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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

when? When? WHEN!

When will our elected Senators and Congressman step up and do something about this President. He is out of control.   I can live with the fund raisers(it keeps him out of Washington).  I can no longer live with the Xxcutive Orders!  Now this:

Another Xxuctive Order that does not meet the criteria for Xxcutive Orders!  

Clik here for the full story!

Mr. Starnes seems to have covered this story well.  My question is When will the Senate and Congress do something about this irresponsible, overbearing, overreaching piece of flesh called the President.

God Bless America!



Subvet said...

I'm all for "live and let live". But honestly, what is this if not an attempt by Satan to bring more grief to Christians? What gay person in their right mind is going to work at (for example) Catholic Charities where they're as out of place as a turd in a baptismal fount? Only someone with an agenda does that, and its what this is all about. An agenda to weaken and destroy those whom the PC crowd don't feel comfortable with. It won't end until we're all in reeducation camps, even if it doesn't happen before Obummer leaves office (if he does).

Anonymous said...

YOU are part of the problem.

ABNPOPPA said...


Come forward lad or lassie. We are not here to argue but to discuss the issues. Stand for your cause and give us facts to back up your position. Too many people post as Anonymous, I don't feel I am part of the problem. Please Xxplain why you think I am.


Anonymous said...

Discrimination law is well-established. This is a completely legal executive order. If you believe otherwise, prove it in court.

Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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