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Friday, March 8, 2013

A Wise Pope

Not being Catholic I have refrained from commenting about the Pope’s resignation UNTIL NOW! All my religious and Catholic friends don’t get your panties in a bunch; I am not going to crack on the Pope. Remember I have a Monsignor that occasionally reads my blog. The fact of the matter is I believe the Pope did the right thing.

If I may be allowed to reflect on my career for some background you hopefully, will understand why. As a young 24 year old fresh out the Army in 19 and 70 I choose to become a police officer, following in my father’s footsteps so to speak. He was in his 50’s. Being my father, mentor and best friend we often would talk about situations we had been in. As the years rolled by and he left “the streets” for a less active position I began to notice something. The guy I loved and respected more than anybody was slowing down, in mind, in body and in spirit. This was not bad just a plain ol’ ordinary fact of life.

I had enough time to recognize some young rookies coming on the department were better educated, trained and little faster than I. This can be good; of course it can get your butt in a sling also. This sometimes would require the older more experienced officer, (ah hum) me or another more senior officer to bail their backside out of trouble. Getting the drift? I’m not old enough for the “less active” position but I am no longer the “chargin’ Charlie” either. Age, as and in of itself causes class distinctions. It is inevitable.

This reminds me of my young warrior son, Jacob.  He was a big Hulk Hogan fan when he was little.  We used to clear the living room of most breakables and I would put a $5.00 bill on the coffee table.  I told him if he could pin me like Hulk he could have the five bucks.  Of course I won.  We continued to play this game until he went into the Army.  After Iraq and Haiti one afternoon we were clowing around and this yound son of mine ask if I wanted to put the $5.00 bill on the table.  Admittedly I wanted to.  That manly testosterone thing you know.  I thought hmm, me 60 plus about 190, him 30 about 175, age, weight and experience, hmmm.......  Here's the five bucks son, spend it wisely,  I just did! 

As I said I respect the Pope for his decision. He is old and wise. He understands the concept of aging and accepts it. For this every Catholic and non Catholic follower should be thankful.

Now to the heart of this post. I only wish we had the same leadership values in this country. It seems unfortunately many of the most powerful in America think they have tapped into a fountain of youth. Perhaps they fail to recognize they are failing in mind, body and spirit. Perhaps they think they are irreplaceable. Or perhaps they are just full of __it and think they can run everybody’s life better for the good of the all.

My list of those who should take and follow the Pope start off with:

Senator John McCain. I respect his service but IMHO he really needs to retire.

SCOTUS Justice Ruth Ginsberg, Her health by her own statements is affecting her

Ex President Jimmy Carter, every time he makes a statement it reminds me of the rabbit scare during his presidency.

Joan Rivers, just retire to the Old Actors Home, you had a great career, 30 years ago.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City,  I wanna drink a 32 ounce soda!

I might add one more name,
Pops,  at least according to his children, LOL

Of course the list could go on and on however I think you get the my drift. Should you care to comment feel free to leave the name of those you may think should follow the Pope’s lead.

God Bless America



Subvet said...

Good post Pops. I agree about the Pope and honestly believe the Holy Spirit is clearing the decks, getting ready for the Church to sail into battle with the Enemy. God's will be done.

Speaking of celebrities who should have retired long ago; Is Cher still on her Farewell tour?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, the way I see it, in my case at least, as long as I wake up every morning and I don't see grass roots staring at me, it is a good day , even if the old bones aren't as sturdy as they used to be and I have more "brain farts" then a few years ago, I am still good to go. When the day arrives that I stumble into the bath room and cannot remember if I was coming or going, is when I will retire to an old age home or to one of my sons if they will still have me when my body becomes a haunted house (strange noises and funny smells).

I said all that just to say, that since I am an Orthodox Catholic and not under the jurisdiction of the Pope, his decision to step down has no real effect on me, but I also believe he made the right choice both for himself and for the Church, as I have noticed that he really has not been looking well lately, and I fear that with the anti-christian, especially anti-catholic sentiments growing by leaps and bounds, things are going to get a lot tougher real soon, and it will take a younger and healthier man to carry on the fight. I can only wish Benedict and his successor all the blessing of our Heavenly Father.

ABNPOPPA said...

Subvet and MRG,

Thanks for stopping by. I believe Cher and Babs are doing a duet "final" tour.

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