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I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out there is.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do We Need Optical Assistance?

I went to church today. How profound you say. So he went to church today. If you don't want a little lecture in living clik out now. If you want to get a lesson in life, stay tuned.

My Pastor is a great guy. I am not saying that to butter him up. I do believe he is. He and his wife and his church have done a lot for me in more ways than he will ever know. He started his sermon this morning poking a little fun at himself. Seems he went to the local grocery store and purchased some items. When checking out the lines were longer than he wanted to wait so he went to the "U Scan" line. After scanning his items he slid his card and then realized he didn't have his glasses. He needs his glasses to read. He backed up a little in an attempt to read what to do next. He backed up some more, and again for a third time. He then heard someone laughing. It was a friend of his who offered his glasses to Pastor. He used them pressed F1 and proceeded with his purchase.

Here's his point, the point I am stealing from him tonight. I am stealing it because I think it's a point we all need to think about. He couldn't see. He backed up and still couldn't see, he backed up again and couldn't see, then a voice said can I help you. It was a friend. I believe he used the term he needed a little optical assistance.

Today we blog and blog and dissect and discuss our personal political ideas. But do we really see? Do we really see the "big picture" What is the big picture? In Pastor's day it wasn't really seeing the F1. It was getting the groceries. In our blogging maybe we should on occasion back up, and back up some more. Wait for His voice to help us get a little optical assistance. He has the "big picture" in focus all the time. We only know what He is willing to let us see. Occasionally He allows us a peek of the "big picture" but that, is His choice, not ours.

Let's all take a step back from our political views and listen for His voice. Maybe then, and only, maybe then will He give us a peek of what's to come. Life on earth is short my friends, eternity lasts for.........well, forever.

God Bless America, America, Bless G-d


Spitfire said...

Preach it my friend!!! That's why I don't allow all the political garbage give me indigestion....Papa's still in control. He knows what's going on. And as long as He knows what's happening, I don't HAVE to worry about it. I belong to Him....Torah tells me He holds my hand, calls me His and watches over me. Why should I allow some egomaniac in DC keep me up nights?!?! I don't. I know the Creator of the Universe will work things out.
Great post Pops! Keep a preaching it Baby. (That's Texas talk for good job! LOL!) Shalom

MightyMom said...

nad a good reason why I steer away from politics.....focus on family and funnies....

Jungle Mom said...

I have been avoiding politics myself lately...which is odd for me!

Elizabeth said...

I agree that in looking at every political decision, people should think first of their moral principles...this aspect is missing from the decision-making process of most of our elected officials. And sadly most voters just think in lock-step with an ideology they've adopted, rather than thinking something through and using both logic and their moral principles to guide them.

ABNPOPPA said...


My Liberal friend!


ABNPOPPA said...


Sometimes the preacher just gets me fired up. Just thought it needed said.

Shalom, my friend.


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