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Monday, June 7, 2010

AHHHHH !!!!!

A gentle sigh, the sound of a male cardinal looking for a friend and Ave Marie, playing in the background.  The cardinal comlinments of God and mother nature.  Ave Marie, compliments of  

Yes, I am blogging from the patio tonight.  I have just finished planting 4 rows of lima beans and planting some flowers in the corner of the garden.  Tomorrow is to be nice with a high of 68 and with some luck I will get 4 more rows of green beans in.  Once that is done some lettuce in the raised bed is on order.  I have been scrounging around and have enough landscape timbers to build one more raised bed for a total of 6.  Then I am going to transplant my asparagus into the new raised bed for better control.  AND.....if I get real energetic and with a little luck mow the yard which got neglected this weekend.

I must back up here for a minute and strongly suggest you visit the Monsignors web site for an safety Public Service Announcement.  I haven't heard of any of these turning up here in the Midwest but I am sure they will.  Ain't the internet great. This is very important if you have small children that go outside to play.


Z said...

What a fun blog post...loved reading about the garden, etc., even if I'm not the biggest fan of lima beans! Thanks!

ABNPOPPA said...


Your birthday wish was passed on along with some cookies and cup cakes about 3PM this afternoon! Regarding the garden, stay tuned!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Thanks for the shout out. Lima beans, I love them boiled and smothered in butter with a hint of garlic.

Give a big hug and blessing to the birthday girl for me.

I have a large picture of my sons all together, and each night after my nightly Vesper service, I give them each a kiss good night, and I give "Munchkin" a hug and I am set for the night.

God Bless you and may you have a bright tomorrow.

Spitfire said...

Ya know I love ya Pops, but if you keep talking about these unforgivable temperatures, I may have to spit a couple lima beans atcha!!!! High of 68 indeed....our low tonight is 78! Yes, that's the LOW!!!!! We'll see mid 90's tomorrow and with the humidity it'll feel more like the century mark....PLBPLBPLB. (That's me giving you a raspberry!) LOL!

Glad your garden is going well. I posted a picture of our ginormous zucchini last week...they've been getting bigger!!! I'm going to need a third freezer to try to put all this stuff up!!!! Baruch atta YHVH (Blessed are you YHVH)! No worry about not having food for a while. Giggle. Of course, I'll need to add to my new cookbook. I'm going to call it 1001 ways to fix a'll go nicely with my best seller from two years ago: 1001 ways to fix watermelon. That was the year we were still harvesting watermelon in December!!!! (I never got so sick of watermelon! ARGHGHGHG)

Loved the new happier post for Sabbath. Keep up the great work! And send Mozel Tovs to Eden Hope. Five is an important birthday! Especially to little girls. Now they're old enough to learn how to be wonderful young ladies. (Or dictatorial little monsters....ask my, don't!) LOL! Shabbat Shalom, Sweetie.

ABNPOPPA said...


Ok enough with the lima beans and the temperatures. Having said that it IS suppose to hit 90 here tomorrow!

About the books. Would you like a chapter in one of them entitled Potatoes 10 Day and 10 Ways. Gretchen always said that was the way my mom taught her to cook when "times get hard" "You can always grow potatoes"! I do believe it would make an interesting chapter in the Watermelon book!

I most certainly will pass the Mozel Tovs on to Eden Hope. I am trying very hard to let all my grand children know the ways of their heritage which includes Great Grandma Smyers and Great Great Grandma Steinbrook.

Shalom, my friend

MightyMom said...

Awe and where's our pic of the big girl??

Lima beans? I'm sending Subvet over! Don't worry about sending me any leftovers. No, really, DON'T!

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