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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Obamacare, PLEASE, Give me More!

Needless to say I've been AWOL (Absent With Out Leave) for those of you in Loma Linda, for a while.  Hopefully for  me and what's left of my followers I am back.  The last 6 months have been both trying and fulfilling in the spiritual, emotional and physical ways.  Today, Sunday morning I am hope recuperating from  what was to be a 30 minute in and out the same day surgery.  It took two and one half  hours and I didn't want to leave the Recovery Room.  Seems 30 minutes to wake up turned into 4 hours and breathing tubes and a bunch of other stuff I am glad not to remember from what the anesthesiologists  tells me.  The good news for me is through the Grace of God and some good doctors I am still here to tell my story about OBAMACRARE!

My Obamacare story
It all started last month when I had my monthly check-up for cholesterol.  My Doctor gives me two prescription slips instead of the usual one. Now we all now, Enquiring minds want to know, so I ask.  Ah....what's this?  Well, the long and short of the conversation is, the normal "combo" drug I take for my cholesterol is no longer available after November 1.  Seems one of the drugs in it has a 5% higher rate of causing  something else in my system.  So no more "combo" drug.  Now I have two "scripts instead of one and of course I could be 5% less likely to get something else I might get.  Make sense to me.  

Only one little problem.  I get my scripts mail order.   I just went from one to two scripts.  I just went from $50.00 copay to $100.00 copay per 3 months. As they say in NASCAR, "Do the math Darrel".  I just went from $200.00 per year $400.00 per year in Copays.  Now ya'al help me out but....but... but didn't my health care cost just go UP by $200.00?  Some liberal, Obama supporter, please get back to me on this as I thought my health care was going to go down under this program.

BUT WAIT!  Like any good commercial there's more, much, much more!!

Last month I went to the drug store to pick up a cheap generic script that normally cost me 80 cents for 30 days.  That's right an old drug that cost me 80 cents.  My good friend Janet took me to the drug store after getting out of the hospital since I can't drive to get a re-fill and this month guess what!  It now has a $10.00 Copay!  Now admittedly I get a 3 month supply for my $10.00 and not a paltry 30 day supply for 80 cents.  So I seem to have saved here by only one trip every 3 months to the drug store.  And since it is sooo far away, like less than a mile, I might actually break even on this deal.

Oh please give me more Obamacare.  I can't stand  the thought of not saving all this money!      Folks if I didn't hurt so bad right now I'd cry.  

I would also like to add a little footnote.  Now is time to be vetting our Conservative Presidential candidates.  This does not mean for the candidates to make personal attacks on each other.  I am very saddened by the personal attacks that Ms. Bachman and Mr. Gingrich have be doing since the last Republican debate.  If you support either one of these candidates let them know this is wrong.  Now is the time for them to tell us, the American people, how they plan to  fix this mess. Calling each other liars and harping on TV with year old documents that may or may not lead to a problem being solved is ineffectual and only gives the liberals ammunition for  the upcoming Presidential election.

This is not to say I am or am not supporting either of these candidates.  Frankly I haven't made up my mind.

God Bless America, please.



Jeff-for-progress said...

Sorry to hear about your problems getting needed drugs at a low cost. Your complaint seems valid, but for every story like your's there is one for folks who are being covered by pre-existing conditions that they couldn't before. In any event, I am glad you are recovering from your operation and hopefully when I come off my high horse, I won't break any bones and have some stories of my own.

take care.


Adrienne said...


Actually, Jeff - only about 18K people have singed up for the per-existing condition thingy. Not working at all like promised.

Pops - glad to see you back. I've been worried.

Subvet said...

POPS! Glad you're back.

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks to all 3 of you for commenting. And a special thanks to Jeff, He's a pretty nice guy if he just weren't such a liberal. Glad no bones were broken.

Please spread the word I am back and ready for 2012, the American year of:

The Defeat of Barrack Obama!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, glad to see you back.

I have a very strong feeling that the SCOTUS is going to side with Obama and declare the personal mandate of the Health Care Bill to be Constitutional. I don't know of any unconstitutional laws that Supreme Court has struck down in over 60 years. Also, even though all of the candidates say that they will repeal the health care Act if elected, I don't think they will, if they figure they can make a buck out of it.

We are supposed to get a 3% cost of living increase in our social security starting in January. Big deal, medical costs, my health insurance, medicare, rent, food, gas, are going up ten times the amount of the increase.

ABNPOPPA said...

Yep, I am siding with you MRG. I think SCOTUS is going to be the downfall of America as we KNEW it.

God Bless America!

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