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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Rally in the Streets!

This was stolen from my friend and my BIC (Brother in Christ)  the Local Malcontent at:  check out his blog.


Slightly behind schedule but.......As I had told some of you I planned to attend the Romney/Ryan rally in the town of Lancaster which is near where I live.  Actually I lived there for a few short months while waiting on my then, Army dad to arrange housing for the family in England.  I won't give the dates I lived in England  however, if you are really that interested my sister and I marched in Queen Elizabeth's Coronation parade.  Enough about me and on with the rally in the streets (of Lancaster, Ohio).

I didn't have a ticket (which was free) so I was winging it.  My hope was to get to Republican HQ early enough to obtain one there, which was advertised.  That was my 2nd mistake.  The first was not reading my email completely and thinking the rally would be at the fairgrounds.  This made perfect sense to me as the Fairfield County fair was going on and there is a grandstand and PA system and all that stuff.  Apparently when the Secret Service boys got into town they didn't like the large hills and congestion soooo the Rally was held in the downtown area.  Approximately an eight square block area  was cordoned off and a stage erected right beneath the town hall building with the bell tower.  I guess that gave the Secret Service guys the high ground and allowed quick egress and exit if necessary.

Let me back track here a bit.  Regarding this Post's Title.  On the net this morning I read some very disturbing news about "Tweets".  Personally, I don't "tweet"  or "twit" or give a _hit about what people tweet or twit!  However, it seems hundreds of thousands of "turds" have tweeted or twitted that if President Dope and Shame is not re-elected they are going to riot in the streets.  Several of these "turds" tweeted or twitted that they would assassinate then President Romney should he be elected! I find this a Conservative Outrage!!! I hope  the FBI  and the sober Secret Service agents are out interviewing and arresting every one of these turds. I believe it IS A CRIME, to threaten the President of the United States of America!!!  Clik here for full story. Therefore my counter to the turds that tweeted or twitted is a Conservative safe, "Rally in the Streets! Where the trash is picked up and the place doesn't look like a pig sty after the gathering such as the Obama coronation in Washington DC!!!

Now where was I?  Oh yes, A very nice Deputy pointed me to the VIP table at the check inThen a very nice lady pointed me to the Instant Ticket table.  I obtained my FREE and INSTANT  ticket and entered nearly hallowed ground.  You could feel the electricity in the air.  I found a location near the back where I could watch the crowd.  I had just watched the movie The Jackal a couple of nights before and kept looking for Bruce Willis and a white van.  I did spot the Secret Service agent in the bell tower as did several other veterans that had gathered around me.  It seems us older vets just come together somehow like a magnet and iron. Perhaps is keeping your back to the wall or something like that but we all seemed to gather near the back of the crowd.

The actual rally started with the Benediction (bet they don't do that at an Obama rally).  A local Boy Scout troop presented the Colors and then the National Anthem.  My fellow Americans, let me say this about that. My father was in the Army the first 13 years of my life.  I played  varsity high school sports four years and then spent  4 years myself in the Army.  My son, Jacob spend five years with the 82nd Airborne as most of you know.  I say that for you to understand I have heard a few National Anthems sung.  Never, I repeat never in my 64 years have I heard the National Anthem sung by one person with so much enthusiasm, with so much professionalism or so much emotion as I did Friday night.  It brought tears to my eyes and to many of the eyes around me.  And, the very next night it was my pleasure at a local hot dog roast to meet the aunt and uncle of this young woman.  She is on Face Book. I believe she has a CD of it.  I will let you know.  

Of course all the local dignitaries spoke before Mr Romney and Mr. Ryan spoke and we all suffered through that with only few minor bruises.  Mr Ryan spoke first and reminded us he was an Ohio college grad and felt like a fellow Buckeye.  The State of Ohio's tree is the Buckeye.  He then introduced Mr. Romney.  OMG!   What a roar, a reported 8000 people in a confined few small town city blocks rocked the buildings!  It was just awesome.  Which is not a very good descriptive word but this ol' country boy ain't very good when it comes to fancy words  ifn yo'al know what I mean.  I just took a picture of the stage, Governor Romney at the podium with the flag waving in the breeze behind him and sent it to my friends.  I captioned it, "This is what it's all about."  God, Country and Family.

Mr Obama, I will gladly "cling to my guns and Bible"  until the day I die and you or no one else will take that away from me.  

PS.  I am going to try to post some piks later,  I need help on that from my wonderful daughter.

                             VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY!!!



The Local Malcontent said...

The swelling of national pride, and the emotion you felt, comes through in describing hearing the national anthem sung at this rally, Pops.
And it's a sure fire bet that NO Dem. rally begins with a prayer (take that tip from a fmr. casino manager).

Resist the unwanted change that progressives are trying to bring about.
I know that Ohioans like you Pop, will search deep within yourselves
and vote with America's best interests and her revival in mind, and Ohio will be RED in November.
Queen Elizabeth's coronation, huh??

Is that Queen Elizabeth #1, or #2?
lol ;)

The Local Malcontent said...

Thank You also, for the shout out, BIC~!

ABNPOPPA said...

You're too funny Mal! Actually I think it was the first one!!! LOL


Jeff-for-progress said...


It's a Liberal Outrage that someone Tweeted about assassinating Romney if elected. As it should be a Conservative Outrage if someone said the same thing about Obama.

Glad, your active in the Romney campaign in Ohio, I've done some work for Obama in Virginia. It's better to stand up for your values and get involved rather than just bitch and stew about it.

Take Care.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I pray that Ohioans, as well as all Americans, come to their senses on election day. If Romney loses, we may have to rise up to remove Obama. Either that or we slink off and watch America die.

Anonymous said...

Hey Obimmer, stop slapping yourself on the back and trim on the TV and watch the people all over New York and Long Island who are suffering . This is Your Katrina.

in the vanguard said...

When they stand in your mind side by side, Hussein and Mitt are like night and day, respectively. Mitt is a sincere gentleman, with all the right qualities of decency. The other is more of a subhuman, who can wrecklessly lie and trample human rights without a care in the world. One you can't help but love, while the other you can't help but despise.

It's a very sad day for Americans.

A silver lining remains, nevertheless, and that is: All that God does is for the good.

Jeff-for-progress said...

The president sub-human? I don't think so. Both Obama and Romney acted like gentlemen in their respective speeches at the end of the campaign. Time to put away the over-heated rhetoric. "The People have Spoken."

Anonymous said...

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