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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laying it on the Line

It is needless to say there is extreme discussion and debate over the passage of the "health care bill".  Whether you are for or against it the discussion goes on in the lunch rooms, in the cab, at church, and in the board rooms. Most of us just bit__, gripe and complain.  Very few of us call or write letters to those in charge giving our point of view. A very, very few post their name, face and a video on You Tube.  Here is a man, who if he was Spanish, it would be said he has cojones!  My friend and fellow blogger Most Reverend Gregori at Let the Truth be Known has done that.  I urge you to go watch this short but powerful video here.  This man is laying it all on the line for a cause he believes in. 

I haven't posted my thoughts on You Tube, have you?  I don't know how to post a video on You Tube. If  I did I wonder if I would. It does make me wonder about myself and how strong of a person I am.  It makes me wonder what I would do if this current administration really got out of hand.  I wonder if I would be strong enough to stand up and be counted.  The last time I believe the Nation got this upset over and issue more Americans died in a civil war than all the other wars together. I hope it doesn't come to that.  I pray it doesn't come to that.  One does have to consider the possibility though.  


I don't follow Ann Coulter very often so when I heard she was speaking in Canada I tuned in.  Apparently she didn't speak in Canada.  Canada has "hate speech" laws. Apparently she was advised of this by a high ranking government official.  The thought of being charge with a crime and the fact that it doesn't appear the Canadian government and college she was going to speak at didn't get over excited about provided adequate security caused her to cancel the speech.  Read more complete article here 
Just an added note.  If our health care is becoming like Canada are our morals and hate crimes going to be more like Canada's?  Will a person  be allowed to voice their own opinion?  Read who was allowed to speak in Canada in the article. It is amazing.

For the most gut-wrenching CONSERVATIVE OUTRAGE of the day, week, and possibly the year is the story of the 15 year old child who was allowed to and received help from her school to have her unborn child aborted.  It seems the mother of the child signed a consent form for the child to receive medical care at the school in the event of an emergency or routine examination for sports etc.  What the school did was make arrangements for the child to be excused from class, provide transportation to an abortion clinic and back again.  This is just unconscionable in my humble opinion. Not being a big fan of litigation I would suggest to the parents they sue everybody from the Board of Education on down to the janitor of the school personally, not professionally.  If you can stomach reading this story and the comments of the ABC new readers clik here.

Another added note to this story.  The school board issued this statement:

A spokeswoman for the Seattle School District, which includes Ballard High School, declined to comment and referred all questions to the King County Health Department, the administrator of school-based health programs.

Folks, you have to take responsibility for your actions sometime. The Seattle School District's attempt to push this to the King County Health Department shows the lack of character on the part of the school board.  If you are disturbed by the action of this school board and the school you may contact members at this web site. Clik here. I would make a personal plea for you to forward this to all your friends and followers.  If this activity is allowed to go unpunished it could and will spread like wildfire though out all of our public schools.

God Bless America and have mercy on us.



Most Rev. Gregori said...


Thanks for the link and your kind words. I decided to start posting to You Tube because I thought I could reach more people with the truth and hopefully spark more people to speak up and speak out with boldness.

I fear God way more then any leftist, godless jackass, the worst they could do is kill my body, God can destroy my soul.

MightyMom said...

I came I read I puked....

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter? A woman who spews more hatred and bigotry than any person I've been in contact with. I find her disgusting.


ABNPOPPA said...

Anonymous, I thank you for leaving a name. I now can address you as Steve. Again, thank you for visiting my blog. In your comment you said, "I've been in contact with." I take it you have been in contact with Ms. Coulter. She is a lightning rod I agree. Unfortunately unlike this blog it appears the left in Canada and in the United States only wants to hear their side of an argument. Making a presumption you are the same Anonymous that left a comment on my previous post I am beginning to think you may be the same way.

Although I appreciate your comments we here at Conservative Outrage prefer more substantive discussion with facts and figures. Personal attacks are frowned on. I look forward to more discussion with you and any friends you may bring along.


Anonymous said...

It is a fact that she called Sen John Edwards a "faggot." Unless those types of words are common amongst similar readers of your post, it is truly, disgusting.

The Man Upstairs, through his disciples has said judge not, lest ye be judged and moral fiber would encourage us to believe that said vocabulary is portraying hate and discrimination, which was addressed in the 1960's during the free speech movement in UC Berkeley.

There has never been anything wrong with a good ball game and although it's quite thrilling when the benches clear, there are not nearly as many cameras around to be able to produce an instant replay in reality.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with strong women expressing their views. It's when women like Ann Coulter, who get a following of angry people, who use demeaning words, such as the one used at the beginning of this comment does not show her strongness- it produces the vile that creates more hate, which I'm sure that HE is not to proud of.


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