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Monday, August 10, 2009

HR3200/Section 207

I invite you to read Section 207 of the Health Care Bill.

Please note this Administration is attempting to change the moniker to Health Insurance Bill. It is said Americans identify the insurance industry as "big bad guys". This is so very childish it is almost unbelievable. It reminds me of the administration trying to change the word of Terrorist to something like non-natural-disaster. Please give me a break. The American Public is NOT that stupid.

My concerns regarding this section are listed below Section 207

Installment 2


(a) Establishment of Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund- There is created within the Treasury of the United States a trust fund to be known as the ‘Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund’ (in this section referred to as the ‘Trust Fund’), consisting of such amounts as may be appropriated or credited to the Trust Fund under this section or any other provision of law.

(b) Payments From Trust Fund- The Commissioner shall pay from time to time from the Trust Fund such amounts as the Commissioner determines are necessary to make payments to operate the Health Insurance Exchange, including payments under subtitle C (relating to affordability credits).

(c) Transfers to Trust Fund-

(1) DEDICATED PAYMENTS- There is hereby appropriated to the Trust Fund amounts equivalent to the following:

    (A) TAXES ON INDIVIDUALS NOT OBTAINING ACCEPTABLE COVERAGE- The amounts received in the Treasury under section 59B of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (relating to requirement of health insurance coverage for individuals).

    (B) EMPLOYMENT TAXES ON EMPLOYERS NOT PROVIDING ACCEPTABLE COVERAGE- The amounts received in the Treasury under section 3111(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (relating to employers electing to not provide health benefits).

    (C) EXCISE TAX ON FAILURES TO MEET CERTAIN HEALTH COVERAGE REQUIREMENTS- The amounts received in the Treasury under section 4980H(b) (relating to excise tax with respect to failure to meet health coverage participation requirements).

(2) APPROPRIATIONS TO COVER GOVERNMENT CONTRIBUTIONS- There are hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the Trust Fund, an amount equivalent to the amount of payments made from the Trust Fund under subsection (b) plus such amounts as are necessary reduced by the amounts deposited under paragraph (1).

A couple things

It calls for a tax,
It calls for a tax,
It calls for a tax,
I calls for money "not otherwise appropriated" to to cover "GOVERNMENT CONTRIBUTIONS". This country is all ready over 2 T, That's T for Trillion dollars in debt. In my mind there is no such thing as unappropriated money!

Call you Congressman/Congresswoman today! Tell them to just say NO to this and all Health Care Reform until we have a balanced budget.



Spitfire said...

I'm still waiting for someone in Congress to show me in the Constitution where it says we're guaranteed health care and that the Federal Government HAS to provide it for us!!!!! SO far, no one has been able to show that to me. Until they do, I keep telling my Congresspeople I don't want anything to do with this monstrosity:and that includes my tax dollars going to pay for it!!!! Shalom.

Elizabeth said...

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence suggest countries should mind their own business and support self-determination of peoples, yet the US has meddled in other countries internal affairs including through covert operations to overthrow democratically-elected governments and fomenting civil wars, so let's be serious Spitfire, this country has been ignoring the Constitution and our founding principles for many,many years.

Elizabeth said...

As for the post: After a health insurance company told me that after I'd been paying them $600 a months in premiums for years, they not only would not pay for my surgeon but also would not pay any cost of my surgery/hospitalization if I used my surgeon, but instead had to use one of their surgeons, and then, I discovered there were no surgeons on their panel who were both competent and willing to do the surgery--sorry, but I felt like calling them a lot of names.

Elizabeth said...

Of course, we would have a balanced budget if GW Bush hadn't cut taxes for the rich, engaged in a trillion dollar foreign war, and allowed the banking system to engage in financial chicanery that ended up destroying them (until the government bailout) and almost the entire economy in the process.

Spitfire said...

I ignored your remarks the last few times you wrote...but this time you have irritated me. I'm sorry, but GW Bush engaged in a 'trillion dollar war' because this country was attacked by others. It wasn't his idea to just start a war.

Second, you dissed Mr. Bush for his 'tax cuts for the rich'. Well, we aren't rich, we're a single income family, but we got a tax cut. That allowed us to use more of OUR money for the things WE needed....instead of paying for other peoples poor choices.

Third, the problems with the banking industry had more to do with the Democratic Congress than with anything Mr. Bush did. He tried to stop the Freddie/Fanny Mae mess, but was over ridden by Congress....and who was in charge of that???? Democrats.

I'm sorry your insurance company wouldn't pay for your surgery...I have no insurance. I CHOOSE not to pay $600 a month for something I won't use. I pay $60 a month for a hospitalization policy that will cover any hospital visits for emergencies. But I don't get sick, I don't go to the doctor, I take no Rx' why pay the insurance company for nothing???

As for this country not following our Constitution and Bill of Rights, I somewhat agree with you. But if you also look at history, we ignored what was going on in Austria and WWI started. We ignored what was going on in Germany---letting them handle it themselves---and WWII started. So should we continue to do the same thing and expect a different outcome? I think not. That would be foolish.

