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Friday, March 15, 2013

Ohio Senator Portman, Out of the Closet

The decline and decay of the American Republican Party continues.  Coming out of the closet, as it could be referred to is what Ohio Senator Rob Portman did Friday.  Mr. Portman with a programmed plan of a limited press releases and an Op Ed piece in the local Columbus, Ohio rag, The Columbus Dispatch came out in favor of legal homosexual marriage.  Homosexual marriage by definition is impossible. That is what the homosexual community wants to do, change the definition of marriage.    This announcement is so typical of the politicians in Washington DC now.  If this announcement will cause a problem, announce it on Friday.  The weekend is coming and by Monday it will be old news and there will be less heat from the voting public.

During his entire political career Mr. Portman had allegedly been a opponent of homosexual marriage.  What changed his mind on homosexual marriage?  He says the fact that his son told him he was homosexual 2 years ago has brought about the change in his stance.  That doesn’t hold water.  Mr. Portman says he consulted his religious mentor about this.  It is my understanding he attends the Methodist Church.  It is also my understanding the Methodist Church is hemorrhaging parishioners because of their stand or lack thereof on this very issue.*  I might add the Methodist Church is not the only church in this situation so is the Lutheran church of which I have first hand information. 

Mr. Portman was elected by the voters of the state of Ohio.  His job, so to speak, is to vote the will of those that voted him in office.  It is up to him in this position, as a US Senator, to put his personal feelings aside and vote the will of the people.  It has yet to be decided exactly what that will is.  In 2004 the will of the people was 62 percent of the population was against homosexuals being allowed to marry.  Current polls allege the numbers have dramatically shifted to a 50/50 split.  That is quite a shift in a mere 8 years.  
Mr. Portman was elected on a strict Conservative platform.  He either deceived the voters then or this revelation has caused him to waiver on his stated position now. Which ever scenario it was or is Mr. Portman can no longer represent the people of Ohio that elected him.  Personal feelings are not, and should not interfere with the will of the people.  Mr. Portman should immediately resign as he has gained his position as a Senator under false pretense.
Read the complete article, clik here.

Mr. Portman should have seriously consider the saying of Mahatma Gandhi who said, "Hate the sin, love the sinner."** before he made his decision to betray his constituants. Most Conservatives would support Mr. Portman if he would have adopted this approach. However, with this attitude change Mr. Portman is embracing the sin.  Having said that,  let those without sin cast the first stone.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

I would like to know who it is that takes these polls and who the people are that are polled. In all of my 68 years, I have NEVER been polled about anything. I wonder, if Portman's son admitted to being a homosexual pedophile, what would Sen. Portman's views be concerning child molesters?

When America breathes her last gasp, I can just hear God's voice saying: "HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN."

ABNPOPPA said...


Many, many people in Ohio are asking the same question. Unfortunately for Ohioians like many and most polticians it appears Mr. Portman will now start reresenting himself and not those who voted him into office.

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