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Friday, February 18, 2011

The President Speaks

President Obama has accused Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, of unleashing "an assault" on unions by pressing legislation that would end collective bargaining rights for public employees and sharply increase their health care and pension payments.( Franklin County Employees pay 10% of their salary, I know, I was one!)

"Some of what I've heard  (my underline)coming out of Wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions," Obama told WTMJ-TV in a White House interview Wednesday. "And I think it's very important for us to understand that public employees, they're our neighbors, they're our friends."*

Once again you admittedly don't have all the facts. Mr. President, do us all a favor, please.  Stay the hell out of state and local politics.  You've already nearly ruined the federal government.   Is your memory so short you don't remember Sgt. Crowley and your friend Mr. Gates at the famous White House Beer Summit? **


** summit


Adrienne said...

I disagree. Obama has all the facts and he is loving every minute of this craziness. It' what he lives for.

His own website is pushing this (

Of course he'll defend the unions. They steal money from the people in the unions to give to the democrats. What's not to love?

Adrienne said...

Correction: Not but Organizing for America

Most Rev. Gregori said...

It has come out on Fox News this morning that not only is Obama's political team, "Organizing for America" involved in the unrest in Wisconsin, but the DNC is also involved, both at the behest of Obama. He is stirring the pot and I believe I know why. You can check it out on my blog.

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