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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Above the Fold

I had the opportunity this morning to see the local Columbus rag.  It's commonly called the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch.  Placement above the fold as we all know is paramount to "getting the word out".  If you are a "lean to the left" rag such as the Columbus Dispatch "the Word" translates to "our Word". This translates to the Democratic Party, local, which runs Columbus and then the National Democratic Party. 

So why was "above the fold so eye catching?  On the right side of the paper the headlines read "Broader Health Care Coverage".  Who isn't for broader health care coverage with the pending doom of obamacare breathing hotly down our necks .  Hopefully there are 5 Supreme Court Justices who will keep their head about them and strike down this unconstitutional law.  

The "above the fold" on the left side headlines was "free Ride at OSU.  Here OSU equals Ohio State University.   Ohio State University runs the city of Columbus from behind the scenes. OSU is the largest non-governmental employer in the city of Columbus.  This leads me back to the "Broader Health Care Coverage",  A great idea until you read the story.  It seems that OSU'S Wexner Medical Center  wants to go in partnership with the Federal Government and create  a program that would offer health care to  individuals in and around the university hospital.  According to the Columbus Dispatch the program would cost $65 million over a period of 15 months.  Do the math Darrell.  That's 4.3 million dollars of hard working taxpayers money per month! 

This little plan according to the Dispatch could be in trouble if the US Supreme Court strikes down obamacare.  Again it involves another waiver like those granted to MacDonald's, Red Lobster, Regis Corp. DISH Network and over 100 more. Now, since the area around the university is being targeted, being a somewhat suspicious person I wonder where all these freebie patients would receive their healthcare.  Hmm, does the University Hospital come to mind.  Once again the lefties in Columbus Ohio are reaching their hand out and sticking in the pockets of hard working Americans.  

I really do care about people and realize that some people need healthcare and cannot afford it.  They all ready get it at the University Hospital and it's funded by those of us who have healthcare in the high insurance premiums we pay.  OSU, if you want to create a program for those without healthcare please feel free to do so.  Just leave the Federal government and ME along with  MY FELLOW AMERICANS out of it!  Simply put........... WE CAN'T AFFORD IT! 

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