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Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Any Cost

To my Catholic friends, allow me to congratulate you on the selection of your new church leader and Pope.  Not being Catholic it does not resonate with me quite as strongly as with you I am certain.  However, being a Constitutional, Christian, Conservative I certainly applaud any new Christian leader who is willing to take up the challenges of Christianity today.

I would like to thank my daughter, Sarah, for the Kindle Fire that was my Christmas present this past year.  I would also like to thank Wendy's Hamburgers for providing the free Wi-Fi, and CNN (yes,CNN) that provided the live coverage which enabled me to watch the new Pope Francis address the crowd at the Vatican.  

Taken aback to say the least was how I would describe this article.  It  deals with Representative Gifford's husband, Mark Kelly.  Now why is it not Representative Kelly or Mark Giffords?  Herein lies part of the problem with the new America that is being pushed by the progressive/liberal party, incorrectly called Democrat. The "win at any cost" mantra used by these misfits and malcontents is somewhat disconcerting to G-d fearing, Bible clutching, gun holding Conservatives.  You see, we too often see the world through rose colored glasses.  We try to understand people in a logical, intelligent way.  The problem with this is the progressive/liberal/democrat isn't dealing with a mind that is logical let alone intelligent.  They deal with everything in a touchy, feeling  emotional way.  Also spoiled and selfish way, my way or I'll take my ball and go home.

I am particularly concerned with Mr. Kelly as he drags the recovering retired Representative around the country highlighting  the before and after of his injured wife.  Retired Representative Giffords cannot hide the injuries she received due to the severity of them.  To start an organization and use her as a prop for what appears to be "his" cause now is unconscionable in my humble opinion. As a military man (retired) he knows the value of being prepared for combat with what ever weapon you have at your disposal.  He as much agreed with this when he stated he would keep the pistol he recently bought.  He used his wife as prop just like he used the AK he bought along with the pistol to attempt to prove his point. This is a sad, sad state of affairs, IMHO, of course. A retired military man touting the progressive/liberal/democrat agenda and using his ill wife to advance this cause is,  again unconscionable.


My second concern comes from my home state (by birth, by choice it would be any southern state) Ohio.  Here we have a perfect example of "win (windy she talks too much for her own good) at any cost" by a supporter of President dope and shame.  The intellectual level of this lady must be somewhere between an amoeba (a one celled animal for those of you in Loma Linda) and a stalk of celery.  I applaud the fact she has proven our voting system is old, outdated and can be breached very easily.  I abhor the fact she put her personal prejudices before the country that gives her that freedom of voting unencumbered and free of threat.  This incident only give rise to the mega possibility that President Dope and Shame could have quite easily been falsely elected.  With the million of dollars from Hollywood, Mr. Soreass, and the unions the electronics of voting  could have been manipulated from somewhere outside the United States. Just for one minute think about it.  One unintelligent woman voting 6 times and don't forget the nun. This woman should be in hiding somewhere in Brazil.  She gave up her Savior for the opportunity to elect President dope and shame!  May the Lord have mercy on her soul. Now again, just think of one computer geek hacking into voting data basis.......need I say more.


One note about the nun she still has a job at the same college.  Don't believe me!  Check it outl

The 54-year-old Kloos has resigned as the dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, where she still serves as an associate professor of religious and pastoral studies.

Would you want her teaching your children at a religious college!  What is wrong with this country!!!

God Bless America and new Pope Francis



Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, that nun is rather typical of the majority of Roman Catholic Nuns today, the majority of them are lesbians who want to be priests and they sell out the Lord in a heart beat to attain their goals.

ABNPOPPA said...


That is a very sad commentary on the Catholic Church. Then again, it seems as if: everything, is going to hell in a handbasket!

Thanks for stopping by and we will have to Skype some evening.


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