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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Take This Reg and Shove It!

I just love the World Net Daily.  It has articles that never make it to Fox News, CNN, msnbc, and other "main stream media".  You have heard some radio/TV talk show host rant lately about Health Care, Cap and Tax, Immigration, and unemployment.  What you haven't heard it how the STATES, that's right, the STATES are telling the Federal Government to take their Firearm Regulations and shove it.  They have a great article on the states that have basically told the Feds not to worry about weapons and ammunition made within their state borders.  They, the state, will regulate it and the Feds need not apply.  So far only three states have passed this type of law however, well over half of the states have introduced bills supporting in the state firearm regulations.

World Net Daily has a wonderful color map showing the who and what of this movement.  Go here and check out what your state is doing and fire someone up if your state is dragging their feet.

I have to take a moment here to pat myself on the back.  Several months ago, December 29,2009 to be exact, with a lot of help from my good friend and fellow blogger Most Rev. Gregori at LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN   we wrote a post about the German outrage know at Kristallnacht.  Today on the Glenn Beck Show Glenn Beck used it.  Why do I pat myself and MRG on the back.  Because we prove that bloggers are light years ahead of major news networks.  A hearty ATTA BOY to MRG for his hard work on the post.

While I was in Fayville a couple of weeks ago I picked up a free newspaper with the name of CIVITAS Capitol Connection.  The headline was Legislature Slashes Sentences for Murderers and Rapists.  Now having worn the uniform of a Police Officer for a few years I found this interesting reading.  In a nut shell, North Carolina Senate Bill 488 Established Proportionate Sentence Lengths.  This is interesting because the State of North Carolina all ready has established sentencing.  What SB 488 does is create another bureaucratic step in the process that is shortening current sentences.  Thereby allowing murders and rapists and others out of prison in less time than the judge sentenced them.

By doing this, according to the North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission the need for prison beds will be reduced by 244 in the next 2 years.  WOW!  By 2020 that number goes to 2000 beds.  Makes me want to move to North Carolina.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention the 13 million dollars it with save the state in 2011.  I am sure the residents of North Carolina feel good about that!

Going out on a limb here about General Colin Powell.  A man I had great respect one time.  A small article gleaned from the USA Today February 22,2009 reports General Powell supports the Obama administration when it comes to National Security.  He states, "Terrorists are out there. They're trying to get through.."  He further rejects former Vice President Cheney's view that the country is less safe because of the Obama administrations National Security issues.  General Powell did say he was "surprised" by the lack of coordination among federal agencies.  General Powell continues to back President Obama  while criticizing him.  General Powell, who calls himself a Republican, supported Senator Obama for the Presidency and continues to support him.  Apparently General Powell has hung up his American stars and picked up his new black stars.

One more for the road and this is a dusey (is that a word?).  What rock has this woman been hiding under?  Perhaps I should say, what rock did Obama turn over to find this woman? Dawn Johnsen is the name nut case appears to be the game.  She was just passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee to head up the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. According to the story at Life this radical, left wing, nutcase has suggested carrying a baby to full term is in violation of the 13th Amendment.  The 13th Amendment is the Amendment concerning Involuntary Servitude. With the exception of rape and incest doesn't the woman bare some responsibility in her pregnancy, or is  that just a guy thought?

To her credit she does have certain Obama qualities.  She apparently doesn't like the Catholic Church and tried to have it Tax Exempt status removed.  She certainly knows a lot about abortion since she was the legal director of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) from 1988-1993. Too bad her mother didn't accept the option of abortion.  If you can stomach it read the complete article here.

EDITED 03/12/10

Just a note regarding the North Carolina section in this post.  It is being reported on FOX News that the State of North Carolina is withholding payment of state tax refunds for an unknown period of time.  Don't count on your tax refund to buy a new security system for your home.  Buy a shotgun instead and save the State of North Carolina even more prison space.  Burial plots are much cheaper!



Archbishop said...

Pops, Thanks for the "hat tip". I missed Glenn Beck today because I had to babysit my grand kids and didn't home in time.

I do believe that Obama looks under every rock, scrapes the bottom of every garbage can, and maybe even wades around a few cess pools to find the creeps and slugs he appoints to different positions in his administration. So far he has sexual deviants, tax cheats, liars, communists, etc. Kinda sounds like the sort of folks Hitler had in his administration.

Unless we rise up and do something quickly, the United States will come apart at the seams.

MightyMom said...

well now kudos to you you !!! I DON'T come!

about that broad...."if I only had a brain" is suddenly running through my head!

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