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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Did He Just BLINK?

As most of my followers know I have not used CONSERVATIVE OUTRAGE to discuss President Obama's poor showing regarding the economy, military strategy, poor choices in selection of his cabinet, or his total and complete misunderstanding of foreign in affairs. I have posted about these areas of concern on occasion.

Today admittedly, from FOX NEWS.COM, I garnered this piece of information. Many 'ditto heads (I am not one) have heard from their leader, and others this administration is anti-capitalism. I do not have access to the White House corporate board room to either overrule nor sustain these statements. I do have a little Midwestern, good ol' boy common sense, I believe. I know that when my bank goes under it's probably because of poor management. Most businesses that go under are the subject of that malaise. Not all, but most. That my friends is a fact of life.

It seems to me that giving more money to bad businesses and bad managers is like ah.....let me clean this up....yes, pouring water down a rat hole. For some reason it just never fills up and pretty soon you run out of ....water. You now have a muddy hole in the ground and no water. This adds up to nothing. As I see it you give a bad bank and a bad banker money and shortly you wind up with a muddy hole in the ground no water, aka, a bad bank and no money!

Now that seems to be President Obama's idea. Have the government give more money to bad banks and bad managers. It's quite similar to our public school system, give more money to the worst schools and expect them to get better. Or like the social security system which I believe is to run out before I may collect my money. I am not that far away. Perhaps President Obama didn't quite understand basic economics in college. He does appear that way with his nomination of tax cheats leading up to his latest pick.

Checks and Balances President Obama, checks and balances. It is a relatively simple process. Capitalism is run on checks and balances. Not pouring water down a rat hole. Why go on about this you may say to yourself. Well, in my humble opinion, I think I just saw him blink. It begins with this remark.

The Obama team announced its intention to partner with the private sector to buy $500 billion to $1 trillion of distressed assets as part of its revamping of the $700 billion bank bailout last month.

I'll blog, you decide.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

It is my humble opinion that the only reason why this administration wants to continue pouring money down the sh-- er rat hole is that little by little, the government will eventually own all of the banks, insurance companies, automotive companies, medical,etc., then VOILA, Socialism/Marxism. then the Government owns everything and we wor___, I mean slave for them.

ABNPOPPA said...

That is an excellent point. I believe you may be right. I hope you are wrong. I am trying to look at the glass being half full. He may realize he is going to need more help regarding this huge mistake he has just made. He would never admit it though. I think this is a way out, if we take it.


MightyMom said...

he just pisses me off

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