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Monday, June 25, 2012


OSU's new football coach, Urban Meyers' contract is 33 pages long.  Since the university has/was and still is under close scrutiny by the NCAA.  Apparently the university wants to appear totally absorbed in running a squeaky clean football program. After the Jim Tressel fiasco with players trading memorabilia for tattoos drew attention to OSU. Then ensuing botched investigation by the athletic director  (create a $250K job for my wife) Gene Smith  OSU liberals are craving less attention from the NCAA and more attention from athletic BIG  $$$ donors.

One only has to examine, not too closely I might add, to see that winning is still tantamount at OSU.  A few of the highlights of coach Meyers' contract are:

Base Salary                                          $ 750,000

Media Promotions                               1,850,000
and public relations
Equipment and shoe Contract            1,400,000
Remain under contract Jan 2016          750,000 

Remain under contract Jan 2014          450,000
National Championship appearance      250,000

You do the math Darrell.  That looks like a pretty good chunk of change to this ol' farm boy.

Excuse me, I forgot,

Team GPA average 3.0      $50,000
Team GPA average 3.5      150,000
(This is compliance section?)

National Championship appearance $250,000, ....motivate 50-60 college jocks to study $50,000 Hmm.

It's all about the money and don't let anyone tell you any different!



Subvet said...

So we can expect a slew of football players majoring in basketweaving? I'm more and more convinced that I missed absolutely zip by joining the military out of high school vice going to college.

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks for stopping by Subvet. Although I got a couple looks by small colleges I, like you am glad I joined the ARMY right after school too! I used my GI Bill later to go to college and was much, much more mature as a student.

God Bless our Military!!


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ABNPOPPA said...

Well, live sports, Thanks Buddy.

And, thanks for stopping by Conservative Outrage, the blog


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