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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Can It Happen Here!

Thanks to a good Physical Therapist and a little hard work on my part I am able to take my arm out of my compound sling and type.  It's a good thing too!  For the past week I have been sidelined by this surgery and unable to post and frankly it was causing me great distress. That's the good/bad news. Being unable to post it gave me time to absorb and digest all that has been going on in the middle east.  Of course Egypt is tantamount in every one's mind BUT, take this one step farther.  Can this type of revolution happen in the Untied States?

Look at the totality of the situation in Egypt.  A country of 80+million, mostly Muslim. According to the IMF, International Monetary Fund the Egyptian unemployment rate is 9.2% for 2010.* Lower than that of the United States until this mornings somewhat suspicious 9% number was reported.  I discount the average income as $2.00 per week as the price of gas is $.35/liter, average electric bill is $55.00/monthly and a bus pass is $.27/one way local.  The average net salary is $267 per month.**

Admittedly I don't have all the figures Ambassador John Bolton may have at his command.  The question remains.Can this happen here!  There have been supportive demonstrations in several major US cities this past week.  Now CNN is reporting other anti US government organizations are holding rallies not in support of Egypt but to start to fuel the fire in The United States.

A country that has been a dictatorship (?) but relatively stable for the past 30 years is set off by no more than 250,000 people.  That is the most I have heard reported on both left and right wing TV stations.  The call for the million man march failed to produce any more than the original 250K, again out of a country with an 80M+ population.  Have I missed something in my morning physical therapy sessions?  I don't believe so. 

So, what caused the problem.  Are you telling me one afternoon 250,000 Egyptian people were all sitting around the diner table and decided to riot in the streets the next day?  Who, is and was responsible for this?  Are you telling me all these printed sign in English and Arabic just appeared?  Who, is and was responsible for this?  It appears to me all the major networks including FOX and MSNBC are missing something.  Call me crazy but I think it's a fair question.  

This morning, Saturday,  February 5, the news is talking about the domino effect.  Unrest in other countries next to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia,  and the Sudan.  Our own President is calling for the removal of President Mubarak.  Yet he and his cronies work diligently to replace the very democratic government we live under with a Socialistic/Marxist government that he leads with a few of his elite.  Where is this coming from?  Where is this going to?  I fear not for myself but, for my children and grand children. 

Now the Obama administration is pointing fingers at the Intelligence Community, specifically the  Central Intelligence Agency blaming them for the lack of adequate intelligence.  Supported by Diana Feinstein and others in questioning yesterday of CIA officials.  However it was quickly pointed out by Stephanie O'Sullivan, of the CIA, the administration was notified in late 2010 of the unrest in Egypt.  It's the Obama blame game all over again. clik here

More to come as the crisis continues and the questions go unanswered.


Other headlines in the news are "Hundreds March in the Jordan" Clik here 
Who says money can't buy  power. clik here.




Adrienne said...

OMGosh - we were just talking about you and your surgery not 30 minutes ago at the breakfast table. So glad you're getting better.

As for what you've said about Egypt? That too is exactly what is being said around our house.

There is much dirty stuff going on in the background and the end result of this whole thing will be very bad for the USA.

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope it was good talk about me at the table. I am very glad to see someone other than myself has this concern. Enjoy the service tomorrow. and

God Bless,

Most Rev. Gregori said...

YES, it can happen here and, as much as I hate to say so, it probably will, but I think you will see it start over in Europe first and once they have brought down France, England, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Holland, etc., they will start here, unless our elected officials wake up and pull their heads out of their butts.

Glad you are doing better.

Spitfire said...

Pops, Honey go back and read Daniel and Ezekiel. What we are seeing appears to be the nations lining up...and while I don't believe there will be a 'rapture', I DO believe we're going into a rough patch of time. Perhaps we'll hear a shofar blast soon. We can hope. In the meantime, I'm thrilled your able to type and share with us. Been having trouble getting into my account, and busier than I can relate. It IS tax season. Grin. Hope to post tonight quickly. Hugs to you my sweet friend. Shalom.

ABNPOPPA said...

Good Evening to you all and thanks for commenting. I am praying that this doesn't happen here to this great country but fear it. We can avert this type of disaster if, like MRG says, the politicians get....ah on the right track.

Spitfire, always the faithful. I will go and read Daniel and Ezekiel during my bouts of physical therapy. Maybe it will help with the PT also. Enjoy the tax season.


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