I do feel our country should go back to something more like what we started with....LESS government. The Constitution says we have the right to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' No where does it say we have a right to bailouts, insurance, nice houses, cars we can't afford to pay for, checks from the government because we keep having babies we can't afford to take care of, free meals at schools, free babysitting services that we call public schools. It's time we sucked it up and quit being whiney babies and started being responsible for ourselves and our families. If each American did that, we'd have far fewer problems.

Pops, I apologize in advance for high jacking your blog and responding to Elizabeth. I hope I have not overstepped my bounds. If I have overstepped, feel free to delete this response. But I was really irritated with her comments which really had nothing to do with the article and felt I had to respond. Shalom, Spitfire

Elizabeth said...

"but GW Bush engaged in a 'trillion dollar war' because this country was attacked by others. It wasn't his idea to just start a war."
Consider reading a newspaper from time to time? We were attacked by Al Qaeda, and Bush decided to attack Iraq. The two had nothing to do with each other.

I got a tax refund of $140, was that what you were talking about? That went for some groceries and a movie maybe. I didn't get any "tax cut." The only person I know who got a tax cut was my father, who is a multimillionaire.

It's true that under Bill Clinton mistakes were also made in regulation of the banking industry. Congress has been a problem. Bush could have done more. If Congress is a total obstacle, how is it that finally under Obama's administration the SEC is taking some (small) steps to address the situation?

You don't get far. The whole purpose of insurance is IN CASE you get sick. Maybe you're one of those people who, when they get cancer, decides not to get the radiation and the chemotherapy and just die instead. Of course, that is your choice. I do hope you have given this some thought and decided that this is in fact your choice.

Anonymous said...

I take offense to the public school comment that you made. Being an educator in the public schools, I find the people who have never taught think they know everything there is to know about education. Personally, I don't "BABY SIT" my students. Therefore, before you decide to make comments of that nature, make sure you know your audience. It's my job to make sure that they go above and beyond. So, unless you work in the inner city, then make sure you have at least some experience in the classroom, and I don't mean when you were of elementary school age.

Thanks for giving the straight dope. I appreciate your wisdom.


ABNPOPPA said...


I believe this has been discussed. Say 10 Hail Marys and do with out pork for a week. That is your penance.


I feel you missed Spitfire's point. You DID get a refund and money to spend. Multiply that by millions of Americans and you have an economic stimulus. Since your dad got a tax break I think you should be happy for him. I am sure he has worked hard to become a million at what ever he does. You choose the service field that probably doesn't build wealth but should give you much satisfaction helping others. You want to do more I am sure however, you cannot put every fault of the country on one persons back ie; President Bush.


I wish you would get a moniker that is easier to type!!
I believe you may have missed Spitfire's point regarding baby sitting schools. Meet me. Mr. and what used to be Mrs. Middle Class America. One child educated at a public university with two degrees in Education. One son, a Union carpenter, currently drawing unemployement due in part to the recession and in part to Mexican labor who are not union. The youngest is the soldier who has one deployment to Baghdad (the first part of President Bush's surge) and facing another one to Afghanistan most likely this winter.

I believe Spitfire was referring that do to the politically correct crowd teachers can no longer discipline children, must not say anything that could be offensive or misconscrewed (purposely mis-spelled) or out of context in any way, shape or form. Many schools are used as baby sitting services by parents who do not have their children's best interest first. Being a teacher, regardless where you teach, I am certain you have seen this.


ABNPOPPA said...


From what you have commented about your experience with the health insurance industry I was wondering. Did you have a pre-existing condition? Of course you don't have to answer as I know it is personal. Also, if you choose, did you have insurance or something like an HMO?


Elizabeth said...

first of all re
" I am sure he has worked hard to become a million at what ever he does"
Actually my father inherited all the money. Of course my father worked, but he worked for the government and thus did not become rich from working.

Because I live in New York State, which has the best health care of any state in the US, it did not matter that I had a pre-existing condition. I had an HMO when I discovered I needed surgery. An HMO IS an insurance plan. The problem was that HMOs only pay if you use 100 percent their plan. This is why I find it humourous when people talk about the "government taking away my choices." My choices were taken away by a private insurance company. What I did was I switched insurance companies to a PPO so I could use the surgeon who did my first surgery. I could have had the surgery while on the HMO plan, but I would have had to use a doctor who recommended a procedure I knew would be dangerous. I chose to switch plans, which took 3 months, take the risk that I could have a complication in the meantime, so I could have the doctor I wanted and the procedure I wanted.

Anonymous said...

First, I had received a refund from President Bush. However, that did not mean that my taxes were any different; they actually went up during his term; therefore, making the refund a balancing tool with the taxes I was paying.

As for the public school comments:
1. I have never had an issue with discipline in the classroom that I was unable to handle. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of education one receives regarding the teaching field, it will NEVER prepare you for the real world in a classroom situation.

