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Friday, November 5, 2010

This Ain't Gonna Happen!

I know you all have been waiting on my complete and in depth analysis of the election this past Tuesday so here it comes.  It speaks for itself.  Conservative America (most of America) is sick and tired of liberal politics and the "same ol' thing".  The "same ol' thing"  stands for Republican legislators who think they know what's best for America.  The Tea Party has spoken and Democrats and Republicans alike better be listening.  No more politics as usual! 

The Tea Party has done what the Republican Party has refused to do for years.  Sacrifice a few for the gains of many.  Yes, they lost to Harry Reid, and in California and Christine O'Donnell but they put 60+ new people in play.  Eighteen of those specifically backed by the Momma Grizzly herself, Sarah Palin.  The Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and the likes of politicians like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are forces to be reckoned with and the Republican Party better sit and take notice!

Here's a good way to start.  Having said that, "This ain't gonna happen"  My humble opinion of course.  Pay cuts for the rich!  Err, Congress.  Compliments of "The Hill". Clik Here.  It seems several taxpayer groups think pay cuts are in order for Congress.  Who's going to argue with that.  $174,000 is a little more than I make working for The Home Depot. Probably more than most Americans.  Here again in my ever so humble opinion it would have to be a substantial cut.  A small $5000 token cut ain't gonna get it for me.  I once heard a story, don't know if it's true or not that George Washington had to put his farm up to have the money to go to Philadelphia to his own inauguration.  I believe it was on Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story"  One of you historians can check it out.  Personally with all the benefits I think they should get about a grand a week.

Here's another good reason why these guys and gals need a pay cut.  Let me retract that.  They need a class in morals.  Check out this story on Senator John Kerry, married to the Heinz heiress and multi-million.  He doesn't or won't or can't pay the dock rental on his 7million $$$ yacht!  Oh Please!  Give me a Break.. That said let us not forget Senator Kerry is a Vietnam Veteran.  The one who threw his medals over the Whitehouse fence if I remember correctly.  For the full story from Matt Drudge clik here.

My analysis with is Congress, listen up and pay attention.  Politics as usual is O V E R!

Have a great weekend and God Bless America!



Adrienne said...

Also - limits on what they can spend on travel (including the President.)

Adrienne said...

...and, if the federal government got it's nose out of the myriad of things it is not constitutionally supposed to be doing, which is just about everything, the business of the feds should take no more than a few days per month. No more expensive lodging in DC and per diems.

Subvet said...

Term limits anyone? Let "politician" cease being an occupation.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Pops, Your wrong on everything. Boy, my sister is stupid.

ABNPOPPA said...


Personal attacks on anybody are not acceptable on Conservative Outrage. I may be wrong however, it's my right to be wrong. It is not acceptable to call someone "stupid".

I'm sure you understand. Discussion and facts. Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Sorry, it should be you're wrong on everything. [I could never spell]You are right about my comment and you are right.I agree about the stupid comment. It was stupid.thanks

Most Rev. Gregori said...

We can only hope and pray that the federal government gets it. All three branches of the federal government have been violating the Constitution and their oaths of office for so long now, that they believe they are entitled to continue doing so.

The founding fathers NEVER intended that being a congress man/woman was to be a life-time career.

MightyMom said...

I sure do hope they listen!!!!

ABNPOPPA said...


Thank you for correcting your grammar and your comment. That shows you have character.


Anonymous said...

This is my first time here and I'm a 30...something year old mother of 3. I supported John McCain... until he chose Sarah Palin as his VP candidate. I should say that I supported "them" until she opened her mouth. Pops, with all due respect, if my 9 year old knows more than Ms Palin, then there is no way that I could vote for my GOP. I personally want someone much smarter than me (and my children).

Also, I support more political parties. Having 2 just doesn't cut it these days. I do however, question the viewpoints and historical references by the Tea Party. What does "exercise our 2nd amendment rights" mean anyway?

Finally, spending is not the answer to a deficit that is more than anything I can fathom, especially since our children and children's children will be paying for this for ages. Our GOP has to get their poop together otherwise, we'll be right where we are in 2012.

Thanks for letting me comment, Pops!


ABNPOPPA said...


Thanks for stopping by. With 3 younguns to keep you busy I feel honored you used time for my little ol' blog. I agree with you in general. I am not a proponet of more than 2 parties as IMHO I think it provides more room for politicians to hide their true agenda, Spend my tax dollars to get re-elected and get rich. I believe the "Tea Party" got the attention of the GOP. Now, will they all carry through with their plans.

Please stop by again and become a follower. We discuss a lot of issues and Conservative Outrage is family friendly.

G-d Bless,

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