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Monday, February 14, 2011

Can You Say Domino?

Before we address the Middle East an area of equal concern is the budget here in the United States.  All kinds of deals and and doles are being bantered about.  The 2010 Tea Party and Republican candidates pledged $100Billion in cuts.  That didn't set well with some old hat Republicans but, certainly resonated with the American public in general.  About a week ago the number of $32Billion in Federal spending cuts was being mention.  Apparently the old guard Republicans had not got the message at election time.  Various news talking heads are now reporting cuts of $100Billion again.

Ways to save our children's and grand children's American life style with budget cutting have been all over the board.  Cut this program, cut that program.  Now barrack hussein obama is proposing freezing federal wages earners wages.  Not exempting them from a COLA but just no more hourly/annual salary increases.  Of course promotional increases will be allowed.  The Republicans mentioned cutting money from the schools and barrack hussein obama proposes cutting Pell Grants to the point them may as well do away with them. Some people think foreign aid is a good place to cut.  I have a novel idea.  Why not  for the next 18 months just cut 

I know that sounds simplistic however, sometimes the simplest way is also the easiest way.  Each department head knows his/her department the best and should know where the waste is.  They get the big $$$$ to make the call, NOW let them do it.  If Congress can't come up with a 10 year reduction balanced budget plan by then.  GUESS WHAT?  Vote 'em out.  Just like 2010.  Now by doing that it would give our ladies and gentlemen in Congress time to focus on programs that really are not needed.  The Arts comes to mind for me.  I got a thing about paying some guy to put a crucifix in an jar of urine and my tax dollars pay for it.  Let Nancy Pelosi pay him since she likes the arts so much!

I heard it mentioned many years ago.  I believe it was the 1960's,  the words "Domino Affect".  Then we were referring to the fall of Saigon and the country of Vietnam.  Today, February 14,2011 we are referring to the Middle East.  In the 60's we know what happened when Saigon fell.  The Khmere Rogue followed and thousands lost their lives.  Today a similar scenario  exists.  It is simply called the Middle East.  To outline all of this in a blog would in my opinion be too long.  I invite you to view a short video of the Glenn Beck program last week (just a couple of minutes).  This explains it much better than I could.  Then Clik on the listed web sites and read the supportive documents and articles.  This surely will back up very well what we failed to learn when the politicians gave up and limited our military in Vietnam.  Could it happen again?  Folks check out today's news,  it is!

Glenn Beck Video  scroll down to the video 

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Jordon Denies

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Tunisia  Read January 18th article at the top of the page

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end. I just heard this morning that riots are breaking out in Rome and the government of Italy is becoming increasingly nervous because middle easterners are flooding into Italy from Tunisia and other Arab nations, and they are coming at such a rapid rate that they cannot be controlled.

So after the middle east and Italy, who is next?

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