2. Of course there are situations in which parents use the school systems as baby-sitting services, which is why teachers are still the most underpaid professionals in the biz.

I understand where @Most Rev Gregori is coming from, but what is insulting to any teacher is that the profiling that he did when referencing the public education system.

Elizabeth said...

Since the post was about healthcare, I thought I'd forward the links below. I do want to make clear that I don't think the Obama plan is perfect. I think our biggest problems are how incredibly unhealthy so many Americans are, overeating and not exercising. Also, too much is spent near the end of life. But any way here is some info:


Elizabeth said...

Here are some interesting reports about the British system and what's being said about it. On the bottom of the article you can read the numerous comments Brits left.

Elizabeth said...

Here is a comparison of the French and Canadian systems from one of my blogger friends who's lived in both countries:

"I experienced the French health care system (I had two surgeries there in the eighties for my knee including a bone transplant) and I am currently experiencing the Canadian system, I have been living in Canada since the early nineties. The French system is the best because it has the two options, public and private, the public giving, at the time, the best service in terms of efficiency (not luxury), overseeing research and academic activities.
Canada has only the public option, although the private sector is present, it is still marginal. The problem in Canada is access but this problem is not the fault of the public option, it is the fault of medical associations trying to maintain the numerus clausus and the max of opportunities for its local doctors without licensing foreign doctors, and heavy bureaucracy. Canada has only recently started to be self sufficient in terms of competent human resources (I would say around the seventies) but the population grew far more quickly than doctors' demographics and the medical associations are simply blocking the licensing of doctors who came to work in Canada and who acquired the citizenshio citing the security of patients as their number one concern."

ABNPOPPA said...

Very interesting Elizabeth. I'm happy that you have had the opportunity to experience the health care system in 3 countries. I trust all is well with you. I have had very good experience with the American system and like over 70 percent of Americans am satisfied. We have ample entitlements in place to see each and every American receives medical services. No one can be turned away from out hospitals. Granted to you it is not the best way however, it is a way.

We do not need a major overhaul of the health care system by a bunch of Washington bureaucrats, most of whom have NO medical experience and haven't the foggiest idea how to run a business let alone a health care program for 300+million American. Goodness, just look at Fannie and Freddie, Medicare and the "Cash for Clunkers". It's being reported that the dealer have yet to receiver their money after almost a month.

Why the hurry? If you read the bill it is my understanding it won't become effective until 2012/2013. If its that important why is the President waiting until 2012/2013 to enact it?

Elizabeth said...

Tell me again what your medical plan is?

btw, here is what's missing from the current health plan debate:

ABNPOPPA said...


I read the articles. They were very informative. Why the "Fat Tax"? Next it will be the skinny tax, and then the grey hair tax, which will affect me. I totally agree with the Cleveland Clinic and not hiring non-smokers. However, isn't that discriminating against them?

Regarding my insurance I have always carried traditional insurance. I have paid for it out of my own pocket on a couple of different occasions and yes, it was expensive. It was my CHOICE to pay for MY insurance for my FAMILY. Did it hurt? Yes, My wife and I did without many things however WE decided insurance was more important. The same as WE made her medical and end of life decisions. We did not require nor would we have requested a government representative to help us. Our Pastor, her Doctor and us were all that were required.

Anonymous said...

number 1.
spitfire, i do not agree with what you said about public schools.
it ticked me off when you said it was a baby-sitting service!
can you tell me a difference between public and private schools?
I cann yell you two:
1:the public schools cost ALOT of money!
2:there are more kids at public school
they both teach kids what they need to learn!
so please!!!!GET A LIFE!!!and a brain!

ABNPOPPA said...

Anonymous of August 27 @ 2:16PM.

With all due respect to your post, this is a discussion blog not an argument, get nasty blog. I suggest you read my previous comment to Anonymous of August 13 @ 7:32AM.

I believe some parents DO use the public schools as a baby sitting service. I do not agree that is the proper use of the schools or that all schools and teachers are used in that manner.

With regards to your comment about the difference between public and private schools, I believe President Obama is sending his children to private school, which he pays for. If his children were to attend public school the tax payers would be paying for his children's education.

Yes, public schools do cost a lot of tax payers money. Some tax payers are getting their money's worth. Unfortunately, many tax payers are NOT getting their money's worth. This is reflected by many, many tests given to many, many children over the past decades. This is not the fact with private schools or with home schooling.

Yes, both private and public schools TRY and I emphasize TRY to teach children. That does not mean children are to learn everything they need to know from and at school. Parental influence at home is also a must.

As to your comment to Spitfire pertaining to life and brain please refrain from using this type of verbiage in your future comments. This is a family friendly blog for discussion and debate with FACTS where needed.

Since starting this and my other blog Mark 1:11 I have only deleted one comment. You will notice I do not save to review or edit comments. Your comment was immediately posted. I have no desire to delete a second one.
Thank you for your comment and compliance in the future.


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