clik the boob tube without getting a minute to minute update.  Therefore to wit and because of, I am only going to say go to and check for you reps.  Call them and tell them to Kill the Bill!

What's going on in this world when alledged religious leaders start ragging on TV talk show hosts?  Pardon me but aren't they suppose to be taking care of our spiritual needs.  Aren't we suppose to take care of our worldly needs.  I thought we were.  So what's up with the head of the Sojourners, Reverend (?) Jim Wallis taking on Conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck?  I'll be the first to admit I don't know quack about the Sojourners or Reverend (?) Jim Wallis.  As a matter of fact I don't know a lot about Glenn Beck.  He has a radio show and a TV show and appears to be lock step Conservative. But, I hear he careful.....but, but....he's a....a  Morman!  OMGoodness!  What the H E double hockey sticks has that got to do with his political views.  Rumor has it that President John Kennedy was a Catholic!  I am sure there was a Methodist president and goodness gracious maybe even a Lutheran one.  Oh yes,  Jimmy Carter was a Baptist, I think.  That didn't hurt his Presidency.  Only Jimmy hurt his Presidency but, that's another story.

So Beck is taking on the liberal Christian Churches.  Well I say, Jolly good mate.  It's about time!  I can speak from one who has been there and done that.  As a life long Lutheran, ELCA, kind I along with my wife left the Lutheran church two years ago.  We simply got tired of the pulpit being used to push the liberal agenda.  The Lutheran church is hemorrhaging members and member churches at a rate that if not stopped will all but disappear in the next 20 years.  As recently as last year they lost 200 churches with their stance on homosexual pastors in the church.  But it's not all about homosexual (mis)behavior.  It's also about immigration, and health care.  I don't know much about the rest of the Christian Churches but if that is the way they are going.  I say go Glenn, go.

Not knowing much about Sojourners I did what every good blogger does.  GOOGLE!  I went to their web site and read what they said about themselves.  Several things troubled me.  Here is just one of several.


Our mission is to articulate the biblical call to social justice, inspiring hope and building a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the world.

Now here again, not being a Bible scholar I am going out a limb but I don't ever recall reading or hearing Jesus preach on "social justice"  The first thing that comes to my capitalistic mind is something that say, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God, that which is God's."  There is also a parable about a farmer who paid everyone who worked for him whether all day or an hour the same wage.  I believe the idea was it was the farmers money and he could do as he wished with it.  That meant paying the same amount of money for different hours worked.

Confront and dismantle discriminatory behavior wherever it may be manifest—whether individually or organizationally—by creating and maintaining policies and practices that foster right relationships among our staff.

The words "Confront and dismantle"  are a little troubling to me when and where ever they are used.  A I don't like confrontation, period.  I like discussion.  Dismantle to me means to take something apart.  Only thing wrong with that is when you try to put it back together there's always a piece or 2 missing.  If you want to discuss with me my behavior let's do it.  If you want to dismantle it, I strongly suggest you bring a lunch box and band aids 'cause it most likely may get physical!

Continually seek personal, organizational, and social transformation, guided by scripture, humbly listening to those marginalized by society's past and present patterns of discrimination.

Social transformation. Now what does that mean?  I am going to call on one of my followers, MRG, to try to explain that to me.  Again, I don't find "social transformation" in the Bible.  I am not educated there and will ask MRG, who is,  to perhaps comment on it.

With that said I invite you to read about the Sojourners at "their" web site.  
I also invite you to read about Glenn Beck at his web site,.


Friday, March 12, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Barber Shop

Does anybody know what is going on in Congress today.  There are so many different stories coming out of Washington I think I'm going back to bed.  Nah, I can't do that it's almost 1400 hours (2PM for those of you in Loma Linda). Now where was I?  OH YA!   A funny thing happened....... Actually it wasn't funny but I felt it was unusual.  I stopped at my local donut shop for a bagel and coffee as I have been known to do.  For quite some time I have had a Veterans sticker on my car.  This morning as I was getting into my car a gentleman about 50 stopped me and said, "I would just like to shake your hand and say thank you for your service."  Now, as I said that sticker has been there for a number of years.  This was the first time that every happened.  I thanked the gentleman told him I would pass it on to my son who is currently serving in Haiti.  He replied, please do, they need all the support they can get.  This country is still alive! The media just doesn't know it!

I just love Ohio politics!  Just like a pit bull they never seem to quite.  Take this article from the Columbus Rag (Dispatch).  Four hundred million of stimulus money to restore passenger rail service between Cleveland and Cincinnati.  Now about a hundred years or so I used to work for a company who's attorney was a big Democrat.  He was anointed 3 times as a judge and never got elected when he had to run on his merits.  During the course of working with him I learned he had been doing some outside work trying to get, guess what?  Passenger rail service from........Cincinnati to...........c'mon  guess.........Cleveland.  Right!!  Go to the head of your class.  Actually that was in 1995 when we worked together.  Here we are 15 years later and what are the Democrats trying to do.  Spend $400 million on a passenger rail system.  That's stimulating for sure.  It stimulate my blood pressure to about 200 over 200!

