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Friday, February 11, 2011

Let Me Get This Straight!

We take an ally of 30 years, understanding it is  a dictatorship and risk tossing  it to an organization like the Muslim Brotherhood.  You can learn more about the Muslim Brotherhood by cliking here.   Not saying all I really need to know about the MB is the alleged  mastermind of the 9-11 was a member.  MB is also linked to Al qeada and Hezbolla, but that's a good start!

Again, I bring to mind and hopefully to your understanding the people protesting in Tahrir Square are only a minuscule percentage of the Egyptian population.  Even the reported 500K protester is a drop in the bucket to the 80+million population of Egypt.  I again ask, who made up the signs preprinted in English. Who supplied the “bullhorns” for the leaders in Tahrir Square.  How did a reportedly “American” organization such as Code Pink become involved in this protest  Seems to me maybe some Federal Government organization needs to be looking into Code Pink.  One must ask what is in it for Code Pink?  Why are they protesting there?


Dictator Mubarak hands over power to the military.  Was there any pressure from any other country other than the US White House for him to step down.  Was Canada, Britain, Germany, Spain or any country as vocal as our White House?  It is all ready being predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood is the best organized “faction” in Egypt.  Is there any doubt the MB will soon be in control of Egypt? What country in the Middle East will fall next? Is there any doubt that the so called democracy called for by the Egyptians will now be a puppet theocracy controlled by MB?  NOW, is there any doubt in anybodies  mind that barrack hussein obama is completely immersed in the destruction of democracy and freedom throughout the world.

Remember this! This community organizer is doing just what he was trained for by Reverend Wright and the socialist bombers of the sixties and I might add probably his father who was Muslim.  This is a man who bowed to heads of all the socialist, communist, and Stalinist and Muslim countries and.  This is the man who gave an MP 3 player to our stanches ally, Great Britain.  This is the man who refused to meet with the head of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.  There can be no doubt this man, barrack hussein obama is the absolute worst thing to happen to the United States of America.  His regime surpasses the Black Plague struck Europe as a destructive power

.  All ready the signs of “Death to America” are popping up all over the world.  If there ever was a need for some head of state to be thrown out of office it is HERE!  It is NOW!  IMPEACH barrack hussein obama!  Do it before we are all forced to go to the mosque and shout Alla Akbar!



Most Rev. Gregori said...


I don't know just how true the report was, but about a week ago I read on "World NET Daily", and in a couple of other sources, that the Obama administration was holding secret talks in Cairo with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and others concerning the overthrow of Mubarak. These meetings were supposedly held two years ago, long before the riots.

I just posted a video on my blog titled: "A WARNING TO AMERICA". In the video I pose the question, is Obama and his administration setting us up for a collapse of our government? I believe he is and I believe he is planing on the Muslim Brotherhood taking over here.

I lay out my reasons for believing as I do.

ABNPOPPA said...

It was reported on Glenn Beck today that there was a meeting in Cairo I believe it was two years ago between Hezbollah, Al Qeada and the Muslim Brotherhood with other far left American organizations that reportedly discussed the rise of MB. Like you I don't know how credible this report was but I don't believe Glenn Beck would put his neck on the chopping block for an unsubstantiated story.

Adrienne said...

He not only needs to be impeached - he needs his a** thrown in jail.

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