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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Coalesce?  Coalesce?  What in the world does that mean.  If you have been watching or listening to the news lately you could not have missed the "talking heads" using this word.  Now me,  I'm just a country boy from the farm and ain't had much fetchin' ups 'ceptun  public schools.  That was back in the day after slate and one room school houses.  But, before the liberals took over and you can't play dodge ball, bring your huntin' shotgun to school so you can hunt after school and you need to get a permission slip from little Susie to steal a peck on the cheek the last day of school.  Having said all that my teachers did teach me to ask questions and how to look up a word I didn't know in the Websters Dictionary.  Today I just used Dictionary . Com, although I still have a Websters Dictionary in my office.  

Here's what I found.

Main Word
coalesce [koh-uh-les] Show IPA
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: blend, come together
Synonyms: adhere, amalgamate, associate, bracket, cleave, cling, cohere, combine, commingle, commix, conjoin, connect, consolidate, fuse, hook up with, incorporate, integrate, join, join up with, link, merge, mingle, mix, relate, stick, tie in with, unite, wed
Antonyms: divide, separate 

What I am trying to figure out is why would all these TV "talking heads"  use this word for the Republican Party.  After Mr. Gingrich's victory in South Carolina tonight I would say the system is working pretty well.  Three primary's and three winners.  How much better can that be!  

Gentlemen keep the good fight going.  Keep hammering at one another. Blisters from hard work cause callouses to form and the body becomes tough and more able to take the punishment.. I am reminded of a line from the movie The Ten Commandments .  It went something like this,  the metal must be tempered before it become the hardened steel.  The candidates of the Republican party must be tempered before the winner takes on the worst President this great nation has ever had.

Onward to Florida!  Let the best man (for our country) win! 


Rebecca said...

I agree that it's good that each candidate is getting a bit of a'll prepare them for what is to come. I must say I feel a little nervous, though, as we are in uncharted territory. And Newt and Romney are facing opposition but I would really like to see Santorum be vetted a little more. I like his fight and ideals but I am still wondering if he has skeletons in his closet.

Adrienne said...

The only "skeleton" in Santorum's closet is hie inability to temper his attitude. Unfortunately, as good as he is he comes across sort of "pissy."

Jeff-for-progress said...

Hi Pops,

Obama the worst president this country ever had? I'd think a better case could be made for George W. Bush who proceeded him to any fair minded person. Though I actually think Buchanan who was president before Lincoln probably gets the prize.

As for hardening the nominee, I think if Newt had the stature that a Hillary Clinton had in the Democratic party, that Obama had, you might be right. But, Mitt overcoming Newt, the most likely result, will only make him seem a taller dwarf, not a giant, IMO.

take care.


ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks for the comments folks.

Rebecca I am like you I would like to know more about Santorum. He just is an unknown and like Adrienne he comes across a little pissy, (Prissy?), either or!

Ah, Jeff FP, Liberals/Progressives never get it. I guess we will have to wait to see how history treats BHO. But, what I have personally experienced and the broken promises will rank him high among the worst. When you guys gonna quit blaming President Bush for everything? I hear he WAS responsible for the Tsunami in Japan last year and also the Crucifixion.

Have a good day everybody, I'm upright and my feet are on the floor and that is a GREAT sign!


Subvet said...

I keep waiting for the libs to place G.W. Bush on a grassy knoll in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963

ABNPOPPA said...

Damn! I forgot about that Subvet!

Anonymous said...

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