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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bet You Missed This One

I have shied away from most of this political season as I mainly preach to the choir.  That is good as the choir needs some positive influence once in a while.  I just have to report this tidbit  of info and then I will get on with my main topic.

Today The Great State of Ohio is blessed (?) with visits from barrack hussein obama, Michelle, the belle, obama and Mr. Sound Bite Gaff himself, Vice President, JOE BIDEN!  That is a lot of heavy hitting for a state that obama won by 8 points.  Ex-representative John Kasich has had a consistent lead sometime by double digits.  On top of this it is the 11th time, that is correct the 11th time barrack hussein obama has been to Ohio.  Talk about beating a dead horse!  Ohio will have a Republican governor in two weeks.

If you  have read my blog for a while you most likely noticed my Support Arizona logo.  This got me thinking a while ago and it was finally brought to a head this past Thursday.  And, No, it’s not about immigration.  It’s about America, my land, your land, and
Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses.

Compliments of the day old USA Today in the break room of The Home Deport I garnered this small 8 news item.  Headlines, China buys interest in Texas oil field.

These 8 lines go on to say China’s state owned, offshore oil company has bought a1/3 share in 600,000, six hundred thousand, acres that Chesapeake Energy leases in a south Texas oil field.  Now folks, I know Texas is a big place but, 600,000 acres, even in Texas is a lot of land to be somewhat partially owned by China.  China will pay Chesapeake 1.3 billion, billion with a “B” in cash (?)!!!!!!!!!!  Now exactly who’s cash is Chesapeake getting paid with?

Stay with me here folks and I will tie this together.

I needed a shovel.  You would think living in the country for most of my adult life I would have one.  I did!  With a son and daughter close by tools tend to disappear.  Hmm.  I take the opportunity at work the other day to shop for a shovel.  A shovel is not a terribly complicated tool to use or to build.  You take a piece of steel stamp it, sharpen it, add a study piece of wood or recycled plastic for a handle and BINGO!  A shovel. 
I recently bought a paint pole extension to paint the ceilings in my house which are 14 feet in height.  I looked at a couple and found one “Made in America”.  It cost a couple of bucks more but in my secret war to keep Americans employed I bought it.  Now, back to the shovel

I examined each and every shovel being sold by THD and could not find one “Made in America”.  The very best I could find was one company who tired very hard to conceal the fact it was not “Made in America” by using Red, White and Blue on the label and then declaring “Assembled in America, using foreign materials”.  Not one shovel, a simple device with simple construction was “Made in America”

We took in those “tired and poor and huddled masses and they built the greatest most desired nation in the world.  We built the factories, built the cars, the tallest skyscrapers and  now……  The factories fall silent as our shovels are made overseas.  The tallest skyscrapers are built in lands I can’t even pronounce and Consumer Reports the best cars in the United States are the imports.

Google foreign ownership of land in the United States and you get 4.3 million hits. Stats from the USDA show that:

Foreign interests owned 14.5 million acres, or slightly over 1 percent, of privately owned U.S. agricultural land (farm and forest land) on December 31, 1990. That's up 15 percent (1,875,806 acres) from the previous year, according to a recent issue of the Agriculture Department's FARMLINE magazine. 

I ask you my friends what is happening in this country?  What?

I don’t know what you are doing about this problem but I know what I am going to do.  I’m going to          BUY AMERICAN!

God Bless America.



Adrienne said...

Pops - one of the biggest problems we have in this country is we don't make anything anymore. Government regs have driven manufacturing offshore, and we buy the crap back from China. Our trade deficit is horrendous. But Americans would not pay the price for American made stuff because the unions demand such high pay (ie GM vs Toyota). It's a circle...

WomanHonorThyself said...

hi there Pops..
I ask you my friends what is happening in this country? is turning into a tyranny!..please visit my new site if u like at
and God bless!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

The Unions have been the biggest cause of so many of our jobs going over-seas. They have demanded way too much, and do you know what, it was all done on purpose.

ABNPOPPA said...

Followers and fellow bloggers as you can see it appears the spamers have got mey number or web site. I hate to do it but I will be setting up word verification for in a while for a while.

God Bless you all who leave comments and I hope you will continue to follow CONSERVATIVE OUTRAGE!


MightyMom said...

ayup, unions, foreign interest groups.

tis a sad sad state we live in.

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