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Friday, December 23, 2011

Is the Christmas Spirit DEAD!

My apologies to anyone who has stopped by for the last couple weeks expecting something profound however.....I went back to the hospital for a week due to an infection in my incision.  

Is the Christmas Spirit DEAD?  I sometimes wonder.  I drive down the road at night and see blow up snowmen, Santa Claus' and Snoopy.  Would someone please tell me what in the world Snoopy has to do with the birth of Christ.  I have read the story and find no mention of a dog anywhere in it.  I went for some frozen yogurt this evening and was as close as I want to be in an accident.  The drive of the other vehicle was left of center by about 1/2 a car and just glared at me like it would have been my fault.  I have decried the lack of Nativity scenes in not only the Home Depot where I work but at other major retail outlets.  I have cited the number of plain decorated houses vs the number of Nativity scenes in the front yards.  The plain houses outnumber by about 25 to 1.

Even in the shopping malls and stores where people are supposed to be purchasing gifts to represent the give giving of the Wise me to the baby Jesus there is pushing and shoving, rudeness and downright hostility towards their fellow man.  I watch the news or read the paper and there is some atheist trying to have the Nativity Scene removed from some public square or right of way.  Pardon my french by if you don't believe in God why the hell to you care!  I call on the phone to a company for something and after 10 prompts get a real person who may or may not answer my question.  They end the conversation with Happy Holidays.  I say BS and tell them Merry Christmas!  After all it is or at least one time about the birth of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ.........wasn't it?  I just don't understand anymore.  Perhaps I am just getting old, Is the Christmas Spirit DEAD?
Merry Christmas to all and God Bless

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Adrienne said...

I've noticed the almost complete lack of Nativities, too.

When I was just in St. Paul, we took a drive down Summit Ave. where all the huge old houses are located. Many houses had some very expensive decorations but not one single Nativity. Sad...

Around here (North Idaho) I'll have to say the people have been pretty darn polite and everyone (even at Walmart) says, "Merry Christmas."

Have a lovely Christmas, Pops.

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