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Saturday, December 31, 2011

As everyone else is posting a happy new year or what happened in 2011 I have decided to forgo the usual tradition and go straight to the heart of America.  Actually I don't go directly to it I am in total and complete agreement of a woman I don't even know.  She goes directly to the heart of America.  Her name is Froma Harrop and she is an editorial writer for Creators Syndicate.  I seldom read our Columbus Dispatch liberal rag let alone spend a dollar for it however, I came across a copy the other day while eating breakfast and just happened to read her article.

The title of the article," Middle class aided it own decline". is what grabbed my attention. Why?  I have been saying that for the last 20 years.  I have told my family and friends and children and anyone else who would listen middle class America has been writing a check it's ass can't cash.  Bigger homes than necessary, bigger cars than necessary, more TV's in the house than Bibles.  My personal belief is more TV's have led to the breakdown of the middle class family unit. I also believe they have greatly contributed to the "me" generation since it's not necessary to learn to share or compromise.  I have 8 grandchildren.  One household has two children in it.  There are 3 X Boxes in the home and 4 TV's.  I'm not happy with the situation by I can't control a 40 year old parent.  However...........I believe this is typical as I hear from the young people I work with all the time their houses are similar.

Ms. Harrop names such things are young girls at the mall who are more interested in showing cleavage than Barbie dolls, who in my opinion, show too much cleavage to start with. She points out how the over indulgence of keeping ahead of the Jones has caused the housing bubble and many other interesting tidbits that shows middle America blew it themselves!  You can't blame this on Bush.  

For this telling it like it is article clik here.

God Bless America



Subvet said...

I believe our culture needs to relearn the values of being self-sufficent and God-fearing. All else will eventually follow. As it is there is no change in sight and we're in for a Divine butt whipping of Sodom & Gomorrah proportions.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops,I would have to say the Froma Harrop is correct, but if it hadn't of been for the MSM, the entertainment media and our liberal public school system, helping to corrupt the minds of several generations, perhaps it would never have happened. In any case, we had better get ourselves turned around and get right with the Lord or we just may get that Divine butt whipping that Subvet talked about.

ABNPOPPA said...

Momma always said Great minds think alike and that is true here. I definitely agree with the Divine butt whipping and fear it is not to far off!

God Bless the both of you!


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