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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going Just A Little Bit Too Far!

I love perusing foreign news outlets on the blog. You find so many interesting and absolutely outrageous news items only a Conservative nut like myself can appreciate. There is a new one @ The that you must read. It seems a gentlemen, Stephen Hockman, is proposing a World Environmental Court to insure all the countries on our GREEN PLANET, Earth, obey rules on green houses gases, pollution, and such. Hopefully this so called World Court will force counties to obey the rules by imposing fines, embarrassing the countries that pollute, and mobilizing the population to force the government to OBEY THE ENVIRONMENTAL WORLD RULES, or else!

Or else what! Besides, I thought that's what the UN did. Make countries obey the rules. Remember Iraq and how Saddam Hussein cowered under the pressure of 14 sanctions by the impotent United Nations. See how Iran is opening the doors to their nuclear centrifuges for the international inspectors. Embarrassments works. Paying fines is perfect punishment. If you don't believe me just look at the millions of dollars NOT collected from the countries that illegally park around the United Nations in New York. Yes, my friends just what the ol' planet Earth needs is another world body, supported by the United States with no power and and a bunch of deadbeat, has been politicians sucking your and my tax dollars right out of our pockets.

My final thought on this Conservative Outrage is, I know it's not a good idea when British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown supports it! Clik here for the complete article.

Moving on. I want to thank JM, MM, Elizabeth and FJ for their thought provoking and substantive discussion this past week. As I have said before the flu bug jumped up and bit me hard. I have read all the comments and I personally have learned much. I don't agree or disagree with all that is posted. As I said I have learned much and hope readers have also. A free exchange of different ideas with civility.

I have posted a new topic (?) on the Environment. I know that Elizabeth lives in New York, New York and JM lives in Paraguay. I am a country boy from the Midwest, MM is a Texan, and I am not sure about FJ. Which reminds me, FJ. Cliked on your initials and no blog for you was listed if you come back leave us your blog address.

Brother Al, where are you when we need you? That's right. You're driving your SUV to the airport to pick up your Gulfstream to fly to your house that uses 30 times more energy than the average American home. Since Bill O'Reilly was mentioned in the comments on my last post I will leave you with this thought.

Globla Warming? What say you?


Subvet said...

Outstanding post Pops. Like yourself I find this whole thing just a bit disquieting, especially with the treehuggers party now in charge.

ABNPOPPA said...

Darn, Subvet, I hadn't even finished editing it. Good to hear from you. Hope this finds you and "she who must be obeyed" doing well. This guy must have crawled out from under the London Bridge!

MightyMom said...

what say I about Global Warming?

well, I'll start with repeating that my friend in South Dakota told me yesterday that the lakes were low (I'd commented on her pics of them) because there hasn't been as much snow melt in the last 10 years to fill them.

Nexters. I happen to remember the 80's when everyone was ranting on about "The Next Ice Age" that was rapidly approaching. There were news reports about the earth's temperature getting cooler and how the dinosaurs were wiped out most likely by an ice age and calculations showing how many years scientists think pass between ice ages cuz we're headed for another one!! run run hide hide help help.

So 20 years later the battle cry is Global Warming run run hide hide help help.

1) all things in this world are cyclical, the tide, the seasons, the floods, the drought, and yes, the temperature.

2) that cycle runs on God's timeframe, not ours and we only have temperature records (actual records) for a tiny portion of earth's history.

3) we're talking about thousandths of a degree Fahrenheit. The accuracy from one thermometer to another at that level isn't good. And there are plenty of scientists who will tell you so. (google it, I still have cupcakes to bake)

4) it's a THEORY. has never and will never be proven as fact. and it isn't nearly as widely accepted by the scientific community as we've been led to believe.

5) every scientist wants to create belief in his or her THEORY that's how they get money to keep the nice lab open...and get more machines. government money. doesn't make that THEORY real...

6) well, I've got more...but morning is approaching and I promised my kid cupcakes to take to school. So priorities are set.

which is my
7) priorities. I'm not hugging no damn tree when my kids are cold.

Jungle Mom said...

What MM said...

I am not Star Jones said...

i'm going to blame all the people who felt cmpowered by george w.'s bullshit.

you know everyone who
though it was divine intervention that george w.
had to be president.

as they live out of their cars
do they still believe that?

Elizabeth said...

I agree that a world environmental court is not the way to go. It won't be able to enforce anything. The most progress combatting global warming is actually being made by cities and states, such as California.

As for whether global warming is a "problem," well, there's no real dissension in the scientific community, and since no one here in my understanding is a member of the scientific community, I'm not really interested in discussing the topic.

ABNPOPPA said...

Not Star Jones,

Just for the record I don't know anyone who voted for President Bush in either election that is living out of their cars, do you?

Thanks for stopping by and I left a comment on your blog for you. Stop by often the topic changes often and send your friends.



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