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Monday, February 7, 2011


My dad was known for having an old saying for just about everything.  Growing up, oh my, I hated it.  Do something wrong and he wouldn't criticize he would just respond with  an old saying.  Do something right, the old saying was accompanied with a pat on the back.  It encouraged you to do more right things than wrong.  As most of us know the older we get the wiser our parents get.  Funny how that works out.  Reminds me of the time my son, Jacob, came home after basic training and told me how smart I had gotten in 3 short months.  I believe I told that to my dad too!

Anyway, a couple of old sayings popped into pop's head after hearing a story on FOX news about an Imam that had been captured after crossing the Mexican/United States border last month.  Usually I hammer the Obama people for the total and complete lack of border security.  I surely don't want to forget Jannie, the borders better today than before, Napolitano but.....I gotta throw the hammer at President George W also.  None of these people have done anything but talk, talk, talk, about border security.  To me that is very disturbing.  Check out this article about the Imam and how he made it into the US of A.  Clik here.  For more information about this controversial Imam clik here.  Drug smugglers are one thing but radical Imam clerics are entirely something else in my book.

Oh yes, the sayings, one was as my father would have put it, "for God's sake boy do something even if it's wrong"!  The second one that came to mind went something like this, "do something boy, lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way"!  My father wasn't a bashful kind of man as you may have come to guess.  On occasion my mother would just cringe and quietly advise me not to do some of the things "your father does".  Although at the time she probably thought that was good advice I am sure she would say now she is glad my father set a good example for me.

In October of  2006 President Bush signed "The Border Security Act".*  It was to authorize the building of 700 miles of security fence on our southern border. This was just a political move to try and appease those living in the southwest and those who support law and order in the country.  It was a joke then and is now.  Mathematically the 700 miles of fence fails to cover half of the 2000 + mile Mexican/US border.  Walk to the end of the fence and go around.  According to Senator John McCain's Presidential campaign ad only 500 miles of the fence has been constructed and that is spotty.  Complete the damn fence John or get out of the way of someone who will.  Come to think of it.  Perhaps Congress and the Senate ought to build the danged fence.  At least they would be doing something for their pay.  They sure aren't now!

President Obama's plan to send 1200 troops to the border is just as weak!**  Do the math Barack, 2000 miles of border, 1200 troops, 24 hours in a day,  hmmm, doesn't seem to look like much to me.  Then again, I'm just an old country boy who learned simple math in a public school when public schools actually TAUGHT children to do math.  Two plus two in my book still comes up four although my concept may be wrong. 

So folks where do we go from here ? I think I may have an answer.  I do believe middle  America has just about had it with politicians and the Mary do gooders and the John McCains up to their necks.  This has been represented by the Tea Parties, the last elections, the states suing the Feds over Obamacare and also in the decline of unions. Joe and Janet Citizen are standing up and making noise or as my father would say, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease boy".  First Obamacare and now Congressman Ed Royce is proposing a bill much like the Arizona Immigration law in the House of Representatives.  The somewhat startling news is he may have enough votes to get it to the Senate.  Let's hope he does and let's see what the 100 prima donnas in the Senate have to say about illegal immigration.  Now if we can just get that danged fence, all 2000+ miles of it built!


**Obama's border buildup clik here
*Bush's border buildup  clik here


Subvet said...

Just my opinion but the only fence worth building must be at least ten feet high, topped with concertina wire and have the perimeters on both sides mined for a distance of 50 yards.

Living as I do in a border state, I'm a wee bit apprehensive about how the drug cartels are spilling over into our own land. Thank the Lord for the 2nd Amendment, we may have need of it before this is settled.

Anonymous said...


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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, my dad also was full of sayings,but they were a bit colorful. If my father was alive today, his proclamation of Obama would be: "He just s#%t in bed and pushed it down with his feet."

My father very rarely meted out punishment, he left that up to my mother. If I did something wrong, he would tell me: "Boy, go show your mother were the bear s#%t in the woods." My mother would then reply: "What did he do now?"

Glad you are doing much better.

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks for stopping by folks. And David, it's about time you read my blog even if it's about S AND S!


AirmanMom said...

hugs to you Pops.....

ABNPOPPA said...

And to you AM!


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