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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Something Silly

A note on my personal info, I no longer am employed by the world's largest retailer as of Wednesday.  I have instead seized the opportunity to work for the world's largest home improvement center (I think).  This does not mean I will be cheering for the bright orange car and the kid driving it on Sundays.  I am a loyal 24 fan and will stay that way until he retires.  

On to some silly things.

I went to a craft show last weekend to hawk my Watkins Products.  While talking to a widow lady (don't go there) the subject of new friends came up.  We chatted and she told me about her new friends.  I then told her about mine.

First there was the new friend I met while learning to cook, George Foreman.  Of course every body who has met George has met "his" good friend, Mic Row Wave.  Now between these to friends I can cook nearly any dish out there.  Well at least a lot of dishes anyway,  We all know home cooking is wonderful. But, one needs to eat out once in a while and go some place difference.  That brings to my new friend Maggie Gellan.  Maggie Gellan is a petite little one.  She's actually is so small she can sit on  the dashboard of my car! Once I let Maggie know where I want to go Maggie tells me 2 miles, .5, miles and then about 100  feet before I need to make a turn. Maggie even knows where an ATM is in case I need money. It took me a while to get use to her somewhat electronic voice but Maggie didn't miss a turn on my trip to Fayetteville NC on Wednesday.  After visiting my soldier sons, Jacob by birth right and Kody, by "hillbilly adoption" I look forward to Maggie getting me back to Ohio on Saturday. Then Mic and George will probably help me cook a meal.

Friends are not hard to come by in this world.  One only has to look around and have a little imagination.  I'm curious,  Do you have any friends like George, Maggie or Mic Row Wave

Have a GREAT weekend and God Bless America!



Most Rev. Gregori said...

Well, it looks like you got me beat in that friend department.

For a shock, checkout my blog post for today.

MightyMom said...

oh I have lots of friends!!

There's Ken Moore who keeps me in nicely running stitches....

glad you saw your soldier sons!
tell em thanks from me.

PLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE tell me you didn't agree to work at that place that won't let folks put flag pins on their orange aprons!! Go for the other place instead, the Lowe down one that gives all military active and retired an automatic 10% discount on EVERYTHING.

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