Well I got 2 things for ya.
Number 1.  No body in their right mind wants to go to Cleveland.  Lot's of folks leaving but not going. Last one out please turn off the lights.  Thanks

Number 2.  Quite spending my tax money on something only Joe Biden wants.  If the passenger rail service was a good idea and a profitable one, I might add, some company would have put up the money a long time ago.  This is just another government rat hole for tax dollars.  Oh please say it ain't true!  $400 million ...$400 million.......$400 million aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhh! 

Getting more local than a train system is the article in the Columbus Rag (Dispatch) telling about the "combat pay" for teachers.  Now this, as my daddy used to say goes from the ridiculous to the sublime.  Columbus Ohio is not known for its flying high graduate rate.  Columbus Ohio is known only for the Ohio State University and football.  It seems Champion Middle School, population of about 240 students if memory serves me correctly is having a little teacher recruitment problem.  This school has been in academic failure for the past 5 years.  In other words the state has given the school an "F".  So now with money so tight Columbus Public Schools are going to fork over another $4000 dollars to teachers all ready earning an average of $68K plus to teach where no man/woman wants to go.  So I don't have to retype it read that last sentence again.  Columbus has a population of 500K.  Surely you could distribute these children to better schools and do something logical.  like.......say.....hmmmm ....CLOSE THE SCHOOL DOWN!!!!!!. Oh please, say it ain't so.     please say it ain't so...Clik here

I would also like to make a plea for my readers to forward this post and this address to their followers.  Dick Morris has published a list of the swing vote representatives on his web site.  You can access it here. I am urging you to call any one of these that might be in your state.  If not in your state pick a couple according to your birthday.  Born in June call number  6 on the list.  Born in January call number 1.  That way the top of the list won't receive all the calls.  Urge them to JUST SAY NO TO OBAMACARE!!!.   Thanks.

Mourning this day for one of the greatest football players ever to play the game.  We must now add late to the Great Merlin Olsen.  May he rest in Peace.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Take This Reg and Shove It!

I just love the World Net Daily.  It has articles that never make it to Fox News, CNN, msnbc, and other "main stream media".  You have heard some radio/TV talk show host rant lately about Health Care, Cap and Tax, Immigration, and unemployment.  What you haven't heard it how the STATES, that's right, the STATES are telling the Federal Government to take their Firearm Regulations and shove it.  They have a great article on the states that have basically told the Feds not to worry about weapons and ammunition made within their state borders.  They, the state, will regulate it and the Feds need not apply.  So far only three states have passed this type of law however, well over half of the states have introduced bills supporting in the state firearm regulations.

World Net Daily has a wonderful color map showing the who and what of this movement.  Go here and check out what your state is doing and fire someone up if your state is dragging their feet.

I have to take a moment here to pat myself on the back.  Several months ago, December 29,2009 to be exact, with a lot of help from my good friend and fellow blogger Most Rev. Gregori at LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN   we wrote a post about the German outrage know at Kristallnacht.  Today on the Glenn Beck Show Glenn Beck used it.  Why do I pat myself and MRG on the back.  Because we prove that bloggers are light years ahead of major news networks.  A hearty ATTA BOY to MRG for his hard work on the post.

While I was in Fayville a couple of weeks ago I picked up a free newspaper with the name of CIVITAS Capitol Connection.  The headline was Legislature Slashes Sentences for Murderers and Rapists.  Now having worn the uniform of a Police Officer for a few years I found this interesting reading.  In a nut shell, North Carolina Senate Bill 488 Established Proportionate Sentence Lengths.  This is interesting because the State of North Carolina all ready has established sentencing.  What SB 488 does is create another bureaucratic step in the process that is shortening current sentences.  Thereby allowing murders and rapists and others out of prison in less time than the judge sentenced them.

By doing this, according to the North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission the need for prison beds will be reduced by 244 in the next 2 years.  WOW!  By 2020 that number goes to 2000 beds.  Makes me want to move to North Carolina.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention the 13 million dollars it with save the state in 2011.  I am sure the residents of North Carolina feel good about that!

Going out on a limb here about General Colin Powell.  A man I had great respect one time.  A small article gleaned from the USA Today February 22,2009 reports General Powell supports the Obama administration when it comes to National Security.  He states, "Terrorists are out there. They're trying to get through.."  He further rejects former Vice President Cheney's view that the country is less safe because of the Obama administrations National Security issues.  General Powell did say he was "surprised" by the lack of coordination among federal agencies.  General Powell continues to back President Obama  while criticizing him.  General Powell, who calls himself a Republican, supported Senator Obama for the Presidency and continues to support him.  Apparently General Powell has hung up his American stars and picked up his new black stars.

