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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Discussion Goes On, Join In

We continue. No apologize needed from Elizabeth as I knew it was not intended as a diagnosis.

I am not sure how you would define "vague communist threat". When I was in school I remember doing Nuclear Bombs drills. At that time the Soviet Union and the United States had enough nuclear warheads to blow up the world about 100 time over. Communist China was working on nuclear warheads also. President John F. Kennedy nearly went to war over missiles that were based in Cuba. That is 90 miles away from Key West Florida. I believe that would constitute a pretty good threat.

Sometimes simplistic thinking is not all bad. In this case although not in a shooting war, The United States was in a war of weapons and nerves. It could have been a replay of World War II. With the United States being Germany fighting against two fronts. The Soviet Union and Communist China. They could very well divide a fallen America. I believe there was a threat.

I would relate it to the 14 Sanctions given Saddam Hussein. Where do you stop and draw a line in the sand. This last time it was the 14 sanctions. In the 60's it was Vietnam.

I totally agree the average American does not know the difference between Sunni and Shitte Muslims. I also agree very few in Congress know the difference either. I would ask the question, do we need to know the difference if they both want us dead? We both agree that Al Queada is a threat. Regarding Hezbollah I am deferring to Jungle Mom. This lady and her family have more time overseas than most Americans have in a chow line. Sort of a been there done that if you will. For support in this arena I would ask you to clik here for and MSNBC News story about Hezbollah.

I run a second blog under the name Mark 1:11. It is dedicated to my son Specialist Jacob. It was started as more of a diary of his military career. I am quite sure you have seen war veterans and they have problems. As you suggest I have feelings about losing two close friends during the Vietnam War. I may have been traumatized at the time but have accepted the "war is hell" and moved on. I don't hate the Vietnamese for doing what their government lead them into. No more than my father hated the Japanese for doing what their government led them into. Those who fight and die seldom start the conflict.

I invite you to read my post of March 3,2008, What soldiers Are Made Of, then scroll down and read my post of February 12, 2008, Kody, My G-d Bless. Clik to take you directly there. Soldiers have mental problems after fighting in a war. So do Doctors that lose patients and police officers that have to take a life. The people you deal with are seeking help, understanding and probably an answer as to why. That is where you come in. There are people in place within the military to help with those problems. Why your patients choose to come to you I really don't know. I do applaud you for reducing your fees. I am sure it is very much appreciated by your military patients.

I can only speak for myself and my son Specialist Jacob. We both agree we were not lied to when we enlisted and we both knew what we were getting into. He was aware he would be going overseas to Iraq or Afghanistan. I was very much aware I most likely would be going overseas for most of my four year enlistment and I didn't miss it by much.

We have so much in common. Why in the world we are bailing out any business that is so mismanaged as the auto industry is beyond my comprehension. Likewise for the banks and other financial institutions. I heard someone say the other day this is like rewarding bad behavior. Just out of curiosity what's the unleaded gas price in New York, New York? I'm looking at $1.60 to $1.70 here.

Guest blog always available. Would love to have it.



MightyMom said...

You're such a good guy Pops!

Jungle Mom said...

I think the argument that the soldiers feel deceived does not really hold up well anymore. Any who were in the service prior to the war could be out by now at their own choosing. Everyone else certainly knew what they were signing up for.
As to the Hezbollah threat, one of the major risks is the illegal documentation. Venezuela is knowingly giving Iranians, and other middle easterners, Venezuelan passports.
My own son, who is Venezuelan can not get a passport because his was given to someone else. This is happening to many people there but only to single males between the ages of 18- 35.
12 Pakistanis were caught crossing the border from Mexico and all had falsified documentation showing them to be Venezuelan.
Just a little more detail as to how the encroachment down here will effect the US.

Jungle Mom said...

Sorry to come back, I just looked at the Msnbc link and as I am in Paraguay now and having just visited the Tri-border area, all I can say is...yep!

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. I hope Elizabeth comes back.

Elizabeth said...

There is an interesting documentary about Robert McNamara; I think it's called "The Fog of War."

Vietnam and China were not friends. Not sure what their relationship is today, but back then, N.Vietnam was not interested in being under China's thumb, being their pawn. We mistook an indigenous movement for some type of Chinese infiltration perhaps. That just shows how stupid our government was back then. NOt sure it's gotten better.

I try to get my Middle East info from experts in the area. To really be an expert you have to speak Arabic and have, um, expertise.

Nobody overseas cares about "our way of life." What they do care about is our government and military intervening in their affairs. We have been meddling in the Middle East for some time, and not in a good way. The locals have been angry at us for some time, for good reasons. Not because they "hate our way of life;" because they hate us meddling in their affairs.

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