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Monday, June 1, 2009


Conservative Outrage is about fair and honest discussion. We discuss both sides of an issue and wish to see both sides of the issue are distributed to the readers.

Regarding my post on the disrespect by some in this country to the American flag. I suggested you contact Kindred Healthcare and voice your opinion. I did. I received this reply. I also sent a follow-up to be certain regarding the placement of the flag and received the second email. Please read them both and post them on your blogs if you had previously posted regarding this incident.


Thank you so much for your comments.

We share your anger and hurt about the removal of the flag. It is very important to clarify that a misunderstanding has been communicated through the media. The supervisor that is described in the media is actually the co-worker of Mrs. McLucas and not actually Ms. McLucas's immediate supervisor. The incident was between two nursing supervisors who had a dispute.

It was wrong and disrespectful and as soon as we learned about it, we took immediate action to correct the situation. The flag is now proudly displayed once again, and we apologize to all who were equally offended by the unpatriotic action, including the owner of the flag. We have reprimanded the employee and let them know we don't tolerate behavior inconsistent with our Company's values.

We are sorry that this incident gave the impression that Kindred Healthcare does not respect the flag or the sacrifices it represents. We value all our employees and we are proud of our history of supporting those who have selflessly contributed to their country and community through both military service and celebrations honoring those we serve.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts. I wish you the best.

Jennifer Barrows
Kindred Healthcare

My request regarding placement of the flag
Ms. Barrows,

Thank you for your reply. I would take it when you say the flag is "proudly displayed again" this means the flag is back up in the office of Mrs. McLucas or displayed somewhere she has agreed to. If this is correct please advise me. I had posted this and other incidents of lack of respect regarding the flag on my blog Conservative Outrage I would like to post your reply in fairness to Kinderedhealthcare also. I always try to keep my blog fair. Since action was taken by your facility that should be posted and will be in a positive means.

Proud Father of an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper

Second reply
Received from Mr. Dave Inman of Kindred Healthcare

Dear ABNPOPPA*: Thanks for your note. I just wanted to confirm that the
flag has been re-hung by Deb McLucas and will be displayed for as long as
she wishes. Hope this answers your question. If not, please let me know.

Ok folks. These people have responded. Now if you used the original as a post let's get the word out Kindred Healthcare has dealt positively with the issue. Let's get with it people here are their email addresses. A little "Thank You" would be nice! Let's use them!


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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pop, glad to hear that this incident was resolved in an amicable manner.

I feel that if our flag so offends some immigrants, then they should do us all a favor and return to their country of origin.

Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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