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Friday, September 16, 2011

Defending Obama

Conservative Outrage was started because of my being sick and tired of the Republican Party that I at one time endorsed.  Years ago I quite calling myself a Republican, I was 30 something at the time.  I began calling myself a Constitutional Conservative.  I morphed into a Christian Constitutional Conservative.  My basis was my God comes before my politics and my God In the Bible) teaches me  moderation, compassion and respect, ie: Conservatism.

Why the lead in to this post?  Because my posts have been as about anti Obama as they can be.  I have now been forced reluctantly, I might add, to come to the defense of President Obama.  On the ride to work I heard a story on Glenn Beck citing a rapper and a Harvard Professor declaring President Obama the world's biggest terrorist.  This is just flat wrong.  BHO may be a Socialist, Communist, Stalinist or whatever but he is not a Terrorist! 

The rapper, Lupe Fiasco stated and referenced a Communist,  Howard Zin, that war was an act of terror.  That bombing an act of war killed people.  BHO is not only the President of The United States but also the Commander in Chief.  Therefore as the Commander in Chief he is the world's biggest Terrorist.  Now as I have said, I don't like BHO.  Having said that he has reluctantly (my opinion) continued to defend the citizens of the greatest country in the world, The United States of America.

Profession Cornell West then applauds the rapper,Lupe Fiasco.  This is a man in the position of teaching our, or least someones children.  Princeton University should be ashamed of this.  I don't wish to shut these two left wing voices as that is: Freedom of Speech.  That is exactly what I am doing here and now.  I do condemn the University and the board of the university for allowing this type of rhetoric in the classroom.

Thus having defend BHO against this moronic and completely absurd accusation I continue to say BHO is the worst President this country has had in my lifetime .  He needs removed and I refer to my previous post.  Seal Team 6 eliminated on threat to America, it is now up to the Tea Party, all Conservatives, Constitutional and Republican voters to remove the 2nd threat, BHO!



Unknown said...

Unknown said...

Give em hell everybody!!

wildredhenry said...

Interesting! You defend, but hold to the talking points of a conservative. On BHO's record, He can't be judged as 'the worst President. You forget Nixon; you for get Regan (Drove a municiple bus carrying his neighbors, and the stories they told, blew me away. Dutch, as a drunk.) And you definitly forgot Bush. (I'm still ticked about what he did to the Texas Rangers.) Then, can you honestly as any of the Republicans running now, can keep us out of the ditch? Uh, that tea party? Forgetaboutit!

Phil said...

Bush certainly was the worst president ever. His grandfather had ties to Hitler for Pete's sake. He dug us into a hole with the two wars that we will likely never climb out of. Add that to the current drive to eliminate or at least severely lessen the EPA so big business can go back to destroying the planet and the future looks very grim for future generations. While you are free to dislike Obama, he is not a Muslim or a Socialist, or a Commie. People just really want to call him a nigger but can't so they create these other names. Racism is alive and well in America, don't kid yourself.

ABNPOPPA said...

Henry and Phil,

Since Conservative Outrage is an open blog free for ALL to comment I am not surprised by you rhetoric. While you say I follow the "talking Points" you are just as guilty. I do believe BO has been influenced by the muslim faith of his father and the definition of a socialist according to the dictionary seems to fit. Please feel free to comment on any and all postings. We enjoy open and honest facts and discussion.

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