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Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Although my liberal friends/associates may disagree and, that is their right, the OUTRAGEOUS behavior from the Democrats on "the hill" is not only outrageous but unconscionable. I am referring to the letters house Democrats sent out to high paid, profitable, insurance executives. These letters requested financial records on approximately 20 insurance companies and their highest paid executives. Isn't it strange that the very insurance companies being ask for their financial records are the very insurance companies that oppose the current health care reform package.


To me this is about as low as you can go in politics and some things that have happened in the past have been pretty low. Today, the President of the United States crossed over the line for me. He openly (I'll give him credit for that) pleaded to church leaders, Pastors, Rabbis and Ministers to take "HIS" health care plans to the pulpit! He doesn't HAVE a health care plan. He has let Nancy Pelosi do his dirty work.

I say it now and say it loud any clergy who pushes ANY, I mean ANY politics from the pulpit is NOT a Man of the Cloth. The pulpit is for preaching the word of G-d and Jesus Christ O N LY ! ! !

Mr President have you no soul or is there no level you will stoop to to fulfill your OUTRAGE...OUS EGO? This line isn't even worth hi-liting!



Elizabeth said...

Businesses' records are examined by accountants all the time and if a company is publicly traded as many health care companies are then their records are supposed to be available for scrutiny. Why would they object to Congress looking at their financial records unless they wanted to hide something?

I don't understand someone feeling sorry for these corporations. They are basically on the level of organized crime rackets as far as I'm concerned. They make their profits by DENYING people health care. They do not provide health care--that's what people like me do. Patients and their employers pay outrageous premiums for "insurance" that they often discover is all but worthless when they really need it. No one is making money but them; I get paid half what my fee should be by health insurers. What do insurance companies actually do? They profit off of the sick and desperate. Is there anything lower than that? They NEED to be scrutinized carefully because they are making their money off of the sick and desperate.

Harry said...

Guilty until proven innocent? But your point about making money off of the sick and desperate got me thinking. I'm going to protest my local grocery store for making money off of the hungry.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Elizabeth, neither the Congress or the President has the Constitutional Right or power to DEMAND anything from private businesses, neither do they have the Constitutional Right or power to even be involved in health care, taking over auto industries, setting pay limits for Corporate CEO's, etc.

It is not the right of the government to FORCE and coerce citizens to pay for health care or any other kind of care to the poor and illegal immigrants, and that is NOT Christian. Jesus wants us to have concern for the poor, but that concern and help MUST come from the heart.

Now Pops, for your statement:"I say it now and say it loud any clergy who pushes ANY, I mean ANY politics from the pulpit is NOT a Man of the Cloth. The pulpit is for preaching the word of G-d and Jesus Christ O N LY ! ! !" I have to disagree with you to a point, ant that is if a political matter has a direct effect on the spiritual and moral health of the people, such as homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia, then priests, ministers, pastors, etc., have a right and moral obligation to speak out against them and those who are pushing them.

What I find wrong and hypocritical on the part of the government is that when it suits their purpose, they will suck up to various clergy and in many ways "strong arm" them into pushing their agenda by preaching it in the churches. But if a clergyman preaches against the something that the government is doing, then the government is quick to threaten them with the loss of their 501c3 tax exemption and confiscation of Church property. That is the reason why I have refused to take a 501c3, that way the government cannot interfere with what I say in my church or elsewhere.

ABNPOPPA said...

Ah, my good liberal friend Elizabeth once again your lack of understanding the basic principles of American economics. That's what businesses do. Make a profit. Your business made a profit this year that allowed you to go to Berlin. Although a small business, none the less a business. You also fail to address the issue. Your liberalism is ingrained in your head quite deeply. Stay with me and we shall overcome it and you WILL see the righteousness of the Conservative ways.

Issue 1 is about the Congress going on a fishing expedition. It has nothing to do with whether or not they rob, cheat and steal. Is this a fair and just practice of the Congress under the Constitution. There has been not a complaint lodge/filed against them save they do not support Congresses health care proposal.

I pose this question to you. Would you want the government doing an audit of your business and financial records just because you made more money than most therapists? What is your crime? Being good at what you do? Helping more patients and to a better degree than most therapists?
I think not. Listen my child, think my child and come over from the dark side. We will be there to hold your hand and help you.


Regarding the Issue 2. That is just a personal pet peeve of mine. The Padres can take care of my soul on the way to wherever, I'll take care of my politics here on earth!

Elizabeth said...

Harry, people who need food can get food stamps. The government pays for that. Churches and other charitable organizations provide food also. And people can grow their own food. You can't grow insulin in your backyard.

I'm under the impression Congress has the power to conduct hearings and investigations.

Spitfire said...

It appears I missed something... how does the government pay for anything?! Doesn't the government only have what WE THE PEOPLE send to them? If I remember correctly, the government, is at the moment, already in debt (overdrawn so to speak)and demanding that we allow them to go further into debt for something we don't need...Hmmm. In fact they want us to allow this action which is unconstitutional. And we're supposed to just say "Thank you wise and wonderful Government for doing all my thinking for me?!" I don't think so.
True, there needs to be some reforms/corrections to our insurance system and the medicaid system. But this multi page pile of legalese smoke and mirrors isn't the answer. And as long as the two sides refuse to 'come, let us reason together' without threats, name calling and lies about each other, well, the system won't get fixed.
While Mr Roosevelt and Mr. Johnson instituted government programs to help the poor for all the right reasons, they've been distorted out of recognition. The key word is to HELP the poor....not support them for generations on end.
And Elizabeth, Congress has the right of oversight for the President and the Supreme Court...Period. Not the citizens of this country. Please read Amendments 4 and 10.

Pops, are a sweetie! Shalom.

MightyMom said...

pops, you're right,
this admin is outrageous. and disgusting. and a few other things I'll leave up to your imagination.

Liz, you missed Harry's comment entirely...go back and read it again.

Harry, as usual, you hit the nail on the head.

Elizabeth said...

My point was that there are a wide variety of options for feeding oneself, including growing your own food, hunting and fishing. People do not provide their own medical care because that requires professional expertise.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that the US does not appear to be starving since we are the FATTEST country in the world!


ABNPOPPA said...

You got something against fat people! Better look at my pik again! Fat does not in fact relate to healthy or good nutrition. And this is far off of the topic of discussion. Sending letters on a fishing expedition and calling on the clergy to help pass bills is UNACCEPTABLE!


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