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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Please STAY IN WASHINGTON D. C., Please!

In the Friday edition of our local rag, the Columbus Dispatch, aka, Columbus Pravada our wonderful President Obama rates an inside Page 6 article.  Slightly unusual for the Dispatch however more important issues are posted above the fold on page 1.  Presidential candidate Romney made below the fold. Our  local skools superintendent made above the fold.  Perhaps because she is making policy for the district and has sparked a statewide investigation by the office of  the State Attorney General for counting/not counting students to bilk funds and favorable impressions of the number of absent students.  In other words her underlings appear to be cooking the books to make the district, and her look better.  

Now back to the illustrious President Obama.  Pravada, er....the Columbus Dispatch is reporting our "dope 'n shame" President is coming back to Ohio AGAIN!  Oh please spare me/us!  Every time "dope 'n shame" comes a a city or burg the cost of safe guarding him cost local taxpayers big $$$.  Yes, some of it is reimbursed.  The pain in the derriere for the locals, many who don't give a darn is the traffic tie-ups, the stores blocked and a general lack of anything worthy.  Oh yes, the union boys will be there and the minority groups that believe he is the messiah will be too.  The squeaky wheels get the grease as they say. However, for us working folks trying to get to work it's a pain in the derriere.  For those of you in Loma Linda that your as......well it's the part of your body that comes in contact with a chair when you sit down.  It seems according to the Pravada, aka the Columbus Dispatch ol' "dope 'n shame" last visited the Buckeye state on August 1st, about two weeks ago.  In keeping with a "Fair and Balanced" Conservative Outrage policy  this will be the 38th visit by a Presidential candidate this year to the Buckeye state.  

Oh the thrill of being a state is up for grabs every time there is a Presidential election!

I'm gonna throw my 2 cents worth in at this time.  Although I am not, repeat not currently using Medicare health insurance THAT I HAVE PAID FOR, FOR NEARLY 40 YEARS, I will in the future.  Mr. Romney's and Mr. Ryan's plan that DOESN'T CHANGE FOR ANYONE 55 years or older,  is a fine with me.  Any body's plan that removes over $700,000, 000 from the Medicare Plan  I PAID FOR, is not likely to get my vote nor that of my children who may wind up taking care of ol' Pops in his senior years. It is very simple math.  More people are applying for Medicare every year.  Take money out of Medicare equals less money for more people.  That ain't rocket science friends, that's just plain ol' simple country boy 'rithmatic!   Removing or playing with a benefit that has been counted on  by hard working Americans for 30, 40, 50 years is unconscionable!   It truly is a CONSERVATIVE OUTRAGE!

For a brief explanation of Obamacare, check out Paul Ryan explain it to the President!  Clik here



Subvet said...

Amen, Pops. I keep wondering when "Soylent Green" becomes reality and I'm urged to die for the "greater good".

ABNPOPPA said...


Thanks for stopping by. I don't believe you are old enough to remember Soylent Green! You musta seen it in reruns!


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