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Friday, July 31, 2009

Here a CZAR, There a CZAR, Everywhere a CZAR CZAR

Anybody reading my posts have got to know I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. However, I was thinking about this before it was reported on several radio talk shows and now TV. I'm talking about the circumventing of the Constitution, the lack of the elected Congressional members to review it, and the possible outcome. Neglected by the national news programs and far left blogs is nothing more than eventual complete control under President Obama.

The Constitution was created exactly to keep control of the country from coming under one person, ie; a King. President Obama's creation of so many CZARS over his cabinet members has quietly transferred power from the Constitution's intended purpose. The Congress, to the best of my knowledge, is the approving power of the Cabinet. It appears that they have NO power over the employment of the CZARS. Either they have no power or with this Congress, no desire. What ever the reason the majority of this Congress needs to be voted out of office this year!

Clik here to see a list of the CZARS this President has appointed and the positions they hold over Constitutionally appointed Cabinet Department heads. Every Cabinet Department head reports directly to someone who has not been investigated and only a few know their true allegiance. These CZARS report only to the President or his right (left) hand guy, White House Chief of Staff Raul Emmanuel. Since these CZARS report to only Emmanuel or the President what is to stop them from trying a South American style takeover. They didn't think it could happen in Germany, they didn't think it would happen in Cuba, they didn't think it could happen in Venezuela. Ask President, Hugo Chavez. He controls the the government after carefully crafting a step by step takeover of Venezuela. I fear this plan was in the book given to President Obama and more fearful that the President actually read it!

It's time to take notice people. It's time to stand up people. It's time to grab the torches and pitchforks, go up the path to the evil castle and wrestle the control of this country back to the people. Call your Congressman or Senator NOW!!!


Spitfire said...

Oh thank you Pops! I thought I was the only one to notice Mr. Idiot in Charge was appointing an awful lot of folks that don't answer to anyone but his kingship. The smells from DC are getting stinkier by the minute.

And when I read that abomination of a healthcare trash from the House, my red hair stood straight up on end. (I may never get it laying back down!)There's a real fight brewing and those idiots in DC don't even realize it. Sheez!

I'm so disgusted and angry I could spit!!!! I may even spit fire!!!!! Ok, so now that I've lightened up a little and made a joke, things will be OK. I know Papa is still in control. But I don't have to like what those unpatriotic, unethical loons are doing to our country.

Have a blessed Shabbat Sweetie. I'll say an extra prayer for ya this weekend. Shalom.

Adrienne said...

Obama promised to "transform America" and he's well on his way. This puppet is having his strings pulled and the sheeple of this country are just bobbing right along.

We can be thankful we won't be around to see the worst of it...

ABNPOPPA said...


Thank you for the comment. A belated Shabbat to you. All prayers are graciously accepted.

Adrienne, Don't let the MORON wear you down! 'sides we're gonna get rid of him in 2012 if he hasn't become America's first Dictator by then. Personally, I'm gonna outlive the bast__. Just so I can do something derogatory to his grave. Yes, I know, not very Christian, G-d, forgive me.


MightyMom said...

well I ain't gonna be gone....I'm gonna be paying for this SOB's crap.

and yes, he's definitely setting up a kingship in direct opposition to our Dec of Independence...our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

he's such a shithead.

Adrienne said...

MM - there you go bragging again 'cause you're younger then us.

Shithead?? Now what kind of language is that for a good Catholic girl? I have some waaaaaaay better names anyway....

Adrienne said...

Pops - taking at least a one day breather every week is helping. When I go 7 days I get really depressed...

ABNPOPPA said...


Do you think we should censor MM for her language? It's not nice to call the Messiah a shi___d! Even if he is one. I prefer MORON myself. I think it's much more in tune with his mental capacity.


MightyMom said...

how about poopforbrains?


and Adrienne...I'm married to a SUBMARINE SAILOR...aganger no less. I know me some WORDS!!! (and if I don't I can always ask hubby!)

Anne Rettenberg LCSW said...

President Bush attempted to consolidate power in the Executive Branch. This has been written about extensively. He and Dick Cheney got lawyers to write memos coming up with excuses to evade the Constitution. I believe whole books have been written about this. Barack Obama hasn't undone the damage Bush did and this is unfortunate, but maybe he will do more to undo the Bush attempt at dictatorship as time goes on.

Anne Rettenberg LCSW said...

just stumbled on this 2006 essay from the New York Review of Books; it might be worth reading:

Anne Rettenberg LCSW said...

Here's a book written by someone from the Brookings Institution:

you can find more books on the subject on

ABNPOPPA said...

Elizabeth, Getting late for a Seasoned Citizen and 4AM comes early. I will get back to you on this. Really am glad to see you safely back and on my blog. I am of course making an educated guess you are back.

Til' tomorrow.



I'll deal with your potty mouth later! LOL LOL LOL Don't forget I was married to nurse for 32 years and they don't need to borrow words from an Aganger. They know most of them anyway.


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