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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Grandchildren Can't Afford This!

Good Evening my fellow Americans. I come to you tonight with a request, a very serious request. Currently, the United States Senate is debating a bill that will plunge this country into debt that our grandchildren will be paying for in their retirement years. I feel bad for every American who may loose his home, for every American who, has or may loose her/his job, for every American who's retirement fund has been reduced drastically however, this bill will not be an instant fix.In fact it will spend more money on social service, birth control, parks, neighborhood watch than on job creation. Americans, that's us, middle America, we just can't afford it!

Our elected officials are out of touch with us. They live and operate in a world where they don't pump their own gas, write the check for the electric bill, shop at the world's largest retailer. They don't go to Macy's or the Limited or other middle American stores. They have free checking, health care for life, free postage for crying out loud! Our public servants are out of touch with America and the people who live in this great county.

This Gallup Poll released today shows the majority American public doesn't want this bill passed in its present form or at least want major changes in it. We must make them listen to us, the Americans who voted them in office. Our grandchildren can't afford this bill! We must let them know this and we must do it NOW. Beneath the poll is the web site to locate your United States Senator. I urge you, no I am begging you to call their office, and email them. Be firm but polite and tell them you respect what they are trying to do however, you are in total disagreement. We cannot save every failing business, nor every failing mortgage, every devastated 401 K account. We can pull ourselves up by the "bootstraps". We have been, currently are, and will continue to be the best damned country in the world!

PRINCETON, NJ -- A strong majority of Americans (75%) want Congress to pass some version of President Obama's economic stimulus plan, but this group is split down the middle on whether it should be passed as is or with major changes.

February 03, 2009

Poll: Americans Want Major Changes to Stimulus

A new Gallup poll released today says that 75% of Americans support the concept of a stimulus plan, but 54% either want to see major changes to the current plan, or outright reject it.


Supporting articles:

Accountants against the stimulus, clik here.

Rasmussen Poll, clik here.

Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat, clik here.

I would add one futher comment. Being just a country boy from the Midwest, why does President Obama set a deadline on passing an
$800,000,000,000 spending bill. Wouldn't it make just a little more sense to take some time and GET IT RIGHT! He currently on TV, as I type, speaking to the Democrats who are at a retreat about 150 miles from Washington DC. President Obama took Air Force One there. Wouldn't it be cheaper and more environmentally better to teleconference?


Please, our grandchildren can't afford this bill! Tell your friends too!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Listening to Obama earlier this evening, I get the impression that he wants to cram the Obama-Pelosi Big spending bill down our throats one way or another, no matter what the majority of Americans want.

We now have "FREE" health care for children of illegals even though the majority are against it. These socialist/communists in power don't give a damn what the people want, only what they feel is best for us.

MightyMom said...

getting me so angry I can't type is NOT condusive to increasing your comments.

ABNPOPPA said...


Do you mean my post is getting you angry?


Harry said...

Hmm, we seem to be on the same wavelength on this.

The Localmalcontent said...

The controversial leader, 0bama, wants this BS passed as quickly as possible, so that no one has time to read it, to realize how bizzare and how blatently patronizing to his early supporters, this bill is.

Three R. Senators are needed to pass this: nelson, snowe, and collins.

Call their offices, with vitriol.

Elizabeth said...

Are you an economist?

Elizabeth said...

btw, I'm taking my blog public again. Sorry, no pole dancing pictures.

Cindy said...

If Bush didn't spend over a trillion dollar for a war killing people in other countries for absolutely no reason. We would have had a trillion dollar less for all our grand children to pay back.

I was as die hard Republican and grew-up during Reagan, but now after 20 years out of 28 years of Republicans in the White House the national debt has quadrupled. I don't trust Democrat, nor Republican. Republicans spend on military and spend much more. They mortgaged this country to no end. It ridiculous. Both parties should be a shamed of their spending!!

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