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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Health Care Bill Update

Short, sweet and to the point!!!

The Patriot Depot has listed two sites for the NON HEALTH CARE BILL.
It has 2 health care sections listed on it. The first is an overview, the second is the entire health bill being proposed. I suggest you read the first. Find your concerns and then go to the second. Copy your concerns. Next go down on the page to the elected officials, find your and paste your concerns in their Contact Me Section. Then send it to him/her. It's very easy. It's just like Life Cereal. Try it, you'll like it.Clik HERE to review a synopsis of this NON-HEALTH CARE BILL. Clik here to read the sections you have concerns with.

This bill needs stopped. PERIOD.

I would have you do one other task. Send these web sites (or my blog address)to your friends and ASK, PLEAD, go down on bended knee and BEG them to contact their Elected Officials regarding the audacity of them to even consider such a mess! Folks we are talking about 1/6 of the GNP of this country. This Administration and/or Congress can't even manage the Medicare System, or a paltry $1Billion "Cash for Clunkers" give away.

Thank you.


Spitfire said...

Hey Pops, thanks for making this so easy. Unfortunately, I spent this past week wading thru the entire mess and have already sent emails to not only my Representative, but also to both my Senators. Maybe I should have waited and done it the easy way...after you've shown us how. LOL! But I agree with you, this abomination needs to be stopped!!! I've even emailed our Idiot in Chief and voiced my outrage at this trash. I haven't gotten a reply from him...hmmmm. Maybe he didn't like the fact that I told him I felt this was unconstitutional. Ya think? Grin!!!

Have a blessed weekend. Shalom, Spitfire

ABNPOPPA said...


If we could only get EVERYBODY that this NON HEALTH CARE BILL will affect to do as you did we could get it stopped. This guy is going to bankrupt our country. Let me know when you get his reply. Who knows you may get invited to the Whitehouse Beer Garden to discuss it.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I'm on it. This whole bill stinks to high heaven.

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks MRG,

It is so disappointing I've only had 2 comments to this post. Maybe I am losing my audience. I have tried to be fair and balanced, not just to use FOX'S motto. It seems American's just don't care!

Having said that we had a rally in Columbus, Ohio that reportedly drew 8000 people to protest this current government.


Elizabeth said...

GW Bush seemingly tried hard to bankrupt the country, leaving us with huge deficits, and poor Barack Obama inherited the mess.

Every European country has guaranteed national health care and they are not going bankrupt.

ABNPOPPA said...


Pleeeaaaassseeee, get off the GWB whine, it's getting a little old now. So GWB left use with a huge deficit? Hmmmm. Guess what, it has doubled in the 6 months President Obama has been in charge. Please also remember, your 401K or IRA skyrocketed while GWB was in office.

Again, I have not done the research on every European country. I am sure many do have "national health insurance" Would you be so kind as to tell me what the unemployment rate is for the major countries in Europe is. Also how many hours a week they actually work on a job. While your at it please let me know how many Level one trauma units they have per person and the length of time emergency surgeries take to get scheduled. Just wondering.


Elizabeth said...

"your 401K or IRA skyrocketed while GWB was in office." No, it didn't. It skyrocketed when BILL CLINTON was in office.

Anonymous said...

No matter what happens, we can all agree that health care needs some major reform.

Also, let's make sure that we are gathering the accurate info on the health care reform bill. Quite frankly, if I would be against the health care reform bill too if the insurance companies/lobbyists were lining my pockets with thousands possibly millions of dollars.


Elizabeth said...

Unemployment is high in Europe because we are in a worldwide recession. Not sure what that has to do with healthcare.

I don't know what a Level One trauma unit is.

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