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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day America Died

Sunday December 7,1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt  said is "a date that will live in infamy". Today, March 21,2010 under the leadership of the most Progressive Demoncratic President, ruthless pro-abortion urders the House of Representatives and the US Senate have committed a most grievous act. History will bear out,  the beginning of the end for the greatest country that this world has known. With the passage of a 2000 plus page bill that controls one sixth of the US economy this Demoncratically controlled Congress will allow the murder not only of the unborn but the with holding of medicines and services to the  poor and the elderly. This bill will cut Medicare by $500,000,000. It will grant special privileges to states like Nebraska, Florida, Connecticut and other special favors to any and all that supported this legislation.

This legislation will force states to provide health-care  to nearly 16 million more patients. That in itself does not sound like a bad thing. However, many states are all ready strapped with unsustainable health-care budgets now.  Bankrupting the states will only bring the demise of this county on sooner.  The truly sad part of this situation is it is NOT all inclusive and never will be.  Soon down the road if this country survives Barack Hussein Obama will do a magic dance and take over more of this once great nation's economy.  

May we all pray for the unborn as the Bart Stupak gang capitulated and gone over to the side of the most pro-abortion President to draw a breath.  Stupak and his gang have signed the death warrant for the unborn  and now the unborn, no matter how you frame it will be murdered by taxpayer monies.  Waving a promise, not to pay (for abortions) from the President,Stupak has given the go ahead for more murdering of the unborn. An Executive Order by the president does not override laws passed by Congress.  Representative Stupak knows that yet is applauding the President for issuing a bogus Executive Order not allowing Federal funds for abortion. Clik here. Just a few brief comments on this bogus and cowardly act by Stupak:

Representative Chris Smith, a longtime Republican opponent of abortion, called the order a "trick" and said the bill included a "congressional mandated tax to support abortion."
"Unborn children and mothers will be killed by abortion in larger numbers as a direct result of this legislation, should it be enacted into law," Smith said at a briefing with other Republicans.

"An executive order issued by the president is not worth the paper it is printed on," said Republican Representative Jean Schmidt. "It can be rescinded in the blink of an eye."
May G-d have mercy on their souls.

Like John Paul Jones the fight is not, repeat, not over.  The Heritage Foundation clik here along with up to 38 states have vowed to fight this bill through the courts. Senator Orin Hatch has  pointed out discrepancies in the bill that will be challenged with the Parliamentarian.  Never in the history of this country has the Congress, controlled by one party been so blatantly self centered when it comes to the will of the people. The socialist demoncrats and the socialist President may have won this round however, the fight is not over.

I call on my fellow bloggers, readers and followers to post and track all the demoncrats that voted for this bill.  Follow this demoncrats right up to the fall elections and campaign against them.  If your Representative voted against this find a Representative close to you and target them for ouster.  This bill can be resended if enough Conservatives are elected in the November elections.  Fight and fight we must!

God save America



Z said...

Isn't it awful? And have you seen the video of Stupak admitting he was going to vote FOR the bill all along...yup! I've seen and heard it!
I found 'tis

See that and know the truth! @(#&(*&#@$ This guy is BAD.

MightyMom said...


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, I see no alternative but to have an open revolution or try and get our states to cede from this now defunct Union.

Subvet said...

"This legislation will force states to provide health-care to nearly 16 million more patients."

In a recent poll, over 1/3 of doctors who responded said they would retire early or just flat leave the medical profession if Obamacare passed.

More patients, less doctors. Hey, what's the problem?

Keep yourself healthy, it won't be long before we hit the "Soylent Green" stage.

ABNPOPPA said...

Soylent Green. I haven't heard that in a long time but with the current situation you might be closer than you think, Subvet.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, this blog sounds like a domestic terrorist forum.

ABNPOPPA said...


That, sir, is your opinion of which I will fight to the death to defend it. As you can see others feel differently. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will return and leave us a moniker so we may continue to discuss some of the important issues of the day.

They call me Pops

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