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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Key West & Stem Cell

Blogging from the city of the south, Key West, Florida. Retirement has it's rewards. Rest and relaxation.

I'm sitting in the lobby of a well know hotel chain where the television appears to be permanently tuned to the Clinton News Network. As I always do if and when I can give credit where credit is due. CNN has been running a segment for the past 30-40 minutes about how to improve your resume'. That's the good part, "WHERE THE JOBS ARE".

Unfortunately as with many left wing and liberal media outlets it is greatly overshatdowed by another much bigger aspect of their program. This I have seen twice in the hour I have been sitting here. The Clinton News Network has run a news piece stating the "unemployment & underemployment rate is nearly 15%. Then they flash in large bold numbers 14.6% after stating the rate as nearly 15 %. The small print underneath the numbers read unemployment/underemployment. Much smaller than the numbers.

What disturbs me about this factual statement is many people will only see the numbers. Then they will in the course of conversation or in their minds remember the numbers and relate unemployment with 14+%. Which, of course, is wrong. This is just a continuation of the media tryiing its liberal best to cconvience and scare people into President Obama's plans at any cost.

I will be the first to agree that the numbers are most like correct or CNN wouldn't use them. What I object to is the underhanded way they portray them. If you stop, look, and listen you grasp the complete concept. In our helter skelter world we many times only get the bits and pieces. Then the fear sets in. A tactic used exceptionally well by this administration during the campaign and now.

I on the other hand choose to look at it in a totally different manner. Yes, approximately 85% of the population have jobs. Approximately 92% have jobs they are somewhat comfortable with and don't feel they are working in a position they are over qualified for. Then there is the 2 to 4 percent hard core underemployed that wouldn't take a job if you gave it to them. That leaves approximately 3 to 4 percent of the population looking for a job in a serious way.

I just had a conversation with a young man here from San Diego, California. He, like Aaron, the eldest of our boys, is a union carpenter. He states he has been out of work for over 6 months and can't pay his union dues for the lack of money. During he course of conversation he told me he flew in late last night with his girlfriend to attend a wedding. He left shortly to pick up a rented motor scooter so often used here on the island for transportation. A nice pleasant young man to talk with. Having a union carpenter as a son I can somewhat relate. But,'s got to make you wonder about priorities.

Late breaking news. President Obama to continue his support to murdering the most innocent of our citizens, the unborn. It has just been reported on the Clinton News Network he will allow federal funding for stem cell research. Why should we believe any different of hm now. He should this card as a politician in Illinois. MORE AS THE STORY DEVELOPES.

Why does Sodom and Gomorrah keep comming to mind!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Obama is so absolutely evil that I could almost believe that he is the anti-Christ.

If you notice, he is so damn clueless as to what to do to fix the mess that he helped create when he was a Senator, and he can't stand the heat, so he beats it out of the kitchen (White House) just about every day and flying off somewhere acting like he is still campaigning.

Many times in the past, I have said he is an empty head in an empty suit. The only thing he is good at is Bull S_ _ting the public, and coming up with more evil each day.

Subvet said...

I'm waiting for all the prolifers that sang his praises to admit they were wrong in voting for B.O., that his policies WON'T reduce unwanted pregnancies/abortions. I may have a long wait.

As for the economy, it's in the toilet but I can't get too worried. Everytime I do I remember we're a country where the poor currently suffer from an "obesity epidemic". Where I come from, that means they eat too much. Which means they ain't starving. Which means life isn't all that bad for those who supposedly have the least in this country.

I mean, how else do you get obese? Is there some kind of virus going around? Does Joe Schmoe wake up in the morning, go to the mirror, scream and yell to the wife, "Honey, I gained over 50 lbs. in my sleep! Call the doctor, I got the obesity bug!"

Just wondering.

MightyMom said...

well, actually I DID wake up one morning to discover I was fat..............course I was also pregnant!!

well written pops.

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