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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do I Have STUPID on my Forhead?

Some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you.  Here we go again.  I don't normally buy a paper, yet alone a US Today but,.............I did today.  You see I took the old jalopy into the world's largest retail store for its mandatory oil change and was told it would be an hour.  OK,  No big deal,  I'll just head to the Subway, grab some grub, read the newspaper and pick up the car.  Sounds simple enough.  Right?  WRONG!!!!!

I grab a paper, the US Today and begin to read the news.  I read a couple articles and then turn to the sports section.  Since Jacob and I just returned from the NASCAR race in Martinsville I thought I'd see how far my guy, Jeff Gordon, fell in points for the Championship after Kurt Busch wrecked him.  I start to read a NASCAR article and realize it is old stuff, like Friday.  Hmmm,  I got to a different article and read a little and it is old news, actually history.    I turn to the front page and opps,  It's Friday's edition.  It hadn't been pulled by 10 o'clock and I just paid a buck for it.  Am I stupid or what.

Now back to the front page.  One of the articles I read has to do with changing the letters on street signs in the entire United States of America by 2015.  It seems some knucklehead in the federal government  did a study  and alleges that baby boomers read signs better when the signs are in Capital and small letters.

Like this Main Street.   Currently they are like this MAIN STREET.

Now I think to myself is this stupid!  Does the knucklehead in Washington have any idea how much that is going to cost?  And just who is going to pay for the 47 kazillion street signs that need changed?  Oh did I mention it was mandatory.  Oh did I mention if the cities don't have they signs changed by 2015 the Federalises are going to withhold federal funding for anything the municipalities are getting.  Of course they are not providing any money to help change the signage.  That is a blessing in disguise.  At least obama won't use that a as ruse to raise taxes.

Now back to am I stupid?   As I previously mention son, Jacob and went to the NASCAR race in Martinsville, Virginia this weekend.  Sort of a pre birthday present and a thanks for your service to our country and son and dad just hanging out together like we use to do.  As I am driving and running my mouth on the way to the the race I pass a grey car.  About half way past the the car I realize it is a Virginia State Trooper.  Well, I am committed so I ease on by and then get  back in the right hand lane.  Very shortly I see the very pretty blue lights come on.  I do all the proper things associated with a traffic stop (done a few in my day) you know.  I give the trooper my license, registration card and insurance.  He very politely asks "Mr. Courtright did you know you were going 54MPH when you passed me?  This is a 45 MPH zone.  Please stay in the car I am going to issue you a summons.  Well, what can I say.  I was stupid enough to pass a State Trooper and NOT know what the speed limit was on a 4 LANE DIVIDED HIGHWAY!!!  Can you believe it. Nine miles over the speed limit.  The Trooper was within his rights to issue the summons.  No argument about that.  Haven't said that.  I never issued a summons for less than 15 MPH over the speed limit.  AND...I never lost a case!  So there Mr. Virginia State Trooper!

Well you decide if I am stupid or not.

God Bless America and get out and vote on Tuesday!
I'm tired and going to bed.  You guys proof read this and get back to me.


Jake said...

Well...I mean, forhead?? Really?? Forhead?? I think that answers the question. You should pray to the spelling Gods. I mean, you throw out prayers left and right, seems like the spelling Gods might next in line. By the way, keep on praying!!! It is working.

Jake said...

Oh haha, I meant "might BE next in line." Oh you got me. Although I suspect my error was a typo, and your error was not.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

That street sign garbage has already started in my state and the state has to pay for it (I mean the taxpayers have to pay for it).

There are nothing but idiots and morons running the country. I am beginning to believe that there is a whole lot of in-breeding going on.

MightyMom said...

well hon, the only stupid thing I see is that you DIDN'T start talking about back when you were "on the job" blah blah blah. and get your butt OUT of that ticket!

geez. what good's being a cop if you still get speeding tickets?????

Subvet said...

MM, that sort of talk might result in a vehicle inspection with a fine toothed comb. Never been a LEO but as a retired military man I know those "back in my day" pontifications I used to hear had all the appeal of fingernails dragged across a blackboard.

Pops probably handled it exactly right.

And what kind of 4 lane divided highway has a speed limit so low? I'd a been topping 60 on a road like that.

Then again I'm in Texas, the land where yellow lights mean "hurry up" and reds mean "stop if you must".

ABNPOPPA said...

Jake, Thanks for the comment. I was really tired but wanted to post. Hang in there my God is not done with you yet. Yours may have given up only time will tell.

Thanks for the support Subvet You pretty much nailed that one. Keep your mouth shut and take the ticket. Besides it Cops 1 Gary more than I can count.


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