One more for the road and this is a dusey (is that a word?).  What rock has this woman been hiding under?  Perhaps I should say, what rock did Obama turn over to find this woman? Dawn Johnsen is the name nut case appears to be the game.  She was just passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee to head up the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. According to the story at Life this radical, left wing, nutcase has suggested carrying a baby to full term is in violation of the 13th Amendment.  The 13th Amendment is the Amendment concerning Involuntary Servitude. With the exception of rape and incest doesn't the woman bare some responsibility in her pregnancy, or is  that just a guy thought?

To her credit she does have certain Obama qualities.  She apparently doesn't like the Catholic Church and tried to have it Tax Exempt status removed.  She certainly knows a lot about abortion since she was the legal director of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) from 1988-1993. Too bad her mother didn't accept the option of abortion.  If you can stomach it read the complete article here.

EDITED 03/12/10

Just a note regarding the North Carolina section in this post.  It is being reported on FOX News that the State of North Carolina is withholding payment of state tax refunds for an unknown period of time.  Don't count on your tax refund to buy a new security system for your home.  Buy a shotgun instead and save the State of North Carolina even more prison space.  Burial plots are much cheaper!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm baaaccccckkkkkk!

Yes, you lucky people who follow this blog, and only the good Lord knows why.  I am back!  AND, I am raring to go with some great Conservative Outrage and news!!!  Enough all ready about  me although I am worthy of talking about.

One only has to look at the USA Today for startleing  Conservative Outrage.  The headline reads:
     "Slowly, limits on POT are fading".  I would say, "Conservative Morals go up in smoke".  Perhaps a better headlines would be "Country goes to POT"!

Back in the day when I was on the Police Dept. possessing  a "joint" was grounds for going to jail and more being ostracized by the community.  Now, I would imagine it would be nearly impossible to find people who haven't tried dope.  Why do you think they call it "dope"  Duh.  This just goes along with our great country becoming fat and soft.  As we sit at our desks and type on our blogs we come up with great ideas to make "us" feel better.   Read the complete article here.

Being "gay" comes to mind.  It takes away  "homosexual" which sounds so... so... harsh.  Being "gay" sounds so much more acceptable.   My personal favorite is "lethal injection".  What a swell way to say KILL A HUMAN BEING, because the government said it's the right thing to do.  Yes, I have heard all the arguments  pro and con about the death penalty.  Given that I am still against it.  It's like abortion, you can't correct a mistake.  I do believe in "incarcerated for the rest of your natural born days" DNA testing has proven too many persons have gone to jail for crimes they haven't committed.  They can be released from prison and but NOT from the grave!  Our judicial system is based on the idea that better 11 guilty men go free than one innocent man goes to prison.  In my ever so humble opinion it should remain  that way!!

Now from the ridiculous to the sublime.  Liberal/Democrat representative, Ann Kirkpatrick, from the state that fathered the outrageous and psyco Harry, the Hun, Reid, is calling for representative to take a whopping 5% pay cut.  All I can say is WAY TO GO ANNIE!.  Praise the Lord and thank  you your gracious ladyship.  Did you hear that folks, 5%!!!!.  Well I guess there goes the National debt down the drain.  Bring on the TRILLION $$$$$ health care bill.  It's paid for!  Ladies of my audience please forgive my next remark!  You stupid broad!  How dumb do you think the American public is!!  A 5% pay cut is $8700 of your base salary if my grade school math is correct.  You just gave yourself a $5000 pay raise last year! Who in the Hell do you think you are fooling.  You must be in deep sh__, in your congressional district that's all I can say.  Let me continue the math.  Here we go, $8700 divided by 52 months  is $167.30 per week.  Do you really think that is a significant pay reduction for a 20% approval rating.  How would you like the surgeon doing Nancy Pelosi's botox to have a 20% success rating!   You should be working for FREE!  Please representative Kirkpatrick do not insult the intelligence of middle America.  You just Pis__ us off!!!
For the complete Bull Crap story go here!  

And finally from my home state, the great State of Ohio we have the dumbest move on the part of our penal system.  Seems we have this moron on death row ready to be EXECUTED, by lethal injection.  Someone gives him some DRUGS.  Why and for what who knows, and this moron who is scheduled to be EXECUTED today by lethal injection decides to OVERDOSE.  Duh on him.   But wait, just like the commercial, there's much, much more.  Our prison guards/officials transport him to a local hospital to......yep, you guessed SAVE HIS LIFE!!!  What in the H E  double hockey sticks where these people thinking.  Oh, that's right they weren't!  Who is dumber, the con or the state?  Fortunately the medical team at the hospital saved this man's he could be EXECUTED!  Now he is back in prison and thank goodness under sewer side watch.  And that is where this story should be in the sewer.  For the most ridiculous story of the day, if you can bare to read it, go here!

OK, I'm through now.  I'm back and I'm just getting started. 

Have a good night folks,


Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Destruction of the embryo in the mother's womb is a violation of the right to live which God has bestowed upon this nascent life. To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but murder.

Read more about this famous Lutheran Pastor at:

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