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Saturday, November 1, 2008

General Complaint Session

Today is Saturday, November 1, 2008. It has NOT been a good day. Some of you may know since my retirement I have been working part-time at the world's largest retailer. My Saturday shift is 0800 hrs to 1700hrs. It's usually a good little gig with no stress and the customers are 99% positive. So here goes:

1. Did you catch the November 1 part? As I arrive at 0800 hrs this morning the first thing I hear over the music system is Christmas carols! Christmas carols!! Did I mention it was the FIRST OF NOVEMBER! For the next 2 hours my 99% nice customers told me they were pleased with my bananas but were a little turned off by my music. Of course I can't write the CEO of the world's largest retailer but,.....if you go into THE WORLD'S LARGEST retailer hear Christmas carols BEFORE Thanksgiving and are annoyed please, please complain to management! I'm begging on bended knees. I can't take this for 2 months!

2. You all know I love this county almost more than the air I breathe however,.....I have had it with the political advertisments on the tube. I watched the local news tonight. They ran 6 commercials back to back. The funny part was two of the commercials were for and against Judge John Connor of Franklin County, Ohio. Judge Connor has more than 5 DUI convictions or reductions to reckless operation of a motor vehicle and a cocaine possession charge. You gotta be kidding me. Judge Connor has been on Bill O'Reilly's "The Factor" and labeled America's worst judge. How in the world can this guy show his face in public let alone plaster it over the tube and run again for the position of a judge.

I demand a law that bans all Presidential political ads on TV no more than 30 days before Election Day. Maybe that way the people we are paying 100K+ a year will stay in Washington and earn (?) some of our hard earned tax dollars. What do you think?

3. A kindergarten teacher has her students sign a pledge card to be an "ally" of Homosexuals and Transgenders, IN SCHOOL. I am not certain what the school is going to do with this teacher but I am sure what I would do as a parent. Does demand the teacher's resignation sound to far out of bounds. Not for me. HELLO! This kind of personal education should be taught by parents in the privacy of their own homes. Read the whole story by cliking here.

4. When I get home the first thing I see is my daughter's SUV (oh I love that big metal monster, it burns so much gas and pollutes the air, and causes the ice caps to melt, and the ozone layer to become thinner, sorry I just can't help my self sometimes) and my BIL's van. It doesn't burn nearly the gas and etc, etc, etc. I park in the grass because my driveway has been converted to a skateboard/bicycle race track. The first thing I hear after I get out of my car is HI GRANDPA! from my 5 year old grandson. The next thing I hear and see is my 3 year old, beautiful granddaughter running towards me, arms open and saying HI GRANDPA. Then a great big hug.

Gee, it's not such a bad day after all.


MightyMom said...

sounds like a good day to me!

our 3 year old will shout out "Hi Momma!!"

every time Daddy walks in the room.


when I worked for same retailer in the Pharmacy....the Pharmacy was right across the aisle from lawn and know the area that becomes CHRISTMAS CENTRAL sometime in October...yes, I said October.

Dingleberry customers would go down that aisle and turn every music making noisy doohickey on..then LEAVE. no one "worked" in lawn and garden....we were the ones stuck standing behind the counter listening to them ALL....DAY....LONG!!...0900-1900. My manager would go and unplug them all...only to have em plugged back in the next day. sigh.

Subvet said...

Hey Pops, I linked to your site from a post I wrote regarding #3. Now I've got to go soak my head before it explodes from thinking about this stuff.

Elizabeth said...

Of course you won't be around to see the disasters caused by global warming (if we don't do something about it). I'm intrigued by your dismissive tone. Is it that you don't comprehend science, or is it that you just don't care what happens to humanity after you're gone?

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Destruction of the embryo in the mother's womb is a violation of the right to live which God has bestowed upon this nascent life. To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but murder.

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