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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Support Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin

Support Governor John Kasich of Ohio

For the teachers of these states and others please don't teach my grandchildren.  It's obvious you care more about $$$$$$$ than education. 



Louis de Pitera said...

That's it! Take the rights away from the people. I think we should have a dictatorship. Why should teachers have the right to organize or bagain? I thought that was the American way but I guess I was wrong. Police state, here we come. By the way,I think you should give up 10% of your wages, you know, the same as teachers. It's only fair....

Subvet said...

Actually the teachers in Wi. have only been contributing 5% of their pay towards their healthcare while the rest of the state contributes over 20% (on the average).

Cry me a river.

ABNPOPPA said...

Thank you both for commenting. Louis, as Subvet says they don't pay their fair share now. I paid mine and so have many others. The only dictator state I see is the one BHO is trying to set up. Besides, I thought you liberals were ok with re-distribution of the wealth. Rich teachers, give it to poor retires.

That ought to cover it.

Have a nice day!


Louis de Pitera said...

Who says teachers don't pay their fair share?? I don't know one rich teacher and I was married to one for fifteen year.

Subvet said...

You may need to get out more often.

ABNPOPPA said...


I will presume you are telling Louis HE, needs to get out more. It's too damn cold in Ohio to get out!

Subvet said...

Pops, thats affirmative. He sounds like a nice guy who has unfortunately led a very sheltered existence.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Why is it that since government workers work for us, they feel that they deserve more then we mere peons?

In the past, I belonged to two different unions, and I can honestly say that I had absolutely no respect for them due to the way they treated the rank and file and the employers, and every time they did us favor by getting us raise, our taxes went up and so did our union dues. in the end, most of us took home less then before we got the raise.

The unions were nothing but communist fronts, just like the Democrat Party is today.

Jeff-for-progress said...

"The unions were nothing but communist fronts, just like the Democratic Party is today."

Oh My! Sounds like my old JBS girlfriend, smart girl, but let us say a little nutty. Something like Beck who thinks that liberals are really National Socialists. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

i aLso consideR mYselF a 'peon'
i worked 40 yearS iN a closed shoP thanKs to the DeM's & unionS==
before 'TheY tooK oVer ouR benefiTs weRe jusT aS goood iF noT better...
aNd one oTheR thinG.."Fair ShaRe" waS whaT the unioNs caLLeD iT iF a Person did NOT waNT to bE iN thE unioN...They stiLL HAD TO paY a portioN oF the uNioN dueS===BUT did noT geT ANY RepresentaTioN==
YeS i aM biTTeR... i feeL thiS represenTs TYRANNY....
StaTe Employee froM CA.

ABNPOPPA said...


Thank you for stopping by and commenting. We at Conservative Outrage appreciate good discussion and a difference in a civil tone of course.
Please stop by again and comment in the future and why not become a follower.

It appears you may have had a union typing teacher also.


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