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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let the Glory be God's

Let the Glory be God's
Let the joy be the rescued, their family's and the rescuers!

I'm sitting here in front of the tube waiting patiently, sometimes not so patiently, for the rescue of the Chilean miners. My heart is full of hope and my eyes begin to tear up once in a while.  Tears of Joy, manly tears of course, none the less tears.  

My mind wonders what has gone through the minds of these  trapped men and their families. We all know the story, hopefully, you haven't been in a coma for the past two plus months.  I am not a person who necessarily likes tight places, like CAT scan tubes.  I have been to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and hiked some cave trails.  I would probably do it again but, working in a mine, probably not.  

Trapped for 17 days with no one knowing whether they or alive or not.  If you are religious what deals do you make with God?  What promises do you make to get you out a alive? That's the first thing I believe many of us would think. I am reminded what my father, a veteran of WWII fighting in the Philippines,  told me when I enlisted in the ARMY during the Vietnam War.  "Son, there are no atheists in a fox hole"  At some time during my life I told Jacob that story. One of the first things he told me on his first call from Baghdad was simply, "Dad, grandpa was right"   No further explanation was necessary. A quarter mile under the earth with what appears to be any way out would seem like a foxhole to me. I would like to think I would be strong and recite, Something like "not my will but thy will"  I don't know if I am that strong.  Now the hard part.  How to rescue 33 men from a room a quarter of a mile under the surface of the earth.  

The first miner is on his way up

I find it strange that Chile is the country to make this rescue.  Not that it is not worthy but in the US Chile is not the first country of discussion, This country has made history with this rescue and the engineering to support this rescue. I have heard how the US has contributed by supplying NASA style meals for those trapped miners.  Every news reporter has mentioned that.  Is that really germane to the rescue? You all know I love this country more than the air I breathe but give the glory to God!  Give the joy to the family and stuff our "we" attitude in a can.  

I was so pleased to see the President of Chile cross himself when the capsule and it's second rescuer made it safely to the bottom. I wonder if our President would have put himself in a situation that would have had him photographed making the Sign of the Cross?  

The first capsule is UP!!!!  Praise the Lord.  Thirty 32 more miners to go!  He seems well and is greeted by what is believed to be his son and wife.  As the camera pans the crowd tears in the eyes of some of the biggest, rugged, manly men I have ever seen.  Now for the second time the reporter, who's name I don't know has said, "Thank the Lord".  Someone feels the same as I do.  Now 32 more minors to go.

Yes, the country of Chile has many many people working on this project however the engineers who have pulled this off have had a guiding hand that if I could speak Spanish am sure some of these rescuers have thanked as this first miner safely arrived.

More to come for as long as I can stay awake,

1:11AM  The second miner up!  He's hugging all his rescuers and celebrating as the rescuer chant which is spelling out Chile!

6:52AM Seven miners have reached the surface. Number 8 is on the way up!

7:57AM  Number 10 is up and safe.  PTL!

9:47PM Chile time,  Luis Alberto Urzua, the last miner is on his way up! 
He home!  After 69 days Luis Alberto Urzua, the leader of the men trapped underground is OUT!



Adrienne said...

It's a good day the Lord has made...

ABNPOPPA said...

Amen, Adrienne, Amen!

They are all safely home!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

We have witnessed the true mercy and compassion of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

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MightyMom said...

Amazing! Wonderful! Praise God!

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