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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My story

I live in Ohio. I am on Senator Sherrod Brown's email list. Every so often I get an email from him. Today I got a health care update. It ask me to share my story. Well, most of you know me well enough by now, if you don't want to know the answer, don't ask the question. Here is my response to Senator Brown's request for my story. I wonder if it will get posted on his web site, hmm.

Senator Brown,

Here's my story. My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer September 30,2008. It had already spread to her liver. She passed away March 30, 2009. Within days of diagnosis, she had the Chemo treatments Doctor ordered. She had all the necessary medicines she needed immediately after I drove to the drug store and picked them up with a minimum co-pay. Her last week she spent in the Fairfield County Hospital with doctors and nurses providing love, care and compassion for her. I was able to be with her in the room 24/7 and even received food and comfort from the staff as the end drew near. She passed away gracefully with her daughter and husband at her side and her Warrior son in route from Ft. Bragg. Thanks to the Red Cross.

My cost for all for all this treatment? A couple of thousand dollars. The total bill for all this treatment. Nearly $100,000. Am I bitching, HELL NO! She got the best care she could without government interference. Her family was taken care of during this time with no government bureaucrat making decisions on what it cost or what medicines she should have been given.


Do you, in your right mind, really think I am willing to trade the care she got for a government run agency that cannot manage a Cash for Clunkers, Social Security, Tarp, where's the money?, or General Motors, closing Saturn today news, or anything else it touches. Have you lost your mind?

Will you specifically exclude abortion and illegal immigrants and specifically include EVERY legal American? Will you make it MANDATORY that every government worker have the same health care plan you want me to have, including you, your family, the President and his family?

If you will, you will have my vote when you run again. If not, enjoy your time in Washington, it will be short lived. If you wish to use my story please feel free to do so. You have my permission, as your boss, to leave the COMMENTARY out.

Husband of Gretchen


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Well said, Pops. Let me know if he uses it, although I highly doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I stopped and thought to myself... why is everyone so miserable? Apparently, misery loves company and rather than live life and enjoy the short time that we have with one another, one would rather gripe, whine and complain about everything that the President is "not" doing. Whatever happens, will happen. Like my old man has always said, "Just so I can go to Vegas whenever I want, I don't care what happens."

If Bush wanted to tap my phone, fine. If Obama wants to have a public option, fine. Bush sent thousands of troops to Iraq, fine. The good Lord decided that I was going to have kidney stones. And of course I cursed him out six ways from Sunday, I still got through it and have not looked back.

The problem: people live in the moment rather than prepare for their future. Unlike you, Pops, who was smart enough to save up and not have a single worry when it came to your wife (I'm sorry), let's face it, others don't think that far ahead. Thankfully, I have had parents who instilled the saving gene in my mind and therefore, if something comes up, I'll be ready for it.

And right now, I'm going to enjoy ice cream in the park.


ABNPOPPA said...

MRG, I, like you, doubt he uses it too! Got the web link or did I all ready tell you that? Hmmm

Anonymous, Thank you for the comment, I wish you would get a handle. Something ez like Fred or Joe I never could spell Anonymous without looking it up.

Just as an FYI my wife and I never had a clue this was going to happen. We planned for a nice retirement and travel. I was always raised to see the glass half full. Having said that my father served in WWII, my grandfather in WWI. I was a Vietnam war soldier, although never set foot their. As you may know both of my boys have been in the military, one still is.

It was ingrained in me to never give up. Their is a reason and something better down the road. I was blessed to have a damn good wife, mother, grandmother and nurse for 32 years. I will can not, and will not be angry because she is no longer with me. I just left a friend who's is not as old as me but who's wife passed on in her mid thirties. G-d has blessed me so many ways, 3 wonderful children, 6 healthy grandchildren, a son with 15 months in Baghdad at the point of the "surge" You must look forward, you can't go back!

Now after that dissertation, I like you, am going to have an ice cappuccino and read the news.

MightyMom said...

nice letter pops....but I hope you're not holding your breath waiting for that 15min of fame on his website.

Spitfire said...

You tell him Pops! Great letter, and I agree with you 100%. My mom would have died at age 6 if she'd lived anywhere but here...which of course means I wouldn't be here...nor my sisters. That means 3 grandchildren and 2 great grand children wouldn't be here...
Then add my own 5 episodes with cancer...
No Sir, I'm not willing to trade our system either. Fix the parts that aren't working well, but keep the Feds out of as much as possible!!!

And I'm proud of you for speaking your mind with your heart.Shalom, Spitfire

Elizabeth said...

It's sad and frightening that your wife's cancer was so far gone when it was diagnosed...perhaps this is more common than I realized.

Did you tell us what your health insurance plan is and how much it costs? If so I missed it.

ABNPOPPA said...

Yes, it was sad and frightening that the cancer had progressed so far. This was basically with no symptoms other than what appeared to be a bad sinus infection. I am not sure if I have this side of the story but will here.

Five weeks after the death of Gretchen, our Pastor's wife was diagnosed discovered a lump and diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer. As she was sitting and comforting Gretchen this disease was unknowingly destroying her body also. Personally, for me, this is very, very hard to accept.

For the record, Aetna. No I didn't say how much it cost as it was a benefit and built into her contract. The small share we/she paid was less than $100 per month.

Again, FTR, I have paid as little as $25 per month for family coverage and as high as $432 for Cobra. I have also when single and much younger did without health insurance. Probably something to do with the John Wayne Syndrome.


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