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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reply to Elizabeth

For this post to make any sense to my readers you must review the post of November 4th and the comments. I am going out on a limb here and label my new blog buddy, Elizabeth, (comment section) a moderate liberal democrat. I do this because of her response to the November 4 post and her reply to my comments. If you choose to comment regarding our comments no sniping, spiting in the eyes, or gouging where it ain't proper, be civil. Thanks

On to Elizabeth, I have to call you that because you never said I could call you "Liz" which this tired, old, conservative, veteran finds easier to type. However, Elizabeth it is!

I will address your lead and then on to new stuff. Regarding the "Times" It just sounded to me like you had a bone to pick with them for publishing what they determined in their free speech right to print. I take it you would feel the same way about the New York Post, the Atlanta Beacon Journal and the Los Angles Times.. None of these papers are really reporting the news. Is that correct? My personal opinion, which you just may agree with is most of the print and television media attempt to make and "spin" the news.

To use a retired "CIA" officer as a source I find a little humorous. That is something I know a little about. I was in Military Intelligence my four years in the ARMY. My reported job to my friends and family was to fix vending machines in secured areas. That is what I was told to say and I say it to this day. Intelligence people become excellent liars, it's part of the job.

Regarding a college professor with no agenda is difficult to believe, I believe you, just maybe the fact that I believe 90% of college professors vote Democrat makes the odds a little long. I call this one a draw.

On to the Vietnam war. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, I was in the ARMY during the Vietnam war. I was not in combat or the county. If my math serves me correctly you were born about 1964 and were at best a teenager when the Vietnam War was over. Correct? What part of it do you remember? You see I remember my high school buddy leaving and coming home in a pine box. I remember my "barracks buddy" going and coming home in a pine box. I can find 8 names on "The Black Granite Wall", all guys I personally knew. How many can you find that you personally knew?

Have you ever been to an American Legion Post or a Veterans of Foreign Wars Post? Before making making blanket statements regarding how veterans feel perhaps you should try to meet more than the circle you are currently in. My basic circle of friends is Conservative however, I also have Liberal friends and we have great discussions. In your field I do believe it would be beneficial to understanding those veteran patients you have. General William Tecumseh Sherman said, "war is hell". I think we both agree he was right. Unfortunately there has been and will always be wars. Unfortunately soldiers will always be emotionally damaged by it. That, Elizabeth, is where you can help. How about some pro bono work at a military installation. Ever consider that?

Finally, thank you for reading my posts. I am sure it gives you some insight to my Conservative leanings. I would like to respond to "believe whatever some right wing pundits say". No, I do not believe everything I see on Fox News, no more than I believe everything I see on CNN. I believe in facts as I have found them, often on the Internet.

Am I a Conservative? I am likely the most liberal Conservative and conservative Liberal you will ever meet. I do believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution and the Bible, but let's save that for another day. I am not fearful of what I see on any news channel. I believe both the Left and the Right feel the other is full of hate. I hate no one nor am I angry with anyone. I believe what is best for the United States of America is best for us all in general.

As a
psychotherapist I am certain you understand better than I the inter workings of the human psych(is that the right word?). Everyone is different and isn't that wonderful. What a boring world it would be if we were all alike.

Elizabeth, I invite you to go to this web site and just read the Soldiers Creed. Those are the qualities I believe all Americans young and old should hold true to their heart. It won't hurt, I promise. Clik here.


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks ABNpoppa for you and your families fine service to this land. As you know, I also have a family history of military service.
the only complaint I hear about Viet Nam is that the government tied the military hands and did not allow for a victory.
I am glad to say that in my family all the young folks voted conservative, several are already in the military, some are anxious to sign up to serve our country, not all young folks are cowards and selfishly only looking to avoid service.

Elizabeth said...

We agree that the news media is mostly "spin."
I am wondering, however, how you determine what is fact and what is not.

As for the Vietnam War, what you said actually supports my case: You were traumatized by your friend's death, and so it is better if you believe that he died fighting a just cause. However the reality is that the Communists in North Vietnam never posed any threat to us or even to any of our interests, as proven by the fact that the same "Communist" Party rules Vietnam today and we are friends with them.

MightyMom said...

Whoa Pops,

this time it was YOU who stepped in it, usually it's me!

Here's hoping she stops by my place sometime....and my husband's...and Cookie's...and the Dads'....and a few others we could direct her towards.

JM, the government and THE MEDIA tied our military hands...just ask those who fought. :-) you don't have to go far to do that do you?

Maybe Ms Elizabeth should start by reading Wolf, Sheep or Sheepdog....that might make a good start...or your military family EMN guest post...that would be good for her too...

Ms Elizabeth, if you truly care to learn about soldier's are a couple linkys for ya.

that'll get ya I'd like to introduce you to a FEW people....

MightyMom said...

teeheehee, you repaired vending machines??

cool! I need some tips on getting my change back....I'll email you.


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